Zoo Discussion Thread with Feral yiff instead of real pics because real pics get ya beaned

Zoo Discussion Thread with Feral yiff instead of real pics because real pics get ya beaned

I really love animals and just want to talk about them, so hop in if this sounds like your type of thing

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Do you have a good boi or good girl or have you ever been with one? If so, what breed, are they male or female, and are you male or female?

If you don't but would want to, what breed would you prefer and would you want male or female?

For me, I'm a dude and I have my boi Kaiser who's a King Shepherd, love him to bits

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Seriously kill yourselves or seek help.

I wanna fuck a mare. They are such beautiful creatures.

I miss being knotted. My bad dragon toys just aren't the same.

Dumping what I got

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So you suck your dog’s dick? Do you realize how disgusting that is?

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Imagine being turned on by a rabbit LOL

Do you not? Pfft.

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Lmfao this is actually gold

You fantasize about fucking Pokémon?? Talk about a virgin holy shit this is the most incel shit I’ve ever seen

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No, I don’t. Because I’m not a sick fuck. At least not that sick. But seriously, what kind of justification do you have for it? Just that you’re attracted to it and you can’t help it? Or you just don’t care? You realize it’s animal abuse, right?

I've been posting furry shit on Cred Forums for a decade and a half. Do you have anything spicy to say or are you gonna lean in with the weak shit?

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Not trying to say anything spicy necessarily, trying to have a conversation. Mind answering my questions? Or just going to keep deflecting?

For most its pure fantasy. Do you actually think all the people who jerk off to non-con are going to go out and rape someone as soon as they can? Most folks who enjoy it, like the idea of bestiality. For the taboo nature, as a fetish or kink as opposed to, say, a life style or in application.

For the few that do act on those taboo urges, some will do so in an ethical manner with respect to the animals involved, and some will not.

Whether bestiality can be ethical is its own debate, and one that you wont agree with regardless of my arguments, so I hardly see a reason to bother with it.

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Its Cred Forums. I've already given more of a response than you deserve and there is little to benefit me out of this as I doubt anything I say can convince you to change your mind.

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Hope you can do it one day. I've done it a handful of times and it's a nice experience. Just take your time if you can. I've done it in a kind of rush even if I was alone but still I couldn't relax much. Try pussy first of all since the ass is really tight and it's not an epic experience. Pussy is gold. Women pussy doesn't give that feeling, unfortunately.

Not gonna lie I kinda wanna suck my dogs dick but have no idea how to go about it

Its easy. Make sure his front feet are taped in or at least covered so he cant scratch you. Grab his dick, jerk him off a bit, open wide, have him mount your head and let him facefuck you. Most imporatant, make sure to put down your phone to record it so you can review it later and improve the next time. Also, to upload and link it here for us to see aswell.

recording yourself is not a good idea, when those videos leak and spread to the wrong people it can ruin lives

18 y/o femboy looking for either someone with animals to help me get fucked or for someone to rp with, idgaf at this point

kik: liebeleuteliebenlieb

Fucking oops, I left since nothing was getting posted and I come back an hour later and I missed it, gonna read everything real quick and if you are still in here and want to chat, I'm here now

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Seriously, getting knotted is so fucking amazing, the actual red rocket itself is 40% of the pleasure, the rest comes from the bond and amazingness that comes from your good boi holding you, slobbering on you, licking you, and just feeling loved by him.

You said you miss being knotted, what breed was he?

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Mares are fucking wonderful, and as said, take it slow if you ever get the chance. I know it's super exciting and all, but taking it slow helps her really build a bond with you and you get to spend a lot of time with her. Foreplay is fucking amazing and my mare loves getting eaten out and fingered, she also loves getting her udders rubbed

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I really fucking love my boi, he's a 120lb King Shepherd, if he was getting abused and hated fucking me and having me suck his rocket, he'd fucking let me know lol. I can understand how you think it's weird and all, but I really fucking love my boi as an amazing companion in life, and sex just seems natural between us since we are so close, we both get to bust nuts and he is probably the best-treated dog in my whole town lol

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What breed is he and what do you need help with? Also the biggest question is does he have his balls or no?

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Kaiser? Where have you been buddy we missed yoU!

I dipped out for a bit lol, don't want to go into details for obvious reasons, but I've been away and haven't been able to post, back now though lol

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Also that's really nice to hear, y'know with all the negativity and shit that a lot of people pop into these threads with, it's really nice hearing that someone actually likes what I post

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I can smell the guilt on you.

Nah I didn't dip out because of that, I just went on a trip lol

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>best-treated dog in my whole town lol
>back now though lol
>on a trip lol
>trip lol
You filthy degenerate.

bro I'm obviously not gonna go into details about it because it's pretty revealing, but it was a fun trip that I brought my boi along

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First time contributing because i actually have some saved now! Hope i dont post any of the same ones but ima dump a few good ones i have.

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You're good man, literally all you need to do is chat if you want, the pics are just a nice extra, these threads are always more about the discussion

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Hope someone likes some of these :"D. ive also got a Anatolian Shepard boi. ;P

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OH okay! well i can answer questions if that works! or tell a few stories. Like ive said ive got a huge boi of my own and have done most everything. (besides take his knot sadly)

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Well if there's gonna be no questions ill list a few of my favorite things. After getting his lik 8-9 inch cock hard and throbbing i normally let him lick my tight boipussy for a while, rubbing some of his pre cum on it before sliding up to his knot and letting him pump until hes done. then i makeout with his butt because i just love how much doggie ass twitches and puckers when they cum, taste soooo good.... gettting fully naked and cuddling and humping him is fun too. i may have peed a few times cuddled up on him lol.

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just gonna dump a few more to keep yalls thread alive ;P still down for questions.

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Last one folks, take care.

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This is Kraiser again yer?

Sorry I didn't respond quick, someone came in my room and I got stuck talking to them for a bit.

>Anatolian Shepard

Those are huge bois, they are extremely loyal right?

How much does he weigh?

Why haven't you taken his knot?

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Thanks! yeah hes a big boi, not sure how much he weighs but way more then 100 already and his still kinda young. sadly hes like a guard dog for some farm animals, but yeah hes loyal just not well trained. He loves me though lol and because he doesnt really like jumping onto people and humping that much, dont think it helps that instead of waiting for him to hump me ill start jerking him off till his knot pops out. and its so big trying to get it in while full hard is very difficult even though i can fit my bad dragon rex in me lol.

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Have you ever just had him fuck you normally? That's probably why the knot is hard to take, if it's already fully grown while outside of you it's a lot harder to get in, and even if you do it'll be right on the outside because he'll probably not hump anymore since he thinks his job is finished. Try literally doing nothing to him beforehand and just getting naked on all fours in front of him

You said he's a farm dog, what's your situation with him? Do you just go out and find a hidden corner behind some bushes or go into a barn/stable, or do you bring him inside you house?

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Neck yourselves you degenerate faggots.

Yeah, That is exactly what ive tried. like he jumps on you if you get excited and run around him. but even when im fully naked on all fours running around he either mount me, or jumps off very quick as soon as he gets on. Im really trying to find out a way for him to fuck me, got him to trust in and out of me for like 5 strokes and that was soooo amazing.

Hes tied a big lead near a field with the farm animals, but it also goes inside a barn so i just go out at night ;) dont wanna talk toooo much about it, even though i doubt anyone on here would know me lol

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Anyone in this thread that condones this kind of shit I truly hope you die and it is the most horrific and painful death you could ever experience. Fuck all of you. You're lives are worthless and I know I'll never get the satisfaction of knowing one of you kick it but if I could magically know or even cause your demise I'd just laugh my ass off at your agony.

thanks fam!

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If I knew you I'd beat your bitch ass face in so yeah. Good thing

100% understandable. I had a guy I knew from these threads who became very good friends with a black German Shepherd that was a guard dog for a junkyard type place, after a few weeks of getting his trust he finally jumped the fence, and the from his sophomore year on he was extremely attached to that boi. I don't know how he did it but he eventually bought him from the owner and as far as I know they still are together.

So from what it sounds like, you were walking one day, found him out in a field, and you started to become great friends with him, what's that like? I used to be in your position except with a mare instead of a dog, I know you said you don't want to talk about it too much, but what's it like? Is he close to a house or pretty far out?

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No problem furfag.

Do you actually want to talk about it or do you just wanna be angry? Because if you want to talk, I'm down to actually have a proper discussion because my main question is, what do you actually find wrong about zoo?

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The barns on my property Soooo ive got alot of chances to do everything id like haha :D. wish i could let him in the house but hes still training to guard the herd.

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Tell me more

I know your trying to get at this "Oh you're angry but what is actually wrong with it? What's your point" bullshit. You know you're in the wrong otherwise you would have the balls to speak about it in a more public setting. Why am I a degenerate for fucking an animal?"

No. Fuck you and your bitch ass friends. If I ever come across one of you I'll neck you myself you degenerate peice of shit. Now, let me guess...

"Oh this guy is just angry and I'm just expressing myself so HE/SHE is wrong."

Wrong again. You're trash. Kys.

dude this is Cred Forums, people that wanna talk are rarer than teenage virgin girls

Also true. If this was any other platform these faggots wouldn't have the stones to try and defend it.

not him but you can't because of bullshit laws and brainwashing from religion. There's nothing wrong with it

go troll elsewhere.

Also! I totally get your point and most people that do this should probably die for a better human society. But at the same time the universe doesnt give a fuck what you do or what you fuck. so why not? besides its gross and stupid to talk about in public. no real relationships made, or bonding, or helpful human emotions gained. but like. Fuck it?

Not trolling. But nice try.

Oh, I got the impression he wasn't yours, whoops. How old is he? Because your biggest problem could be he's just not old enough.

I know with my boi Kaiser, our first time was super easy and honestly pretty perfect but that's because he was 3 or 4 years old, and he was studded out twice before, so me getting on all fours and giving his sheath a few jerks just kicked his instincts in and he went to town because he already knew what to do, your boi might have the problem that he doesn't know what to do without you helping him out which is pretty difficult.

Another problem might be your positioning, I know he's a heavy boi but you gotta stay at a perfect angle so that he can easily get into you and get deep as fast as possible, if you are slouched to low or up to high, your insides are gonna be at a weird angle making it kinda hard for him to get deep into you, which'll make him give up

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Alright bro, best of luck to you, I wish you could be more understanding but it is what it is.

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Love when people spend time in a thread constantly refreshing something they don't wanna see just so they can keep talking their bullshit

I get heated because I've worked with animals for years and have seen some fucked up shit. I get a little emotional. But I also see where you're coming from. I probably should have avoided this post but my anger did get the better of me. I know I can't stop it all. But it's been a long day and I flew off the handle. That being said I honestly hate these fucking idiots. But you're right. Fuck it. I'll just play some games and avoid Cred Forums for a sec.

I see I see! thanks for the info, I'm really betting on it being the age actaully, don't think hes 3 yet and with the newish environment of only being here like a year and half or more. But yeah. I think im just going to train him really good as a normal dog and heard dog then try again in a year and a half or so.

Also he is infact not my dog, The owner keeps him here because he also keep his herd animals in the field and barn lol... I still walk him, brush, and feed him alot though.

I dunno, I think it's the whole culture around Cred Forums that makes people instinctively get aggressive, but most times in these threads once people see that you are actually trying to have a conversation and actually what to try and get their viewpoint too, then people usually calm down. This guy seems to be the exception.

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sorry, but is this really so strange, in time, when interhuman relationships are getting harder and harder to establish, is it really so strange that people seek "refuge" elsewhere?

and now the troll is the bleeding heart victim.



get rekt dude, no one cares about another fucking sheeple from normyland.

Yeah fuck you though. Fucking animals is never okay.

lol, fucking love that too.

"Man I really fucking hate this shit, I can't wait to spend a few hours here just to be mad at it"

Like seriously nigga, it's the internet, you literally can be anywhere else. Trust me, I'm fine with actually talking with someone who doesn't agree with me and actually having a proper discussion about it, but if they straight up don't even want to do that and just complain, their wasting time

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i get you, however, people like the guy you mention, have been here since day 1 and lets be honest, if people dont want to understand, they wont, ever

Sure it is, you just shouldn't rape them. Go suck BBC and cry about women never paying attention to you, normyfag

Nah dude you really right to be heated. Especially if you've trained dogs, because you can tell how even in a sex situation where its not hurting the animal at all it still fucks with there training and how they act. Sorry to say im one of these degenerates but don't give up on those thoughts, I for one forsure dont want to see any stupid ass animal marriages or dumb shit like that. Just some people are kinky mother fuckers and hopefully it will die out i guess.

Thanks. I'll take that into consideration while I'm continuing not to be a degenerate dog fucker.

refer to Just another normyfag going way out of their way to be angry at shit that doesn't have any thing to do with them.

I do just fine. Unlike you.

Sure you do faggot, how many loli tabs you got open? XD

Thread is here for discussion. Don't like my opinion. Fuck off.

Literally 0. Nice try though

You're not here to discuss, you're here to troll and harass. Damn, you really fucking are a normyfag, you want the podium to preach but shout down anyone else but still pretend it's a discussion.

bet that chrome browser is ripping your RAM to bits with it.

How do I get my dog to mount me or let me blow him he is never into it and walks off with a knot to smell around not caring is it because he is neutered?

He's nuetered, why are you fucking with him?

If he's on your property and he knows you and loves you, he may not be your dog but you're his person. What I thought you were doing was literally hopping someone's fence and getting fucked by their dog at night, but nah he's pretty much yours.

Also, his age is perfect, he's literally in the perfect mating age right now, so my bet is that either you're positioning is wrong, or he's completely lost and you may be rushing it. I don't know you're situation or anything, but I know for me when I used to sneak out to that mare at night, I was always very stressed out and rushing things because I thought I was gonna get caught, but after a month or so I eventually calmed down and stopped overthinking things and everything got 10x better when I was able to actually slow down and spend a long time with her. I went from spending 10-20 minutes with her because I was stressed out, to once I calmed down and stopped worrying about getting caught because it was pretty unlikely, I started spending hours with her at a time. I would show up at midnight and not leave until 3 or 4 in the morning.

My point to all this is, if you're in the same position where you are sneaking out to him and worrying about getting caught which makes you rush things, if no one comes out to look for you in the first 10 minutes you are in the clear and I suggest spending hours with him just cuddling and laying with him, giving him kisses, and eventually letting him fuck you.

For the fucking part by the way, have you tried having him mount you, then you back into him, reach around and grab his sheath (specifically grab behind where you can feel his knot) and jerking that against your asshole? It really works and it kicks his instincts in, and once he starts fucking you just gotta make sure you keep your body straight and you'll be good

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>You realize it’s animal abuse, right?

Animal abuse, while we're pushed to chop off their balls and remove their ovaries and kill them in shelters because it's "the right thing".

But giving one a blowie is abuse.

Your logic is fucked.

That's one of the main reasons I love zoo! I fucking hate hook-up culture and how lightly people take relationships, but with zoo I can be a lot more careful with relationships and not rush into things just because I'm a horny bastard and want to fuck, nah I can actually find someone I emotionally connect with instead of someone I just want to fuck

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Neutered dog are generally not interested in sex, as well as having the occasional hormonal imbalances and fucked mental state.

Don’t cut your bois nuts of guys, don’t tie your girls tubes either, it’s unnatural

If he doesn't have any balls, he doesn't want to fuck because he has 0 sex drive. It sucks, but that's just how it is

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That's what I tell people who ask why I'm against neutering and spaying, I tell them I think it's fucked up to fuck with their hormones and fucked up to chop off bits just because it makes some people uncomfortable. The usual answer back is "But if you don't neuter he's gonna try and fuck everything, pee on everything, and be super aggressive" and then I just point to Kaiser and say it's all in how you train them. If you are a normie and get a dog because you think he's a nice thing to have around but don't actually know how to train him, then yeah, you're gonna have some problems, but if you actually train them and know what you're doing, then he's gonna be fine.

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the laundry list of shit we do to animals besides dicking them down or letting them dick us down, is so lopsided even hitler felt bad.

>double down on the hitler joke cuz he was legit an animal lover and he really would feel bad.

what does dog cock taste like?

ever lick your arm or some part of your body that had no hair after it got sweaty?

To be fair though, it’s not like our dogs gets sexually frustrated kek.

I do agree though, neutered dogs are just as aggressive as non neutered dogs if not handled correctly.
Sad part is most retarded people who can’t handle a dog properly blame the dog and shoot the poor cunt

What I always say is if you have the animal's interest in mind first and you're always thinking of them, then you're in the clear with zoo.

What I mean by that is that if you see your good boi or good girl as your companion in life, and you do everything in your power to make sure they are as happy as can be in life, and the naturally want to be sexual with you, then you are in the clear.

If you don't really think of them much other than just thinking about the next time you can fuck them or get fucked by them and only use them for sex, then that's fucking wrong. If you have to force a male dog to get his knot out and then just use him as a warm dildo or if you have to hold down a female dog just so you can stick your dick in her, then what you are doing is raping them and it's fucking wrong.

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so, been to the super market and complained about all the dead animal parts in the butchers section yet?

Why not? double standards much?

I dont like loud mouth hypocrites and I will quite happily punch you repeatably in the face and then neck you from your moms apple tree.

fuck u trout face.

>dogs don't get sexually frustrated



Uneducated, inexperienced, lives in a basement ass having normy.

Animals get VERY sexually frustrated, there are some breeds that literally DIE if they don't fuck. Holy shit your level of 1st grader education is mind boggling why are you even talking?

have you literally never raised a cat? You know, a non-mutilated one, mr. animal cruelty?

Go raise a non-mutilated cat, come back to us on your stance on "animals don't get sexually frustrated".

It's extremely wet and tastes kinda saltyish, descriptions is pretty damn close. It doesn't taste great, but what's amazing is knowing that he's really fucking loving what you're doing, and if you're holding his knot and squeezing it lightly while you're sucking on him, holy shit he fucking loves it. That's the only reason I give my boy blowjobs, it's because I know he fucking loves them.

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My dude, the reason my dog doesn’t get sexually frustrated isn’t because she can’t but because I release her from it, let your dog fuck and it won’t yearn for one.
You get my joke???

MY DUDE you jumped into the middle of a shit posting spree, I can't keep track of people. You can thank mods for removing IDs.

Bruh I know this is Cred Forums but this is what I was talking about earlier, if you yourself are pretty hateful and mean, then the person on the otherside is just gonna resort to being just as hateful. I don't even think that guy is the same guy because he seems a lot nicer.

But you are right, both males and females do get sexually frustrated, especially males if they keep getting blue balled by a neighboring female lol

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They do get frustrated, I know they do.
Mine don’t cause I fuck it... I thought that joke was obvious.

Lol, fuck I'm trying to defend you but I completely missed the "our dogs" part like I'm pretty sure everyone else did, everyone took it as you saying "Dogs don't get sexually frustrated" (because a big argument against zoo is that dogs aren't sexual, which as you know, is fucking wrong lol)

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Yeh I just wanted to make a joke, zoos animal don’t get frustrated, can you guess why that might be?
Perhaps I didn’t word it right?

That's why the best thing to do is post a pic when you are posting, then everyone knows your stance lol

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Advocate for people to use namesync.

Like I said here: , I think everyone's eyes skipped over "our" and just assumed you were trying to say dogs aren't sexual. I kinda understood that at the very least you were understanding of zoo and that you weren't the other guy, but the other guys seemed to immediately get aggressive, but that's whatever.

Anyways, you said you have a good girl of your own? What breed is she?

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I have an Akita, I would generally post pictures too to assert my position but I’m on my phone right now.
I work away from home sometimes and am missing my girl a lot, so this thread is nice.

Yeah, any zoo who actually has animals does not expect you to post pics because we all know there are some dedicated motherfuckers out there who will do everything in their power to track you down.

But anyways, Akitas are some loyal ass guard dogs, what's she like? What's your favorite thing about her (one sexual thing and one non sexual thing)

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KEK no I wouldn’t post pictures of my girl, I’d feel weird doing it anyway, that’s our time. I meant the sea of feral porn next to my hentai folder on my pc.

I can never pick one thing about her specifically that I love, she’s a hard core guard dog but is super gently especially with kids, she will only let family members and kids touch her, she’s a pretty good hunter and has caught quite a few rabbits and foxes, she always sleeps does laps of the house at night guarding the family but will come to my bed in the early morning to sleep every night even when it’s hot... ( point is I can go on )
As for sexual I mean come on she’s an Akita, she literally walks one paw in front of the other while her amazing ass swings back and forth with her tail curled up on top showing you everything all the time!
Akita’s have great asses, and my god their cute as fuck faces holy shit I get puppy eyes from her whenever her eyes are open.
Because of this she is fed exclusively human grade meat, even her treats are beef jerky, and chicken flavoured toothpaste

She already proved to be violent against people who fuck with the family too, I know I shouldn’t condone it but a certain dick Head decided to fight me at my house one night after I warned him about my girl, he thought she wouldn’t do shit because of how fabulous she looks, in the end he needed stitches and he isn’t allowed back over. (No she didn’t get in trouble)

Akitas are pretty fucking attractive, but I think a bit too aggressive for me. Is it just me or do you find some breeds masculine and some breeds feminine? For me I find breeds like German Shepherds, English Mastiffs, Great Pyrenees, and Rotties really masculine and handsome, while I find breeds like Saint Bernards, Bernese Moutain Dogs, Akitas, and Malamutes as super feminine and very beautiful.

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That's good, because usually even if the person who got fucked up was doing something wrong, the dog still gets in trouble. I guess that really only happens in cities and shit, I know for sure if someone tried to fuck with me or rob my house or some shit and Kaiser went and bit him, there'd be no trouble at all and in fact I'd probably get shunned for not shooting the fucker lol

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Definitely, it really depends on the muzzle build and barrel.
Akita’s have that cute slender muzzle and sleek looking front end (speed like) that all seems delicate and feminine to me.
Where as a rotti has a strong box head on them and a really heavy and powerful looking front legs and chest that just screams manly aggression (despite being cuddly as fuck)

I've never been with a female dog before, been with my boi obviously, and the mare and stallion I love to death at a ranch I work at, but never been with a female and would really love to, do you mind describing what it's like? I do you do it missionary or doggy style with her? Do you eat her out? Is she a big licker? Does she like getting her teats rubbed?

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The idea that a dog can be put down for defending its owner in their own gown makes me literally shake with anger so I will think in it no more...
Either way I’m glad the people where I live work on their own set of rules

Seriously though, it's bullshit, but luckily if you live in the right areas where everything is community-based then you'll be good

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She is mad tight, and when she orgasams her whole vagina heats up and honestly it feels like she’s stroking my shaft from base to tip as she pulsates and thrusts (goes also thrust when orgasaming).
She loves to lick and I’m not gonna lie I find it super hot to give her a facial as she looks so hot trying to lick my cum off the upper parts of her muzzle (she really likes to swallow my cum).
Also rough belly rubs are best to get her leg to kick, thick fur requires thorough scratching.
But I have to sleep now as I am on night shift tonight, I hope to speak to you again Kraiser dude, either here or on zoovile