Im tempted to permanently delete my 12 year archive of Cred Forums

im tempted to permanently delete my 12 year archive of Cred Forums

persuade me not to

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Upload it somewhere

Just delete the last 5 years, it’s all porn anyway



Do it faggot


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Upload it for us first. SHARE IT WITH US!


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just delete it faggot

please upload

where can i upload without paying? bearing in mind its 225GB

Do you have it categorized by name? Can you put it on Mega before you delete it?

Upload it to various Mega accounts. You will be a hero for ever.

Temptations of this nature often lead to regrets that cannot be overcome.

Share via torrent and crosspost to

holy shit i have some embarrassing pics in there

delete that shit right now

Don't do it user, find somewhere to upload that, it's priceless.

torrent it user

You can upload 50GB to mega
and 100GB free cloud storage each to

He would have to upload it to people that would cut and run at 100%

There are threads on /t/ that are for people to assist in seeding. Of course, this would always be an issue. On MEGA there is a bandwidth limit. It will cap the total number of downloads per 24 hours. This exists in mostly all free file hosts.

Do it.
I did and felt better for it.
It's pointless hoarding thousands and thousands of pictures that you're never going to use.

Just upload the images you saved in your first year and your last year. Then we'll settle once and for all that indeed Cred Forums was never good.

100% agree
create a thread on /t/
torrent that shit

everything post 2006 is trash, only oldfags will get this
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