Why are white incels so adamant about saving the white race yet they never have and never will reproduce?

Why are white incels so adamant about saving the white race yet they never have and never will reproduce?

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Yeah nice bait idiot, saw this thread yesterday.

>saged and hidden

Literally just typed this lmao
you flakes are so easy to trigger.

non whites built the world

why is the U.S. fighting wars in the middle east?
drop dead faggot

protect the petrodollar

You will not succeed in making the White Man the world's new Jew. You Ashkenazi scum deserve what you preached as your magic fairy tale of eternal victimization.

>you flakes
you sit at your computer all day posting niggers and their dicks and you call other people flakes? you're a fucking joke, lol

Because Americans are not white.

Oh I see. You're mad at the resident nigger dick poster and you're confusing me with them.
Well if I was this confused, I'd be mad to. I feel you, user.

WTF is white? Besides not being Black and Brown.

Also how would you know they post all day?
Do you sit here, all day, and look for nigger dicks to sperg over? I'm intrigued.

I am ugly and my genes are garbage, that doesnt mean I dont want to save my race from the jews

Too late we Ashkenazi are too smart for dumb Americans lol, you lost get over it mutts lol. We are in Control of your country and there’s nothing you can do about it!

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>replying to someone that cant see your post

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They consider anyone that's Caucasoid to be white. And white is the superior race.
But just 75 years ago, Nazis claimed that slavs were subhuman. Even though they are considered 'white' today

>when Cred Forums has to LARP to confirm own conspiracy beliefs

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Yeah but others can.
And I just made a show out of him.
Thanks for playing, though.

>You can't reproduce
>So you shouldn't care what happens to your community
OP has 83 IQ.


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Native European. Native swedes, native germans, native Norwegians, native Irish etc. Overall Europeans who share a common linguistical history and pre-christian Gods and traditions, but do not go mixing like having 20% irish, 20% fuckin german 20% and like 30% jewish sort of how Americano mutts are. They only appear white, but they really have 0 identity.

Also ugly as fuck btw

Ya can't make this shit up.

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How did you make a "show" out of him?

Are slavs white?


>so stunning and brave!

Go back to school and learn reading comprehension.

>avoiding the question

>White is the superior race
>Asians and Jews have higher IQs and blacks dominate sports proving they're physically superior
Pick one you virgin faggot

Modern slavs are mix-ethnic and to some extent mix-raced. This is why they suffer from identity crisis and all sorts of problems imo. Originally slavs were indo-europeans who came from the baltic regions and like other indo-europeans, had blonde hair and blue eyes. Modern slavs only have features of ancient slavs but they also have other features which are non slavic as they are descendants of thracian, turkic, greek and roman ancestry. To some extent they are better than Americans, because over time their identity has been solidified with the rise of nationalism throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. They even kept their ethnic traditions for a very long time, even up until the late 50s of the last century... until communism, then modernity and industrialization started consuming their cultures.

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