Guys I think i heard a gunsh-

Guys I think i heard a gunsh-

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a gunshot, here? that doesn't make any sen-


another night in detroit

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user! Nooo! We got a shoo!----

Wait this thread again? This sni-

fuck this cancer, op is a fa-

wait why is everyone d-

I’m sick of these threads just fuck o-

What the fuck is a "Gunsh"? user, you're making no sen-

Guys, it's 2020 are we really still posting this sh-

2018 was the last time I saw a damn sni-


oh.. i'm fine..
fuck NIG-

Reminds me of the time i fought the viet co-

I don't see what the problem is. I live in a country without a gun problem and people are incredibly unlikely to even have a rifle, let alone a bolt-action sn-

Guys, I don’t feel very safe. Do you think the sni-

Nigger just stole my bi-

A gunsho-

At least I'll die doing what I lo

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Dumbass the bullet would hit you before you heard the sh-

For fuck's sak-

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must have missed me i still ca-

What is he going to do, shoot us all? It's a sniper guys, he can only kill us one at a ti-

I think you're just hearing thi-

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baby baby ba-

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what the fuck is wrong with you idiots
this shit was gay the first time I saw it in 2005 and it’s still gay now

You didnt fully say his name so faggot candlejack wouldnt have ta-

Jews control the worl-

Man I missed these thr-

Through the flour, There's a ho

Is it safe to come out n-

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I came here with my dick in my ha-

Game over man! Game ov-

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I'll say it anyway. Nig-

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