Freedom is Coming

Freedom is Coming

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Feel the Bern

saw him on the joe rogan experience and totally did a 180 on him. i had no idea he was so legit. like reducing wealth inequality a little bit seems like a good idea?

/b for Bernie!

been refuting the lies about him on soc. media all week

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Freedom is only breathing hard, not because its coming, but because its having a heart attack.

He's going to be the US's only chane to have a healthcare system that doesn't put a half mill in debt yearly.

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Policy policy policy
Call out drama
Fucking A+ user

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this thread is already sounding like a circlejerk/shillground. Voting for Bernie, btw

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Bernie's gonna have a tough time fixing this flop's mess

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It's ok to be chill to your bros and give them props for being good dudes.

(pic related Bernie babe)

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He won't even try because he's smart. He'll leave all the trump shit alone and focus on his program. Let republicans fix their own problems.

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Trump has never worked a day in his life.

He was born into money then blew it on failed businesses.

The USA is just the next business to run into the ground.

sucking each other's cocks is better than sucking one's own cock posting u mad over and over. not me. us.

Open borders, fuck yes! Open borders and HECKIN DOGGOS

the national debt is everyone's problem
(just sayin')

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not sure if trolling or just retarded

Bernie is literally a communist who has supported communist dictators including Russian...

lol no

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Fuck off with that gun-grabbing open borders commie kike

>when your troll game is weaker than your president

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>Freedom is Coming
From the lying communist? Max kek

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**Freedom from responsibility


Hi Ivan how’s the Kremlin?

bernie sanders is a communist

ITT: Russian bots 4 Bernie

Reminder Bernie is pro 2A (he voted against the brady bill) and anti Israel (he called netanyahu a racist dictator yesterday)

marxist yes
support communist dictators in venezuela, nicaragua, cuba, russia..

read more

Holy cringe

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well, I'm convinced

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yeah, i think a lot of people just hear "muh socialism" and disregard anything further, when that's exactly what the establishment wants you to do. they stand to lose a lot more if bernie rises to power than if we get more years of trump.

when you have no rebuttal..

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I swear to fuck he is on Trump’s pay roll.

>Freedom is Coming

freedom and democrat do not belong in the same sentence.

> 50 year old article which has repeatedly been clarified
try harder, retard

> when there's nothing to rebut

>I swear to fuck he is on Trump’s pay roll
You know this isn't that far fetched. There's really no other way to explain how fucking stupid Bernie is. It's all an act.

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extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, user. you better fucking deliver.


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fake and gay

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was bernie the first ever redpiller?

Bernie Sanders is in no way an authoritarian. He believes in democracy and the will of the people and regulation of the free market/nationalization of a few key industries, and a reduction in wealth inequality. People should not be exploited.

This is very very very different from the planned economies of communist states, authoritarian dictators and far to the right of theorists like Marx. In fact Bernie is squarely in line with the majority of European economies and they're doing well and not suffering from issues like declining life expectancy, increased infant mortality, soaring healthcare costs, and unchecked military spending.

....and donald trump fucked several underage girls. what's your point?

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shareblue shill. 10x a day we get this shit.

not sure if you believe your own bullshit or just havent read enough.

It's comin

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Proof? Awfully bold claim to make with just pictures.

i mean, it was just people calling sanders a commie, there's literally nothing to rebut there because there's no substance at all.

christ these memes are cringe wtf

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i mean, i guess that's good for america right?

That whole 1972 essay fuckin owns btw.

You love it

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oh for fuck's sake

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I sincerely think that's what at least 25% of Trumpazees believe.....

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This rules lol

assuming communism is just single-payer healthcare and student debt forgiveness, as per the sanders platform, then yeah, i'd say communism is REALLY good for america

it's a link to fucking court documents you dense motherfucker

Heart attack bernie. Sure kid

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In fact I do love it but I am not that user

Why do you think he had Epstein killed? To keep him quiet of course.

this doesn't even look like a real photo of trump

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Kek and a online tabloid were the only people to get the story. You're more fucking retarded than I first thought. Use you brain once in a while before you post

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Time to drain the freshly-filled swamp

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the face isn't orange enough

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I love how you can't argue the point so instead you are attacking the source of the *checks notes* official court document.
Man you guys are pathetic.

No, it's not. But keep dreaming, libtard. :)

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Oh boy, here comes the...

"Chart of Fucking Bullshit™"

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k bud, just because it's hosted on a site that isn't to your liking you're going to dismiss the whole fucking document lol

Yeah this. If historical tax rates on the wealthy are communism I guess we were actually communist like during the entirety of the cold war and it's surprising we didn't get along better with the ussr

>doesn't understand what court documents are
you are the retard my friend

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> the face isn't orange enough
user always delivers

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if the wealth distribution levels of the 1970's were applied to today's GDP, american workers should be getting about 60 per fucking hour

fucking imagine what kind of prosperity this country would have if people were given fairer compensation for their labor.

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>bUt tHe EcOnOmY iS DoInG GrEaT

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>trump economy

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after the stock market plunge of the last 2 days these aren't really accurate anymore

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Yep it's fucking shameful. And the argument is billionaires will leave? Bitch they already left where is all your shit manufactured?

it's a nice meme but that's not representative of the tax plan Sanders is proposing

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"booming economy"

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Home owner with property being made fun of in a picture by an unemployed piece of shit living in his mother's basement at 35 years old.

Keep it up, it's entertaining.

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Also the top marginal tax rate in the us WAS 90% during the most prosperous and economically powerful period in US history.

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Why not buy some stocks then? No money?

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and bernie has became a multi millionaire by being a government employee all his life. guess he's not a crook right?

a 30 trillion $ plan with no way to pay for it. Plus I was originally responding to the meme saying that Sanders was less likely to be a Russian puppet when he has historically supported the communist regimes in Russia...

More government = freedom?
You're a moron.

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question: is serving in the senate not a job?

He became a multimillionaire last year because he wrote a book

somehow they just don't see it that way

It's gonna happen

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bruh literally has the answer to your "how will it be paid" question

actually it's going to look more like this. demoshits will not be happy until your tax liability = your gross pay.

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It will if you make it happen. You have the app?

kek and this is when all the Bernouts started only caring about billionaires too. funny

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sure but in 40 years working for the government he really hasn't accomplished anything except get rich.

lol the vox logo

you are trying so hard to lie

I am not even American, I just like you guys and am hoping for the best

he got rich from the book he wrote, not from being in the senate.

Nobody ever cared about millionaires. A couple million isn't a lot of money. A billion dollars is about a billion dollars more than a few million.

don't worry user, in a few years the US might actually be trending towards a standard of living comparable to Canada


>He became a multimillionaire last year because he wrote a book

oh so he is a capitalist masquerading around as a communist. liberal logic.

Wow yeah all these things are so bad hmmm

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I hope so user. I am from Canada, and could not believe how screwed you guys are regarding healthcare.
I got brought to the hospital last year by ambulance, spent 2 days in the hospital, had a minor surgery, my healthcare card was actually expired at the time due to my negligence, and it still barely cost me anything.
Only thing I had to pay was for the ambulance itself.
Healthcare should really be a human right, for it not to be so, it is literally saying that only the wealthy and well-off deserve to be healthy.
What a fucked concept.

The average american makes about $37k a year. It would take the average american approximately 27 thousand years just to reach one billion, assuming they never spend a single penny of it.

Jeff Bezos makes 78 billion dollars yearly. It would take the average american more than 100 thousand years of never spending a dime just to get what Bezos makes in one year.

who's a communist? oh you mean bernie lol nah learn what words mean

Holy shit how are people ok with this? So if you say "that seems fucked up" all of a sudden you're a communist? Seems a little reactionary and dramatic.

Was the ambulance ride 4000 dollars lol

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That's how it is. I'm kind of shocked to see how spontaneously pro-bernie Cred Forums is today but for real, we're fucking suffering for this shit.

So about $100 USD

> $135
when i had to ride an ambulance a couple years back they charged me $2k alone for the ambulance.

I know right?
When I heard Fidel Castro say, we need to educate the political dissenters, I literally just realized like how og lit he was

Cred Forums is based on this blessed day. let's hope all you anons in South Carolina deliver this weekend

That rules.

even if user is trying to bait, educating opposition about the fact the world is getting so fucked up and something needs to be done to change it is extremely important.

The memes and salt mines can only take you so far.
After a certain point of being fucked over and over, everyone has their limit.
Anyone with critical thought is capable of understanding the problem given enough time.

It's gonna be fun to see commies cry and rage once again


Bernie will be a violent dictator. His militias are killing people throughout the jungle and if we allow his communism to take hold we may lose Havana.

-said the retard without a hint of self awareness

Yeah that's fucking insane. Like over 3 weeks pay for me, what the fuck.
I understand why so many people refuse an ambulance call and just take a cab instead

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critical thought isn't enough anymore though, user. people are losing their imagination and can't conceive of a better world anymore. even if people can start to identify problems, we need people with the balls to actually say "hey, here's a way to fix this shit, let's get together and fucking do it"

bernie is the last bastion of this within electoral politics in the united states. if he loses, god help us.

His policies seem pretty popular and as people drop out his support will only grow.

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> his support will only grow.
b-b-b-b-buh user, what about the amorphous chimera of every centrist candidate?

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That makes as much sense as all the LGBTQ people who started talking about concentration camps the moment Trump got elected.

A big part of the problem is people thinking that they are going with logic, when realistically MOST people go with their gut feeling, and many people are gullible as shit.
They are convinced that:
1. Under Dem rule THEY will have to pay for other people to live comfortably (they won't)
2. That the people they are paying for are their ENEMY (they aren't)
3. That this is matter of US vs THEM, and that if one wins then the other ultimately looses.
They also believe that even coming to a compromise is seen as bad, and a sign of weakness.
I am not sure how you find common ground with people that are this brainwashed.

> concentration camps
I think the word that starts with L that you are looking for is Latino, user. And they ARE being held in concentration camps. They have been since the Obama era. Trump just expanded those programs.

Lol he destroyed among Latin voters in the Nevada caucus. Over 50%

Indeed, since Trump will be free to make us all freer in his 2nd term.

so taking another 8.4% off your paycheque...

Yeah, that's a huge issue and a lot of it is that people are just not knowledgeable when it comes to where their money already goes.

The average american will see $39 of their taxes go to social programs generally, while about $4,000 of their taxes will go straight to corporate subsidies.

If your problem is the $39 going to social programs, your problem is probably that you hate the poor, not that the government is stealing your money.

There are no concentration camps in the US, period. Comparing one to any of the holding cells, jails, etc that we do have is a very fucking special kind of stupid.

I challenge you to look into the ICE detention centers and tell me straight up that they don't fit the UN's definition for a concentration camp.

don't forget: give voting rights and medicaid to illegals who don't pay any taxes!

Yeah Bernie will save us, we just need like 15 new additional taxes on small businesses and the working class to support it. This is what happens when children figure out they can subvert democracy and vote themselves all the free shit they want until the country collapses. Rome 2.0

> who don't pay any taxes
what is sales tax
what is any tax that isn't payroll or income tax

furthermore, how do you know we DON'T have the resources to accommodate these people while accommodating all others? do you fear the idea that maybe we should assist all people in being able to live happy, healthy lives?

> on small businesses and the working class
t. literally haven't read a single fucking post in this thread

>wants to elect an openly admited socialist.
Pick one.

>If your problem is the $39 going to social programs, your problem is probably that you hate the poor, not that the government is stealing your money.
I'd counter to say the problem is the fact that they are misinformed.
They are told who to hate, who to get all riled up over, and it gives them something to keep them preoccupied, while the big guys do the real fucking-over of the common folk.

We don't have to dumbass, that's the point

how far this thread has fallen

Authoritarian isn't the opposite of democracy, both Mussolini and Hitler were popularly elected. On the other hand, wanting to centralize power and government control is a sign of authoritarianism.

Calling him "far to the right" of Marx is misdirection because a partial socialism where the means of production in certain industries like medicine and higher education is taken over by the government is still strongly to the left.

You're correct that what he's proposed is closer to many European economies, but you're neglecting how the EU has been struggling with growth, and bringing up a few false comparisons. Infant mortality numbers can't be compared across countries, because each country measures completely different things. Life expectancy isn't a good indicator of medical outcomes, because it has more do with genetics, social behavior, how infant mortality is counted, and so on than on the quality of medical care provided. It's true that healthcare costs have been soaring, but it's worth nothing that they're rising even faster in the EU, it's just the US started at a higher place, The reason for higher healthcare costs in the US is because the US prioritizes things like research, more doctors and higher availability, and other things that wouldn't be fixed by socialization. Military spending is an issue, but that's because other NATO countries haven't been paying their fair share for defense, and it's a relatively small portion of the budget anyway (roughly 1/6th of the US federal budget) compared all the past and future entitlements.

if that misinformation leads to them hating the poor, i'm still not wrong. but yeah for real media is designed to manufacture consent.

the ones that Obama set up? Still no one being starved to death and forced to work until they are exhausted and then shot in the head... try again.

>bread lines are coming
Thankfully a commie has nothing against the God Emperor.

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> Still no one being starved to death and forced to work until they are exhausted and then shot in the head
the bar the UN sets for concentration camps is lower than that. try again.

lol no

I guess what I meant was the hating of the poor is the symptom, while the misinformation is the cause.

dramatic as usual

This sounds like one of those paid actors advertising for a product. Fake fuck is both fake a and a fuck.

so they don't pay taxes and are here illegally but that's ok with you because there is more than enough to go around... let's bring in every poor person in the world and give them free healthcare

I wonder what the price on this commission was.

[citation needed]

Medicaid (a social program) cost about $419 billion in FY2019, which is about 1/10th the entire federal budget. If that's equal to $39, then the $4,000 you claim goes to corporate subsidies is 10 times larger than the entire federal budget.

agreed, mr. trips

yes precisely, people get hooked on Ayn Rand and the rest of the media within the culture industry, and learn to hold contempt for the poor.

i mean, realistically of course our material resources have limits, but it seems as though we will hit the limit for density of humans per unit of land before we will have a shortage of healthcare or food or even housing.

>socialist sith robe bernie

When you Berniefags say you want to eat the rich, does that include Glorious Leader Sanders as well? He is a millionaire after all.

the numbers used are assuming the median salary of some 37-40k a year, not an "average amount paid per american"

this is a number which is based on a given level of income based on tax brackets and government allocation of resources.

derr let me use the UN definition instead of the comparison to the holocaust that is widely and ubiquitously compared. so what you're saying is concentration camps got a bad rap from hitler and they arent that bad. because ice might fit the UN definition but its not what people think about when you say the word dumb dumb

>tfw you make a meme but forget you don't own your own house or property

Idk I believe it. His appearance on there really made me appreciate what he was saying. Normally it's hard to get a handle on candidates and I thought I mostly agreed with him, but hearing him talk for a while made me realize we basically agree 100%

i cannot wait for the day when sanders is what we consider "conservative"

i take no stock in bernie as a person, his policies are what all of my stock is in.

Literally my initial challenge was to use the UN definition, you know, the one internationally recognized as the criteria for a concentration camp? Your entire argument is just "durrrrrrr because no holocaust ice camp no concentration camp"

Great non-answer, you worthless fuckface

>free shit fueled by magic the post

You think a million dollars is a lot of money lol

Does it ever annoy you that anytime you go to say something the alpha males stuff your hole full of cock? Don’t you get tired of it?

Not me. Us.


Socialism leads to socialism, not my fault it is what it is.

Don't worry Mexico is gonna pay for it.

No, the math simply doesn't work. $39 is roughly 1/100th of $4000. Medicaid, which falls in that $39, is 10% of the US federal budget. How can corporate subisidies equal 10 times the US federal budget?

They can't.

if you're looking for a "yes" then yeah, if Sanders is unwilling to give up what resources he gains from the labor of others I'll eat him.

By socialist views it sure is. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t “eat the rich” and also count on the rich to pay the way for everything for everyone. Eventually you’ll eat through the billionaires, then the millionaires, then the working class. You can’t spend everyone else’s money forever retard.

you're right, It will be a trillion instead

>suck the cocks of the rich!

ok, then run the math yourself and give back how much goes to social programs relative to military spending.


>I'm anti establishment
You realize you're talking about a man who bent the knee to Hillary right after she fucked him in the ass with a strap-on right? He doesn't care about anything other than what he feels is the "popular opinion".

Government seized offshore tax havens. Sounds good. Government decides what you are allowed to have? No.

>tfw mexico is stopping migrant caravans heading to the USA

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Guess what asshat, he’s been hoarding your tax dollars for the last forty years. Funny how he never voted for a salary reduction that entire time, eh comrade?

> By socialist views it sure is.
By socialist views the quantity means little to nothing insofar as the value is not gained through exploitation.

A dollar in the pocket of a man who didn't work for it is a dollar a man worked for and did not receive.

...which is why he's been the most consistent senator in the last three to four decades, right?

>it seems as though
you are talking out of your ass


>> 821533162
> Rusununguko harina hurongwa

Sa "mukomana wepati," firimu reDrake rinopinda mumiromo yevakadzi ...

Nguva yezuva ...

Imi vakomana munofanirwa kumira zvakakomba uye nemurume iyeye akaipa. Taneta, madamu, pfambi, mapenzi muAmerica.

Zuva raunoti Mexico rima, dema rinogara sentire simenti VaMuslim hava ...

uye yakashanduka kuita chena, chena bulb mune imwe nguva uye nevanhu vakakwirira ...

... Ndakafunga zuva randakatadza kuzvidzora, kufutisa, mapepa ekurambana uye makumi matatu muzana kubva. thesis.

Chinhu chete chaungaita kwezviuru zvemakore ekugunun'una uye kupenga beta makonzo ...

hapana hurumende inovadzora.

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damn, no wonder he wasn't a millionaire till last year when i got my first adult job ever.

> six vacant houses for every homeless american
> food in excess for three billion more humans than are on the earth
> massive swathes of land with incredibly low population density
play dumb games, win dumb prizes

Freedom is here, communism is coming.

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I have. Medicaid alone is roughly 2/3rds the entire defense budget, which includes social programs like the VA. Though the military is roughly half of the total discretionary spending, which is where all the other social programs fit, if we exclude Medicaid and Medicare (and maybe SS, if that's considered a social program). Things like the spending on food stamps alone are fairly small.

I think comparing the unbelievably huge numbers the federal government spends to a more easily graspable baseline, like how much the median person pays, is a good approach. But your numbers were completely broken.

it's a loaded term dumb dumb

in that case a concentration camp is a reasonable place for obama to have set up for these illegals.


Not at all. Sorry you're poor and think taxing billionaires less will somehow pay your bills.

Nonsequitur. He's had consistent views since the 60s. Trump was a democrat ten years ago.

> it's a loaded term

Yes I was indicating that over four decades he became a millionaire by only taking your taxes starting last year.

No wonder you’re a socialist - you’re dumb as fuck!

Is that why illegal immigration has increased under Trump?

Nope, faggot. He flip-flopped completely on immigration. And he's also now anti-gun and anti-1stA

the stupid game is to be a successful, capitalist democracy?

He stopped saying "millionaires" in his rallies when it became public that he WAS ONE. He's going to tax the shit out of the rich when he has 3 FUCKING HOUSES, nigger are you retarded or just high?

Don't begrudge a hard working blue collar worker his few amenities, like a 3rd house.

Citation or go suck a dick. Lets be honest though, we both know you're into sucking dick.

Jesus, Bernie bros must be fuckin desperate.

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Hey commie, if I build my own with my own tools and materials, which I've bought straight from local workers, on land, which I own, that is not currently occupied by anyone else, am I exploiting you or can I keep my house and my guns and my right to free speech?

Yeah I know I can't believe Trump said he wouldn't take guns and then regulated bumpstocks. And also wants to pull the licenses for various news networks. What happened to free speech, Donald?

They really are, there's a group of them making threads and responding to each others posts to make it look like someone actually agrees with his bullshit.

I didn’t say that. I said you were retarded for thinking that taxing billionaires more while also expecting them to pay for everything is sound policy. It will only last a limited time. The problem with spending other people’s money is that eventually it runs out!

>Muh Drumpf!
Still not voting for a gun-grabbing, anti free speech commie kike.

The US is not a democracy. It's an aristocratic republic.

>when Eric Cartman feels dramatic

Freedom is overrated. Most of you faggots don’t deserve it and shouldn’t inherit it by virtue of having been born here. If trump is fighting to deny this right to immigrant born why should you have it? I mean, wtf have you done to earn your citizenship? I think you faggots should earn your rights in a fight to the death with immigrant born people in an arena aged 11-18.

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>can’t come up with anything intelligent


stfu.. lol


>When a sneaky communist cannot answer a simple question.
I take it that I would be deprived of my house, my guns, and my right to free speech. Thanks for affirming what I already knew, fag.

Here comes the crazy free inhabitant movement.

Go fuck off back to your underpass Mr. Sovereign Citizen

All commies are sneaky, greedy, and sociopathic. Be prepared for the civil war.

Oh I’ve been ready bro

so even while i was not yet even a sperm in my dad's ballsack i was getting my taxes taken! wow!

the product of your labor is yours. i don't know if i am the one to say whether you have rights though. that's more for the state to decide.

at least you're a little more honest about your values, user.

> known greedy sociopath Richard Wolff
> known greedy sociopath Noam Chomsky
> known greedy sociopath Slavoj Zizek
> known greedy sociopath George Orwell

The president is very very rich. The people with governmental power are very very rich. There are multiple billionaires running for president. The US is an oligarchy, period.

Yeah so none of what you’re saying refutes my comment and neither is it even true. Fuck do you mean sovereign citizen? My point is if your citizenship is defined at birth by virtue of having been born in America, why is trump trying to take that right from immigrant born? Are you a stupid person or something?

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That's a based list of democratic socialists!

That's good to know. Remember, Path of Light, if we ever should see eachother on the battlefield. Communists are not enslaving me without a fight, and when they eventually start that fight they are going to get their due. I think that civil war at this point is inevitable.

KKK gtfo

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hahaha the drama XD

Regarding the taxes - you’re a fucking moron. Let me spell it for you since I didn’t put an /s for your dumb reddit loser ass.

No, I’m not specifically talking about how Bernie took your taxes before you were conceived. I’m talking about how the guy has been in government for the last four decades (that’s forty years because I know you’re slow) and he’s swindled the entire country out of tons of money without making a single difference.

You won't do shit. Cuck

>that's more for the state to decide
Sorry, I do not share you view that an abstract entity like a state would determine my rights. I have concluded that I am more concrete than a state, so a state does not have such authority over me. Sure, it can try to enforce it's will by force, but there's nothing more to it.

> Communists are not enslaving me without a fight
nor are communists interested in enslaving you. "no gods, no masters" also means "no subjects, no slaves"

I’d gladly kill your commie ass where you stand

>> known greedy sociopath Richard Wolff
>> known greedy sociopath Noam Chomsky
>> known greedy sociopath Slavoj Zizek
>> known greedy sociopath George Orwell
Kikes, utopists, and general faggots. I hold those people with as little regard as possible.

i can't even establish a basis for the existence of rights past either a self-declaration or the state granting access to something as a right.

Ok commie

Imagine thinking new payroll taxes won't apply to small businesses and that new taxes on the ultra wealthy don't eventually get passed down to the consumers. Oh we can fix that by just upping wages! Inflation? What the fuck is that?

Grab a necktie, commie faggot.

He's the democratic front runner for president and the figurehead for a massive movement in the country. Sticking your head in the sand won't stop it.

They all say that until it’s time to give up 99% of everything you own

>nor are communists interested in enslaving you. "no gods, no masters" also means "no subjects, no slaves"
I do not take your word on it.

You will do nothing because you are a kkkoward

Self-declaration of my rights by myself is sufficient.

I think maybe you don’t have a brain at all. Why even try with these stupid fuckers?

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Ok Cartman shirt on a fat disgusting victim of inequality at Walmart

Hey, Adolph. Stay on task buddy. We were talking about taxes remember? Even your potato excuse for an existence can at least try to hold a conversation, right?

>wants communism
>wants freedom
Choose one

You will a have whole another hole dilated when the civil war comes. Several, actually.

so are you fine with just doing nothing, letting workers keep starving to death, and eventually bringing the working class to extinction as they lose the ability to sustain themselves on what little economic value they scrape by with?

I know what I have is the product of my labor. Not sure about you.

If you don't trust me, go read some theory then.

lol tell that to the federal government

Can't afford his ideas. If he's the democratic ticket, we're getting 4 more years of drumpf.

I’d fuck your mom but the line is too long

The ICE camps are there for a very good reason. The people coming across the border are doing so ILLEGALLY and should be treated like the criminals they are. I'm sure the shithole countries they come from are no better than the camps they get put up in. Build the wall then build a catapult to "repatriate" those who find a way into the country illegally. If we want to be generous we can have the Dems crowd-fund a mattress for them to land on.

communism, to my understanding, is the overcoming of the alienation the worker faces from their labor and the controls over their labor. it is definitionally freedom.

Cred Forums is for bernie

You will do nothing because you are a kkkoward.

>letting workers keep starving to death
you're an idiot
name one worker who starved to death in the US in the last 50 years who wasn't chained in a cage or mentally ill

You're a mentally ill faggot, who should not even exist.

Your understanding of communism is incorrect

Remember when trump set records for deficit spending by giving a 2 trillion dollar tax break to individual billionaires?

You will do nothing because you are a kkkoward.

>lol tell that to the federal government
The federal government can and will be changed for the better. No, not into a stalinist dictatorship, sorry.

Nope, and neither does anyone else. Didn't happen.

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Yeah that's right. Under Bernie there is zero chance of a Stalinist dictatorship. Unless you think he can singlehandedly overturn the whole zeitgeist of the US, only the most dramatic and hysterical would propose such an idea.

A. Trump has not broke records for deficit spending yet. Obama raised the national debt more than $8tn in 8 years.

B. Bernie's proposals cost $60tn. That's currently triple the size of the entire US economy combined, and more than 10x the current federal budget. He's saying he's going to do this by raising taxes on a group of people who collectively make less than $1tn a year. Where's the math to support this? The only option here is debt. And quadrupling national debt from $20tn to $80tn would be the single largest mistake this country ever made. It would be the beginning of the end of the USA.

>If you don't trust me, go read some theory then.
I've read some theories on communism and leftism, but it's not explicitly the theory I'm worried about; It's also you mentally ill sociopathic cucks who hate everybody who is not the collectivist sjw-type. I am an anarchoindividualist, I do not support states and corporations neither, so your totalitarian state is not what I want.

So you have no real argument and are just going argue against points you made up yourself?

Try something else, you dolt. Dilate a hole or something and come back.

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I'm worried about his supporters, you included, trying to force the us to transform into a tankie state via revolution. The chance is above zero, and that's not a chance I'm willing to take.

You will do nothing because you are a kkkoward.


Noam Chomsky supports Bernie.

Yes. Poor people willingly choose overbreed themselves deeper into poverty to serve as the uber drivers, service staff, and fast food attendants of tomorrow. We need worthless people doing mediocre jobs to support those on the top who matter and make a meaningful impact in the world. That's the way the world always has been and always will be. No iteration of socialism or communism changed this, it just changed who mattered, who was on the top.

You fucking sub 80 iq nigger. It is you who will do something, make a blunder of it, and then blame others. Oh, if you're coming for be sure that I am going to defend myself.

Truth. Also everyone in this thread talking about “Fuck capitalism” while posting on Cred Forums using their MacBooks and iPhones. Fucking hypocrites.

>mentally ill
>sociopathic cuck
Yep, it all checks out with you. A true commie.

Boris! Is that really you?

You will do nothing because you are a kkkoward.

Post your address then asshole, if you’re so confident

A jew supporting a jew.
Interesting. Really activates the almonds.


The KKK was the enforcement arm of the Democrat party. Learn some history.

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>posted from user’s MacBook Pro


Retard. Those are luxury items and thus you are hypocrites. You can buy a cheap phone and laptop, but you had to have those unnecessary luxury items. Besides, that cartoon is retarded. verybody participates in society, but it's the consistency of ones actions with his ideology that is the issue there.

>quadrupling national debt from $20tn to $80tn would be the single largest mistake this country ever made. It would be the beginning of the end of the USA.

>Where's the math to support this?

38 Commerce Ave Apt P3
Grand Rapids, MI

You will do nothing because you are a kkkoward

First time voter here and I am voting for Bernie. I can’t wait for him to take office so I can quit my job and get everything for free!

Why don't you vote Democrat then?

You will do nothing because you are a kkkoward.

I did. I voted for Obama the first time, then against him the second time. And I voted for President Trump last time. Being 18, you can be excused for some stupidity. By the time you're closing in on your 30s, you're expected to grow up.

Did you not read? Bernie's proposals would cost $60n. We are currently $20tn in debt. 20+60=80

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lol if you're actually this dumb

> was
that word is the most important in that whole post

Buttigieg's plan assumes a BIG growth in the economy, but under heavy taxation plans like he's proposing, history tells us the GDP either goes down or only grows at a much lower rate.

imgflip com is more reputable then most media outlets, but who's silencing them?

This is the same excuse the left use when faced with the fact that slavery was a Democrat institution in the South.

In the 1960s, the civil rights movement was a Republican action. LBJ, Al Gore Sr, and all senior Democrats in Washington opposed it.

...but that was before you were born, so you'll slop that into the Ancient History bucket along with the KKK and slavery. The fact is, Democrats NEED victim groups, otherwise, their promises will fall on deaf ears.

> who hate everybody who is not the collectivist sjw-type
whoa dude, i have nothing but indifference and apathy to give, not hatred. you are free to pursue your interests insofar as you bring no harm to others. i couldn't fucking care less what you do with yourself.
> your totalitarian state
who said i am in support of the state? i don't want the state to exist. communism is stateless lol.

yeah, again, it WAS. it seems as though the parties have shifted quite a bit ideologically since that time.

bestiality is legal there

GW Bush appointed 2 black people to the role of secretary of state. Something the Democrats had never done once. One was female.

But that was before you were born, so it goes in the bucket with civil rights, slavery and the KKK, right?