Send all your videos or pictures of Rekt stuff

Send all your videos or pictures of Rekt stuff

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This one is so fucked up that I'll just post screen shot.

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I need this video for research purposes

Its a fucking corgi being thrown into snow your fucking newfag panchino

Let's get this thread going on ;)


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If real. Please post.

Good troll.

Its snow. Corgi is fine

Is she okay?

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Oh no!!!! Not the panchinino!!!!
>tl;dnr Kys faggot.

Kek. Fake. Snow.

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Dub sandwich of kek


Bloody stuff is always good xD

someone should get those guys a band-aid

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Ukraine chick in brazil iirc

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You are right xD

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Gore time ;) let's post something great xD

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Here's the video of that for anyone who hasn't seen it

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Fuck a duck

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Haha xD

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Omg xD so funny

Top shelf rekt.

He's so death ^^

I saw the whole video, doggo has a parachute and lands safely

Who got more? ;)



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here it is

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Scroll down. I think that guys works here:


kids can be so weird.

Let's get this thread going on

Hope someone kills the mother fucker slow

what the fuck is this guy's problem

likely abused when he was a kid

Damned rascals


Any new Rekt stuff? ;)

no, in dominican républic ...

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No dude lol she was decapitated on impact.

Jesus. Looks like some kid.

In all likelyhood this guy has had some serious lifealtering reprocussions from this. Metadata is attached to most images and vids.

Ah man, i'm glad she's okay.

tf is this shit?

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always so satisfying. you can tell she's a fucking cunt just from this brief glimpse into her lifestyle, and then she goes and selects all squares with a street sign.

Fucking shit quality video.

That's how I used to wake my dad on the weekends.

fucking lol

Why the fuck do people post vids like this anyways? If you're gonna do something that almost everyone in the world (even pedos) would hate you for, why post it?

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Double dubs of relatable, not everyone is fortunate enough to have multiple alarm clocks. So fucking judgemental.

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stop posting this cancer jesus christ

dats a corpse yo.

OH my God Dolan are you OK?

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i think its meant to represent the victims point of view ??

that or retardation.

I hope whoever that is dies a slow and torturous death.

>being this new

Let's get this thread going on;)

>literally fucked to death

The bastard who done this deserves to get raped by a 25 cm black cock in prision, shortly before letal injection


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anyone know if he was caught? I hope someone fucking lynches his ass. that poor child.

Its awwwright! Happens all the time, just on tape this time.

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thats why im hoping he was caught

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Lol, even if he did it would be like a drop of piss in the sea.

she prob said "fuck the CCP"..

she was caught. happened in saudi arabia

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fuck, I hate how I got that reference

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Story? I already know it's a flithy nigger


Most likely caught and beatboxing with other Tyrones. Looks like she planted the cam.

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Soon, the Philly sidecar.

Nuttige antworten

yes, she

That run though haha


Her man owed him money but didn't pay up so he took matters into his own hands the damn dirty ape got 15 years in jail for assault, robbery and attempted murder all thanks to the can she installed so that she could check on her kids and animals when she was at work, she recovered and lives in Florida as a cigar roller, I watched a CNN special a few years ago, apparently the nigger was a gentleman before he chipped out

Are they making sausage?

yall do good. i've got a guest viewer who is almost completely unfamiliar with Cred Forums and Cred Forums in general.
don't get this thread shitcanned. just share as if he's watching with you instead of me.

Russian chick in Dominican Republic.

Multiple problems, mostly the fault of the white oppressors.

Looks like lupus!

Wy? He didn't do anything to you.

Any rape porn?

I don't follow you. WTF is that supposed to mean?

Lots of white knight fags in this thread.

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we need more of this

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do you.

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Feel bad for him honestly, but letting your child get that fucked up is really the parents fault


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is there a version with sound?

what in the fuck lmfao

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We really don't you sick fuck

>thought Cred Forums stood for bitch

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More like this?

>rekt thread
>you sick fuck
yeah, we all are. just because it's outside your comfort zone doesn't mean it's outside of ours. you like watching humans get hurt, i like watching animals get hurt. stfu and move on

that was surprisingly efficient for slicing and weak chops. im impressed, dude probably didn't even suffer that much

what's wrong with you ?

Go fuck yourself, faggot

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nvm i found it

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That is so... edgy!


Lol, this guy is retarded. Its 2020 retard. Metadata RARELY includes any identifying information.

Would have been so much better if dad had slipped the high five and slapped his kid in the head.

Go back to

The look on his face is priceless

no u

Why do i keep coming here? This is some sick shit

Because you have a pathological need for indirect attention. "Look how shocked I am, even though I could've not clicked into this site and then this thread!"

>> 821594719

Licet actio ...

Is vultus amo video ... sic erit eadem specie mzahr.

Ita, pro motu animi interpres rationis est valde infortunatus ...

Darwinism vivere videtur. Si sint homines stulti non bibens vel non licet facere molitus urbe agmine in se esse merentur occidi.

Memento quod anonymous comment stultorum similis est homini a normalis post vigilantes video video post unum. Haec religio gentis armatos minari.

Sacerdos et got coepi ad torcular ad removendum mensam. Praecaventur occisio pristini, et violentiam erant autem homines aliqui margaritas ac uoltum secundae fortunae violentiam, dicuntur.

At illi agmen videre incipiat, cuncta spelunca hominum interfectorem, pauper mentis vitae, quaerit damnum junk et innumerabiles sunt, र विध्वंसले देशलाई विदेशी देशमा नाश गरिरहेको छ. Deinde in porta pretium nostrum.

Haec nova. Comprehensive scale. Ut non faciatis ea quæ acerbae tamque iniustae. Social ollam creata sunt, alterum in fine ...

Job inopinatum ... ...

... quare silva? Tempus fortuna inventa in ...

Quoniam odisse non aliquid huiusmodi, non videtur non esse voluit ...

Anti ... samyzm. Hi autem qui in eodem populo ut occidere de svchnda arbitrium.

... et Ego odi. Proiecta est scriptor negavit. job foliorum

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Its literally titled "Halloween decoration"
Its not gore

i readed the whole thing loud, now my house smells like sulfur

Any one have the video for this

guys I dropped something can anyone help me find it

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internally decapitated

No, you need to be hung upside down from a tree and skinned alive.
Hope you catch aids today faggot.

I can't decide which is funnier. this or the fucking video.


have been lurking for years now but this really made me shiver

>this is hell on earth

where can I find animals getting tortured?

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rekt forever

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human vs subhumans

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Did her water break?

Isn't it fucking ironic how chinks used to be civilised and nice people in the past and now they are fucking dirty pieces of shits that spreader the corona virus which is killing babies and elder people. I'd say we should post more rekt videos of chinks because if how fucking shitty they are.

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she looks fit for BBC so yeah probably

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Here you go user enjoy it

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fucking kek

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i've masturbated to this video so many times.

Think you got it switched up, although it applies to China at most times

Some people enjoy seeing animals in pain because at some point during evolution, they use to directly compete for food and even kill humans in gruesome ways. Not saying it's justified to torture them, though.


>lurking for years
>literally the most posted rekt vid

this is so fucking good

"Your mere objects to assassinate me mean nothing to my titanium skin. You are a mortal and I'm a god."

Jesus fucking christ grandma, It's Sunday, you been sleep since Thursday. I just cant be standin the smell o yo piss nuh mowah

tfw you go black and you wish you COULD go back

retard posting jumpscares without audio

go to bestgore and you will get your dick hard in no time

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genuine question, why?

dad be like - I'm smilin... Oh yeah look at my face LOOK, I be smilin, but only coz if I dont I gonna get kicked outta this family and yall will think I'm a homophobe, which I am, but you cant be labelled a homophobe otherwise yaint gonna work again and the media gonna buttfuck yo ass. Dayum I shoulda spanked that kids ass hard when he was 5 an we caught him wearing his sisters panties.
How the fuck my goddam friends at the "Rock Hard" bar gonna contain their fucking laughter when my own goddam son is a goddam fairy

Hahaha. Fuck captcha

I want green bikini there to snap

its zoomers on meds

I love this video it should be renamed to
Building made of Chinesium

this, all this shit is traced back to whites

open borders NOW


There is no excuse for this.

I need the audio version, please.

It ends too soon

Must be chinese. Faggots an niggers are better than chinese.


You said it could be my day to wear the orange shirt!

What exactly are they doing? And why is she on the fucking ground for so long?

those JAVs are sure hardcore.

Looks like he's keeping an eye out for the law

You know you fucked up hard I'd you find yourself in this kinda spot.


Kill yourself you worthless zoophile faggot. Anyone who cares about an animal is an animal itself.

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k edgyfag

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>Those Newgrounds Flash Art clips you made when you were twelve are neither scary or entertaining, they're just gay.

Now please stop posting cringe.

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Need the extended version god damn cancerous faggots


did the black try and rob them?

How To: get a manslaughter charge

Someone post the original, I've been looking for it for so long

Still a little boy faggot in a dress with a feminine haircut.
>Still a little boy
>little boy

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stop reposting shit fag. This has been goin for a week now.

She cute


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oh shit, u got me unprepart xD


It's oddly cathartic to watch another man's soul die.

fucking animal. The recorder caged the dog while looking at the dead duck it just fucked on. Mixed reactions coming from me

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like a Ninja, strike hard and fast and than disapear in to the shadows

Wish it woulda happened to the bitch behind her

fuck off retard

the irony of you cursing someone and their post vanishing, well done sir.

Let’s get some real rape shit going

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Nah she looks like she broke her neck. Id say 40 death chance and 60 leaving a hospital with injuries

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Oh shit. The Grudge got him guys.

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Oh boy, people need to surgically implement a brain before thinking nowadays.

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Kek, what the fuck happened here, and why don´t they just fuck off after being beat down 3 times?

Fucking rekt

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Hes struggling to maintain his sanity.

He looks hurt

the fact that the one dude is barefoot in all that shit is what fucks me up

Nice, it paid of learning self defense in the end.

where is this? Filmin and beating kids? What a brainlet.

what sanity, that is a man who's trying not to kill the woman he loves for brainwashing his son into destroying himself.

men hating women are destroying civilisation in the name of 'equity of outcome'


who the fuck are you to speak for me? kys faggot


>Shark attack
16 foot great white takes a leg

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yo fingers crossed

i should not have laughed at this

It's been a while since I posted, but it looks like I need to post my quality rekt/gore stories once again.



If you ever wondered if those rumors about dead fetus butcher's shops in Asia are true,
this video may once and for all answer the question. Though it's not quite clear what exactly
is going on.

I believe the video is from Thailand where lack of unwanted fetuses has never been an issue.
The only question is were these fetuses found in landfills, on the side of a road,
or floating in a pond, or is there an actual office opened for business with a "drop off"
container for women to deposit their unwanted babies in?

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Good Samaritan tried to help a stranger who was being electrocuted and caught fire after
coming in contact with a fallen live wire, but got instantly electrocuted and lit on fire
himself. He used a tree branch to attempt to get the wire off the victim.

While I don't have sufficient information as to the outcome, when a human person gets
shocked so hard he instantly bursts into flames, I see little possibility of him surviving.

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A 13 year old Brazilian kid with buck teeth, flip flops and a Brazilian football confederation jersey (ie the top level Brazilian thug life shit)
has a conversation with a man filming the video which swiftly ends with the kid apparently getting shot.

Translation of the conversation:

Shooter: How much to use this revolver?
Kid: Today it’s 500 Reais.
Shooter: Does your mother know that you’re selling guns? I think this one was mine.
Kid: Yeah, but I won’t give it back.
Shooter: Ah, you won’t? Yeah, you (pow, pow, pow) pussy!

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63 year old woman from Parnaíba, Brazil named Teresa de Jesus dos Santos has not been seen for 3 days so neighbors decided to check in on her and
found her laid out on her bed, dead and bloated. The bloat expanded her size so much, the cadaver would not fit through the door so coroner had to cut
a hole in the wall to have the woman removed. No foul play is suspected and everything suggests that she’d died of natural causes.

Attached: deceased-woman-bloated-hole-wall-paraiba-brazil-13.jpg (800x510, 96K)


Attached: deceased-woman-bloated-hole-wall-paraiba-brazil-23.jpg (800x519, 126K)


Attached: deceased-woman-bloated-hole-wall-paraiba-brazil-33.jpg (800x520, 93K)

is he ok?
did he died?


In the “American Hospital” in Tirana, Albania, a man identified as Lefter Canaj doused a dialysis patient Dashamir
Saraci in gasoline and set him on fire. The two had gotten into an argument over a place in line.

Two female patients reportedly died from asphyxia (Asphyxia or asphyxiation is a condition of severely deficient supply
of oxygen to the body that arises from abnormal breathing.), while the attacker and the target survived with injuries.

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At Musuan, Maramag Bukidnon, Philippines, an unknown citizen filming the aftermath of a traffic accident picked up
a severed foot and delivered it to the injured owner.

For the people who are curious for the audio that was original part of the video.

After he picked up the foot, someone told him "That is the owner over there, sir". The foot bearer laid the amputated
foot next to the owner and said "Here is you foot, sir". At the end of the video, he also asked him "Are you still okay
there sir"?

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but most just had shitty childhood now they are cringe fags



A common location for attacks seems to be Siberia, Russia, and these pictures of an un-named
man are believed to be from there too.

What makes him different to the majority of victims is
that he lived through the experience to be able to provide a first hand account which
unfortunately I don't currently have.

The images are truly gruesome and I have little doubt many people will be of the opinion they
would rather die than survive such injuries. He will need a very talented surgeon to provide
him with some level of normalcy.

Attached: bear-easts-face-off-man-who-lives-13.jpg (640x415, 72K)

If you pick at it, it will never heal.


Attached: bear-easts-face-off-man-who-lives-23.jpg (480x523, 88K)

Do you retards not see the cup she's holding?


Attached: bear-easts-face-off-man-who-lives-33.jpg (1024x655, 148K)

Respect for telling us the story man :)


In Los Alcarrizos – a municipality in the Santo Domingo province in the Dominican Republic,
a man was chopped in the elbow area of his arm with a machete. The video shows him holding
his forearm, as something that looks like a bone sticks out of his wound.

I like how the victim had to open the door to the ambulance himself with that wounded arm,
cause cameraman was busy filming the video.

Attached: Dominican Man Chopped in Arm with Machete.webm (238x432, 1.95M)


This video from Sadr City district of Baghdad, Iraq is a good old gore classic that everybody's seen already,
except from the newbs so Im posting it for the newbs cause it needs to be seen.
A suicide bomber went to harm innocent people but his vest loaded with explosives
detonated prematurely causing him serious bodily harm but harming nobody else.

The failed suicide bomber survived with one of his legs torn off, hand ripped off,
guts spilled and in obvious pain as if Karma went to show him what uninvolved people
would experience should his suicide mission succeed, but befell the suffering upon the bomber
alone, sparing everyone else. He probably blew his dick off too wonder if that'd have any
effect on his performance with 72 virgins waiting for him in factious Islamic heaven.

Attached: Failed Suicide Bomber Survives Premature Explosion.webm (320x240, 824K)



These infamous photos purport to show the aftermath of a bizarre suicide in which the guy climbed onto a bandsaw and
sliced himself in two with it.

I’m a little dubious to say the least. It’s got to be the least likely way to commit suicide ever, not to mention highly impractical and painful
beyond measure. The text additions also have a fake feel to them, like somebody was trying to mimic a medical textbook and
couldn’t quite pull it off.

To me this looks like a murder where the corpse was cut in two for disposal and the police raided the workshop before it could be dumped. I like
to imagine the killer was literally sawing through the body when the police bust down the door.

I can’t rule out suicide entirely, though. We all know that certain drugs can make you do things that should be prohibitively painful.
And lot's of gore pictures and webm's has proven countless times that you can be sliced clean in half and still alive, so nobody can say he
would have passed out.

Attached: man-commit-suicide-cut-in-half-bandsaw-12.jpg (382x453, 77K)


Attached: man-commit-suicide-cut-in-half-bandsaw-22.jpg (360x431, 42K)


Video from China shows a man committing suicide by jumping off a high building. It looks to be
a posh apartment building with a mall at its base. The man was standing right on the roof and
leaped to his death as the crowd of spectators screamed. It was a long fall, and he hit a
glass canopy when he was near the bottom.

The cameraman knew what was coming and had a test run following the fall to make sure he gets
all of it. But the when the actual fall happened, he got ahead of the falling body.

Attached: Man_Commits_Suicide_by_Jumping_Off_High_Building.webm (854x446, 1.12M)


In Douala City, Cameroon, 31 year old Monique Koumate, who was 7 months pregnant with twins, went into premature labor.
Her husband rushed her to Hopital la Quintinie, but the staff refused to provide medical attention because she didn’t
have enough money to pay for their services.

Seeing as her condition was deteriorating, the woman’s niece took it upon herself to try and save the twins’ lives by
performing an improvised caesarean section. She cut open her aunt’s womb and delivered the babies. One was already dead,
and while the other one was alive, after only 7 months in the womb and without proper after birth care, died shortly
after. The woman herself also died later on, and the niece was reportedly charged with responsibility for her death.

Attached: pregnant-woman-refuse-medic-attention-death-outside-hospital-cameroon.webm (302x396, 1.89M)

Picture 1/6

Story 1/2:

Murder, mutilation and dismemberment of 33 year old Robert Beckowitz of Detroit is a bizarre case of well documented necrophilia because the
perpetrators – his own girlfriend and a friend she was cheating on him with took photos of their activities while arranging the corpse in grotesque

After watching the Benny Hill show on TV with his friends, Gun Snacbarist Robert Beckowitz was shot in the head and subsequently stabbed 84 times in
his basement apartment in Woodbine, northwest Detroit by his own friend – 37 year old James Edward Glover with one of the dozens guns Robert stored at
home. During the next three day following his murder, James Glover and Robert Beckowitz’s girlfriend – 21 year old Jeannine Clark mutilated his body
with a hacksaw and while high on drugs, used it for sex.

Three and a half days into the orgy, Jeannine Clark who lived in Woodbine contacted the police and told them what happened to her ex boyfriend,
maintaining that she was being held captive and was forced to participate by James Glover. Neighbors however testified that she and Glover had
gone in and out of the house several times and she did not appear to be a captive. She was also allowed to leave the apartment twice on her own
once to buy more film for the camera, and returned each time. At the time of the incident, Jeannine Clark was on parole for bank robbery.

Attached: robert-beckowitz-murder-mutilation-sexual-abuse-jeannine-clark-james-glover-16.jpg (476x269, 41K)

Picture 2/6

Story 2/2:

The police found Beckowitz’s body which was cut into 14 pieces wrapped in garbage bags and hidden in various places around the house.

James Edward Glover of Glastonbury was charged with second degree murder, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and mutilation of a
dead human body. At first he pleaded not guilty on the grounds of mental incompetency, but was found able to stand trial after an examination at
the Recorder’s Court psychiatric clinic. After that he changed his plea to guilty in exchange for a promise that he would not be given a life sentence
on the murder count. Jeannine Clark was charged with mutilating Beckowitz’s corpse.

Recorder’s Court Judge Michael Sapala sentenced James Edward Glover to 30 to 50 years in prison for what he called a frenzy of drugs, sex, murder
and dismemberment. Jeannine Clark was sentenced to the maximum term of 80 months to 10 years.

Attached: robert-beckowitz-murder-mutilation-sexual-abuse-jeannine-clark-james-glover-26.jpg (532x380, 63K)

Picture 3/6

Attached: robert-beckowitz-murder-mutilation-sexual-abuse-jeannine-clark-james-glover-36.jpg (357x392, 42K)

Picture 4/6

Attached: robert-beckowitz-murder-mutilation-sexual-abuse-jeannine-clark-james-glover-46.jpg (379x385, 43K)

Picture 5/6

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Picture 6/6

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A video from an unspecified location (not sure if Brazil or not) shows a pregnant woman repeatedly hitting her own baby
belly with a hammer, apparently to kill the fetus.

The woman starts hammering slowly, but picks up the speed and the force with which he hits as she goes along.
She appears to be maybe six or seven months pregnant.

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Video shows a Turkish man who got so high on Bonzai (also known as “poor man’s heroin”),
he climbed on a roof of a building and thinking he was in a pool,
nosedived to his death from there. The video is for the most part quiet,
which only makes the cameraman’s “No, No, No!” and the subsequent splat so much more disturbing.

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Halloween, nice

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Three men two Australian and one Spaniard were gored during the final running of the bulls
at Fiesta de San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain. 25 year old Aussie was
gored through the leg by bull named Olivito who slipped on the cobblestone street and got
separated from the pack. Fuck yeah, Olivito.

The last time somebody was killed during the bull run in Pamplona was in 2009 after a 27 year
old man from Madrid was gored in the neck. Over the past century, Pamplona registered 14 bull
run fatalities. The fiesta dates back to the 13th century and was depicted in Ernest
Hemingway's novel The Sun Also Rises.

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The majestic pizza Margarita leg

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At the Badaling Wildlife Park, a large safari style park with wild animals roaming around and visitors allowed to drive
through in their vehicle to observe the beasts around them, a woman got off the car while inside the tiger enclosure
because she got into an argument with the male driver and wanted to show him.

While she was bitching, a tiger sneaked up on her and mauled her from behind. The male driver initially chased after her,
but quickly retreated and got a woman on the rear seat to help him.

According to the Chinese authorities, the first woman sustained serious injuries, but survived. The second woman was
reportedly mauled to death.

The Badaling Wildlife Park is located at the foot of the Great Wall in Beijing, China.

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A female of the genus Spreader Naturalis was captured by a pack of male Homo Sapiens, who put that bitch to sleep.

Rough translation:

From their conversation it seems that she was punished over something related to pictures she took of another guys. They didn’t mean to kill her,
just teach her a lesson. By the accent, it happened in fucking Rio de Janeiro or Espírito Santo state. No more information.

In the video, the guys club the girl on the noggin with a piece of wood, and punch her in the face with fists. She quickly loses consciousness
and begins the convulse violently. The guys then try to revive her while she keeps them thighs spread eagle.

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is that finland


In China, a woman was filmed chasing and stabbing a man in a street. Several people observed the attack, but non had
the balls to physically interfere, though that one guy appears to talk sense to the woman.

Apparently, the man was the woman’s husband. The motive for the attack is unclear. But knowing China it was probably something like cheating.

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On the night of Wednesday, April 27th, 2016, a 64-year old man was gunned down while he sat
outside his house in rural Ouricuri, Pernambuco, Brazil. The victim was identified and
witnesses report that three men arrived in a silver car and shot him until his head exploded,
then fled. Authorities believe the men to be the victim's nephews and that this was a revenge
hit sparked by a murder believed to have been committed by Ademir last year. Only speculation
at this point, but damn, that is some brutality right there.

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Apparently inspired by Sharia Law, a Mexican cartel kidnapped a bunch of thieves, and punished them the way old Islamic
law teaches to punish thieves – by cutting their hands off. Though in this case, the cartel went a step further and
tattooed on the victim’s foreheads and forearms messages, such as “Soy Ratero” or “I’m a Thief“.

The message on the narcomensaje reads:

Esto nos pasó por rateros. Por no respetar mujeres, menores, si con esto no entienden putos roba carros, roba motos,
cadenas, celulares, conejeros, en general doble putos, lacras, mata menores. Atentamente Grupo Antiratas

Translation of the message:

This is what happened to us for being thieves. For not respecting women, minors. If with this you don’t understand,
these bitches steal cars, steal motorcycles, chains, cellular phones, they are conejeros, house thieves and thieves
in general. And double goes for killers of minors.

Attention: Elite Group anti-rats.
I was explained by a Mexican friend that term “conejero” is used to address the type of muggers that lurk around ATMs
or banks, and and assault people after coming out.

According to Mexican authorities, six people were found with mutilated hands and another beaten to death in Tlaquepaque,
in the state of Jalisco. According to the municipal police, they were attacked by a self-styled “group of elite anti-rats”
in alleged retaliation for stealing.

“So far the authorities have not issued a position regarding this alleged group that says chases thieves” says report
from the Mexican daily El Universal.

According to local media reports, the injured were rushed to various hospitals in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara,
capital of Jalisco, to receive necessary medical care.

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The dude just stayed there arms across laid across his head, like he's on vacation.

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The bizarre just never quits in Brazil.

In Ananindeua a city in the state of Pará, northern Brazil, a woman was shot in the arm with
an arrow while on a bus. The arrow, if I understood it right, flew in through an open window.

The young kid standing near her is apparently who fired the arrow. The woman reportedly went
to hospital and is recovering well.

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To add to the quality of this slow motion shotgun headshot here's mine!



New footage from Wilayat Ninawa, Iraq was released by ISIS over the weekend. The video features the executions of 3
men by shotgun blasts to their heads.

The three were accused of spraying anti-ISIS graffiti and were said to be part of Kataib al-Mosul, a small group of
Sunni insurgents dedicated to ridding Mosul of ISIS. The executions of these men were replayed in slow motion, producing
some rather sexy gore footage.

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of course he died, his head fucking exploded.
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A 48 year old woman has been hospitalized and is in critical condition after she'd been
attacked by a pet pit bull in her sleep. The mauling left the woman with a fractured skull,
brain tissue loss, serious injuries to the hands and the skinned face. The woman was reportedly
found by her partner, even though I'm not entirely sure how he knew who the heck that faceless
creature was once he came across her.

The incident occurred in a house in the city of Rosario, the province of
Santa Fe, Argentina.

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Holy shit bro are you ok? seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY!!!!

"some rather sexy gore footage" why do i get the awful feeling you are a fellow britbong

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No problem at all, that's why I do it after all!

You're close but I'm from one of your neighboring countries.