Odd, Ugly, Unique sluts that demand to be butt fuckes

Odd, Ugly, Unique sluts that demand to be butt fuckes

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Would fuck if drunk enough

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Let's see some new ones

The cumshot vid?

Don't count on it, just a matter of time b4 we're flooded with the same 2 hoes that show up on every one of these threads.

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The allison bj video isnt real

r u sure? know her?

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Went to a party sge was at. She went down on some dude. Pretty sure she was on molly. Hoping someone filmed it

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Yeah. That's why I stopped posting my chick. It sucks if its repetitive. Can't be part of the complete downfall of the chan

Post her anyhow. Op of thread here

Nice. tell me more

Thats all that happened. It was in front of alot of people. Than it was over. Didnt see her again. But she was a buddys friend. Allison W

Details? whered she take the load?

On her right cheek like a champ, than slowly walked to the bathroom to clean up . Wasnt embaressed at all

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any other pix of her? that one's the only i have

Who is your chick? Post a pic.

Those pits could have used some hair

Not the best

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Love Althea. Used to date her. No fucking, but a handie

Better pic

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looks okay

She's cute with hair.

Yup, kek, that's her. I appreciate you holding back and saving the bandwidth for different shots.

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I've seen her in all kinds of threads. Anybody's wife or something?

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Exactly. I love posting her but want to see some new sluts.

Thanks, man. I'll do my best to populate this thread with some shit that you haven't seen much, if at all.

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Please someone?

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You're the mvp user


she's hot, yeah?

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Mining my "tomboy-butch" folder for these. Got a thing for tomboys/butch women in the face but super fuckable feminine bodies. Face says no but the body says COME GET SOME

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not quite

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Yo man, I'ma be needing a name

What a waste of a good body



Her names Codi right?

Allison bump


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Thanks Cred Forumsro.

jeebus christ. id still have to

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Happy fapping

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Like if a make-up artist had to make Lacey Cherbert ugly.


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who's this old whore?

Bumping with a pic only because I know I've never posted this one

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Nice. I bet she likes to get spit on during sex

Okay!? Still no nudes!?

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Nice. Love "becca''

Go nominate her in the queen of b thread lol

Oh yeah. Any vids?


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More please

it's a trap

Post link

She loves ass to mouth

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I’d rather force it up her ass and just stay in there til I finished.

Found and posted

Would love to stretch out her tight shithole then make her clean my dick off



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ugly kike


she is fucking hard to look at

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