Walk in room. See this. Wot do?

Walk in room. See this. Wot do?

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talk to Charlie

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"this is my room dude wtf"

Ask that jew how his surgical fuck pouch is doing.

put this song on full blast

Ask to see those tits.

I'm curious about the pussy since she recently got surgery but... it's probably gross.

Ask him to please leave

Damn, lol


Throw ze jew down the well

Some pics of her makes it look like she got som pretty titties

>Walk in room. See this. Wot do?
"you lift, bro?"

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turn 360 degrees

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It looks like a big gash where his balls used to be.

And “””””she’s””””” having ongoing complications with it, as if it might have been a bad idea in the first place right?!

Should have just kept her tiny penis. She even said it was extremely tiny before she got it cut off because she started taking hormones before puberty

Finger guns, a classic

Do you think its happy with the whole mutilated penis/estrogen breasts and worldwide attention?

Buttfuck it. HARD!

Haha dick-shaped nose

Ankles over ears and pound the axe wound and ass.

Knock him out, bind and gag him and wait till dark. Put him in the boot of my car, drive 120km to Adelaide river, take out my spotlight and spot a big croc, take the freak out of the car and beat him again then push him into the river and wait for nature to take its course.

Turn 360 degrees and walk away

kill it

So you walk towards her? Dumbass go back to math class you fucking trog

First day here?

force dilation

Send it to hell

Is it a meme now or something? Havent been on b in a while cuz of the lack of anything entertaining

Thats....a bit specific. You wanna let us know something user?

Anus is the only usable hole.

Fucking the "vagina" would be like fucking a fistful of Ziplock baggies.

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Tell it to die in a fire

time to die tranny!

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Play with it's titties and make it suck my cock.

When I finish, kick her in the fucking head and tell her she'll never have a vagina, stop fucking trying.

Ask where cock is and then go and suck it.

Then you would be facing the same direction.

Nice little camel toe.

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unironically would

My man

how long until an hero?

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