Tfw i get weird looks in the mens changing room

>tfw i get weird looks in the mens changing room

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what a pretty white boi

Easy answer, most people are dumb.

Im very manly

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lets see some more & timestamp

"draw a girl call it a boy" meme but in 3d

I want to kiss you where you shit from

Im from sweden
My ancestors would be proud

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I meant I want to lick your butthole.

I don't know, what were vikangz views on tranny shit?

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Not sure
I know vikings werw into femdom
Maybe they would've liked getting topped by a trannie

Are you a switch? I want to see more.

then go cut your hair you cunt.

No i dont wanna

Then don’t complain when you end up getting groped.

Are you like a nurse?

At least post more pics of you, your body so we actually know how manly you are all over OP.

Close, Im a cna
Ok ok

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Do patients fall for you all the time or what? What a pretty sight.

Ive had some make strange comments before actually

Is this one of those trans things?

Cho cho?

you shouldn't be in there, young lady

Post tits.

Are you implying im not a gigachad?

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my pp is so confused

way to cute to be a chad

i meant more pics of your body without clothes, OP. Thus way we can't really tell your body type.

I don't understand this post.. You get weird looks because you're a dude who looks like a girl or a girl changing with dudes?

i want to empty my balls in your ass.