I refuse to believe there are retards in 2020 who still think it can possibly be b

i refuse to believe there are retards in 2020 who still think it can possibly be b

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It's B because fuck you and your logic

This makes no sense

A, for sure !


object at rest tends to remain at rest

It's neither. It would be stuck in both portals, standing on the black platform it started on.

Can be both since we don't have any clue about the piston speed and cube weight

This is all theoretical though, so all answers are both wrong and right.

And what happens when things around you start moving in one direction?

Its C.

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This would never techinically work ad portals cant be placed on movable surfaces

>ind4 but in the game they did it was the one and ONLY time it has ever been done, it was for story relevance and if you want a "scientific" reason it works in the game, you could claim it is because the portals are moving laterally to its original placement rather then in or out from there.

But lets assume it did work. The answer would be "A"
The reason being is that the cube itself has no velocity. It would be less like throwing a cube through a door and more like moving the door frame past the cube. This would mean the cube does not move when the portal moves past it but would "fall" as almost all of its mass is being acted apon by gravity from a different angle, thus pulling it down.

Thank you


both irrelevant. the cube is at rest. no matter how fast it moves through the portal, it isn't moving. the cube conserves all of it's potential energy, until it passes through the portal completely, and then converts some of it, just enough to slide down the ramp it is now on.

Portals violate momentum conservation, and they aren't real, so neither.

only so long as the coefficient of friction is greater than the pull of gravity.


Oh wow, if this is a possibility shouldn't it then fall back through the portal and eventually come to rest somewhere in the middle where the gravities from the two separate reference frames in which it exists agree it should?


it jumps out by the amount the orange portal displaced the object. Its base velocity is zero, so it must fall afterwards.

1. The picture shows "portals"

2. We can't answer the question by using "portals" because portals don't exist in the real world.

3. Portals are fictional items that exist in the mind of some writer somewhere.

4. If you need to know the answer, ask that writer.

Portals cant exist on moving surfaces.

It is Neither A nor B cause portals don't exist IRL.

Gravity clearly doesn't travel through portals.
The reason you get pulled down into a portal below you is because of the mass on either SIDE of the portal.

Because portals don't exist, you can't use real world logic or physics to try and explain this because it's fictional. There is no answer, and anyone claiming otherwise is trying to stir up shit and you are all weak for falling for it.

63 million people willingly voted for an orange dotard, I'm perfectly capable of believing that there are plenty of people who think it would be B

Except they can, in portal 2 when you put them on moving platforms to use a lazer to cut the nerve gas pipes near the beginning