Loli thread

Loli thread

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should have let the whole rock burn to the ground

>please smack my butt nya~

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unsurprising coming from the same shithole country that gave us brenton tarrant

i agree. those poor pixels being abused... how could anyone do something like that to such innocent naive pixels?

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ugh I can't wait to get off work
Hope you loli bros are doing okay. Hopefully I'll get to see some lolis tonight at work, to make my day better.

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Toddlers are very lewd.

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I voted for them in 2018 lol, It's like the last party you would expect this from also which is the funniest thing. You cant trust anyone

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I wish I could facefuck a loli I wish it was not wrong or harmful I wish I was not like this

>actually caring what Aussies do

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Reply this with based

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Anyone know of a dating site where I might be able to find a woman who is into or at least tolerates loli?

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Ageplay groups on fetlife probably

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If anyone feels like send me some loli, send to Garuwashi on wickr. I can send some back but not much. I don't deal with the real shit so none of that.

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Hmu wit loli booties

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Just your average boomer complaining why loli hentai is still legal in Australia, and proposing to extend anti-child abuse laws to include anime
It's just like the UN shit, nothing will ever happen

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this is how all lolis should be fucked

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If loli is pizza then GTA is GTA (and just about every other crime).

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Eromanga Sensei

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you can't unsee it

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i dig this artist

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post moar rabbit lolis!

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I got drunk and told my sister about Eromanga-Sensei earlier. Am I a retard?

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She is one of my favorite bunny lolis

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Does anyone have the original?

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Get a job you sick fucks
Do swagbucks

There aren't enough internet niggers into Strawberry Marshmallow anymore.

What’s up with the little ball thing. Is that supposed to be a sex toy?

That's a lolipop

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type in swag bucks website and


it's a lollipop

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That doesn't seem safe.

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Link to a video. Either I’m being stupid or I can’t find any

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Wait wait I got it never mind

imagine walking into this

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I wish, so fucking hot :O

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it's literally a screen cap from the anime

ray charles?

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I’m getting real fucking tired of this image

don't reply to me faggot

One of my favorite images. I wish there was more to this. like the lolis come join her.

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there's a tsugumomo anime?

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this is my favorite shit on the planet, why is good age gap loli yuri so hard to find?

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Band-aids are hot

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the only good thing about them is that they are rabidly anti gambling and block any bill that threatens the enviroment. Outside of that they're practically a more timid greens party.

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good god her facial expresison is so cute!

Chino is the cutest loli

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Anyone know the name of the manga where 2 dudes drive around in a van and kidnap loli?

is the loli a gymnast?

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No it were multiple loli getting out of school or something

hmmm. Is there another entry to that series? I am asking because years ago some user asked about a similar sounding manga but he described the guys kidnapping a gymnast ( which is why i asked here ) and one guy killing himself in the end.

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This is it! Thanks user

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reak question whats the difference from this attraction and kids irl


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loli is completely fictional, and real kids are real human beings with real lives.
don't be retarded.

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No difference.... for me anyway. Some anons say that they're only attracted to these lolis though because real kids don't resemble them in the slightest.

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Liking 2d loli is 100% pedophilic, but just no where near as bad as the real thing.

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that edlagard?

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My only real problem with them is that their video games are still under Prohibition era. Owning a copy of Mortal Kombat 9 or postal 2 can get you the same punishment as having black tar heroin

>liking an anime drawing is pedophilic
I don't think so Tim.

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to be fair, Eromanga Sensei was the worst anime I've ever watched

I miss you Catbro... please come back?

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Lucky you if that’s your real scenario

You haven't watched enough anime evidently

Yes. It aired years ago.

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> because real kids don't resemble them in the slightest.
This, real kids smell weird, they're crusty, and they're cringey.

new thread new thread! :O

>trips of truth
pedos eternally btfo

fudatsuki kyoko

Why are you so eager, son?

"Loli" is a sort of caricaturized entity that doesn't really resemble real kids in any way but the most superficial. I like loli but the idea of doing anything like that to a real kid feels me with revulsion and rage.

Kind of like how playing losing in Call of Duty is nothing like getting your legs blown off in Afghanistan.

because the loli train never stops


I like loli, but you're literally getting off to drawings depicting kids. Own it.

wonderful, emotional read
thank you user