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I need more butts, or mares.

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Oh boy, today`s shift was a real bone shaker.

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fuck you

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How so, user?

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Good whatever part of day you have to you too.
It really isn`t anything of concern, just a 40 year old diesel-electric locomotive I drove on several passenger trains today as I`m in the process of learning the how toos for locos with ICEs.
I can still feel those 12 cylinders at 800rpms idling away.

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Oh that's pretty neat. I prefer 8 cylinders in small cars though. I like quickness and speed more than sheer power.

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there are two people with dick's in this pic, but only one of them is visible

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Welp, I have to sleep the rattling of, g`night.

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Sleep well, user

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Niice :)

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a locomotive eh? what was the engines displacement?

Watch out for mister tanning, he caught me today tripping out at the tv booth today. :(

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haven't see this stuff before, now I need to look this person up, thanks user.

Around 130 litre, bore is 230mm.
If you want to look it up, its the 754 series from CKD from ye olde Czechoslovakia.

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Won’t mind her cuffing me :3 cheesy they say just cheesy :P

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Any furs here just a blazing?

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Not right now, but I will in an hour or so. I don't like being stoned all the time personally, I limit it 1-3 times a day. More than that and the amount of weed needed to get high because of tolerance makes it a bit of a waste imo.

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hopefully all you disgusting mentally ill animals rapists get the corona virus and die like you deserve

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back to trash with you

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you're nothing more than a failed abortion

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muh dood!
how's your day been so far closetfag?

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guess i'm lucky

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I will not be happy until all you animal rapists are dead, if I get the corona virus then im going to visit you niggers and give it to you
unlucky for us

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humans are animals

if humans are animals then why do we live based on emotions instead of pure instinct?
fuck you

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that simply sets humans as a sapient form of animal. But still an animal.

are humans vegetable then? mineral perhaps?

>why do we live based on emotions
That's more of a you problem, this is why women shouldn't come to this site. All they do is bitch an bleed.

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thank you for getting that stuck in my head. fucking earwig song.

Weed is degenerate, user.

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never trust somebody that can bleed for 5 days and live
not as degenerate as sexualizing/raping animals

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what are humans if not animal, user?

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probably fucking aliens considered how we turned out

Animals with high intelligence are sapient such as the dolphin.

You are an animal and your species genus is homo.

You are also the biggest homo of all.

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you know why we don't call ourselves animals? because we don't look/act like them, you can call yourself a dirty wild animal but I will not because im sane

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You're fucking retarded.

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It was always legal ridding untermenschen from the gene pool under my administration you Hanswurst

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Gee Bill

mentally ill nigger who rapes animals calling me retarded
its a shame he didn't win the war

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Your life outside of Cred Forums

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>a shame he didnt win the war
oh look user, we agree on something. i may forgive you for thinking people are something other than animal. so i know you dont like jews, what do you think about gays and doctors who sell hormones to kids

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Oh so the entire board being filled with the same 5 images of (((professional porn))) constantly doesnt bother you but a single furry thread does?


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im not a fucking demon
jews, niggers, gays, corrupted people of power, trannies, pedos, animal rapists/torturers, feminazis and Antifa are all evil and all will suffer and die when the purge comes.

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You are a fucking FURRY.

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imgur.com/7ijP7c1 4


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im not a fucking furry

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On your knees, and get to work

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fuck you bitch nigger
im fishing in your moms pussy

people who post on Cred Forums should be added to that list, no good person has ever gone there

Ÿ̡̞̞̙͚̰̖͖̬̘̏̎ͤ́̓̄̈́ͪ̓̇̓̽͛̓̃̚̕͜O̢̯̯͖̙ͫ̐̈ͪ́̿̆̿̊ͭ͐̿̐̾̽ͩ̇̕͢U̡̢͍̳̳̼̍̈́͂ͩͮ̑͌̎̇̚ ̡̥̫̬͕̻̫̰͈̻͚̬̳̥̣͎̔ͧ́̉̈͛̔ͮͩͫͬ́ͮ͊̐ͪ́̚Ḷ̼̩̳̋̃ͤ̉̚̕͡͞I̢̱̥͕͈̦͇̫̥̓͗̀̍̉̋ͪͯ͑̒̊̃̉ͦ̚͘̕ͅK̵̵̨̙̮̜̝̮̜̦̥̠̙̮̻̺̎͂̉̉̇̈͜ͅͅȆ̢̢̠͕̱̳̘͚͕͔̦̺͓̼̰̻͗̈́̔̑͋͘ ̴̴̢̦͙͈͔͎̩͙̻̙͔̪͔̬̼̻̫̪̮͗̇͊͂ͤͮ̉ͬ̂̀͡F̷̵̡̺̤̩̖̘̥̒̈̀̄̾̊̿ͧ̔̋̊͛͘͞ͅU͔̹͇̗̱̜̖̱̗̗̙͎͔͔̳͈͚̘̳̔̓̎̋ͧ͊ͩ̋̒R̢̥̱͈̜͔͉͕̺̠̳͗̈̐̈͂̍̕͟
̩͈̯̮̜̪̠̻̼͙͖͉͚̗̮̼ͦ͋ͣ̑̋ͬ̿͒́Y͙̪̰̳̖̺ͧ̍͑̓̕͢͟Ơ̶̸̷͙̻͈̱̦͎̦̗̞̫̺̖̙̮̺͊̾̌̽̌͐̇̍ͨ̆̀̎Ǔ̶̢̮̝͇̝̼̞̙͂̇ͯ̈͆͟ ̴̸̸̡̟͔͉͇͖̞̥̝̠̭͇̇͌͗ͩ̀̄̓̋̚ͅL̨̻̟͓̱̗̻̺͇͉͍̼̺̝͔̂ͮ͂̾͋̈́͗̆̆ͯͯͦͫ͑̾̀̚I̴̤̠̩̘̮̘̻̩̬͈̞͔͙͙̺ͭ̓̿͛͊̿ͫͤͮͧ̓́ͅḰ̴̸̡̥͎͔̞̤̑ͯͯ̀̚̕Ȩ̹͍͍̠̟̮̦̿̄ͭ̐ͧ͒͂͐̐̽ͪ̒̌ͭͮͬ́̚͜͝͡ ̨̡̖̗̙̜͓̖̙̼̠̤̘̎̓̔͋̂̄̿̊̐̐͋͛ͧ̽̀͝F̹̻̻̤͚̥̙̗̟͇̖̱͖̻͙͂͆ͨͫ̍̉ͭ̄͢Ȕ̘̮̯̟̺̙̱̠͚̫͌ͭ̀̔̀ͨ̕͘R̻̳̰͍̦̦̹̄͛͐͘͟ͅ
̛̛̠̝͔̻͙͎̮̤̞̦͕̻̔ͤ̑͗ͧ̾̃̏̇ͫ̇̌͛̀Y̷̷̫̘̗̞͈͈̼̟̤͇̤̦ͮ̇́̄̈́͑̋ͦͤ̓̒̉ͫ̒͜Ȏ̢̥̼̪̤̫͉̬̈́̍̈́ͣ̋̓ͦ̌ͣ̔̂̔̊̿̉̋́̚̕͠U̴̵̩̱̯̞͒ͨ͛͂͋̔̌͊̌̍̔̆̊ͣ͝ͅ ͍̗̫̠̟͚̞̟̹̝̩̳̜͍͆͒̓͊̒̉̋̍̈́͡͠͝͠L̷̵̫̫̯̣͕͉͈̏̒̎ͦͭ͐ͬ̍͊͂͊͠Į̖̖̭͉̞̹͉̞̬͖͇̬̻̐͐͋ͬ̒ͩ̆ͮ͟͟K̨̞̼̠͓̺̝͎̙̠͉̮͍͇̪͈̻͊ͬͩͯ͒̎͗̊ͬ̾ͩͭ͜͟ͅȨ̷̗̱̱̝̜̬̬͍̇ͮ͌͌̽̐ ͚̮͖͓͕̜̘͔͎̮̭̓̾ͫ̉̒̿̍͆̑̒ͪͅͅF̸̭̻̼̰̞̹̗̺̺̙̟͚͌ͣ͆̃̇̔̿͐͑͐ͦͪͤ̄̾̇̀͝͡͠U͍̰͚̦͉̩͔͂ͭ̎͊ͭ̉͌̄ͯ̚͢͜ͅR̨̬̠͔̠̦̭̞͐̇̓ͣ͌̔͒̄̔ͦ̒͊ͨ̒͐̀̚̕
̵̶̼̺̞̘͔̙̮̠̳̫̱̭̤̪͚̠̞̋̂̈̒̊ͮ͌̾̎̃̀̂̀͛́̕ͅY̴̮̺̱̦̦̭̰̮͓̯͕̹̫̼̦̞̯̟̜͑̀̓͌̊̌ͦ̋ͩ̒͞͝͝Ơ̛̞̰͈͇̱̻̤͔̙̦̹̖̺̯͑ͩ͑̏̇ͩ͑́̇ͭ͋̃̃̚̚͡U̶͖͕̩̣ͧ̍͂̄ ̷̡̺͉̣ͦ̃̐̉̉ͤ̓̍̃̑ͮ̃͐̾̔͢L̶͔̮̝̟͓̰͖̰̦ͨͨ̍̋̌͡I̸̴̡̭̻̰̤̣̱͔̖̰͒̍̒͛ͬ͝K̛̛̫̳̺̻͖̝̤̼̖͌ͧ̊̂̈́͑̒ͣ̿̏̈́͋̋̀̌͛̕͢͜E̴̴̦͇̪̯̬̼͚̜͇̤̹̠̤͋̐̊̂ͯ́ͭͫ̉̃̀ ̛̼̘̱̩̳̥̫͙̘͍̘ͫͭ̃ͤͦ͂̀ͧ̎F̨̛̩̟̝̯̃̔͊͛ͣ̚̕͡U͉͓̮͚͙̙̮͓̺̣̹͈͈͙̳̞̭͊͊͛̓͝͠͡Ṙ̴̸̹̹̭̜̪̔ͬ͋͗̎̍͑́̉̒͆̆̚͞͞

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>im fishing in your moms pussy

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you're just jealous I have my sanity and you don't
its not b8 you fucktard, kys

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>its not b8 you fucktard
its not b8 you fucktard
>its not b8 you fucktard
its not b8 you fucktard

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>he posts on Cred Forums
>he thinks hes better than anyone else who posts on Cred Forums

lmao thats like going to an orgy and thinking ur not a slut

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i wanna speak primordial that well!

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Monster mash

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That board would be so shitty on a wave. What kind of idiot would draw that?

so would it be called a beak job?

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Money mommy

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What diameter was it? I bet it had great torque collision. Did you get it from those old soviet G series A11s?

'allo guv'na do yuo 'ave a loicence for that noncing?

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Guards capture her

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Tis blimey yuo illiterate bastid, bloody 'ell yuo lot aren't the broigh'est pigeons in da chippy are ya?

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P..pl...please don’t eat me...


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Shut yer gob

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