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Im looking for someone I cantrade CAPTIONS with.

I send u 4 girls, and you send me 4. Well caption emand send em back to each other.
Sound good? Kik me then.

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I wanna jerk over your girlfriend/wife


showing dressed and live pics of wife

Saggy gf 26y. Johnnygothisgun1337

Anyone know how to get into someones instagram messages?
Kik rustyventure007

Want to trade pics of your partner with other guys doing the same? High quality real girls.

Got a group for you. Kik paaaulz for more info.

Need tributes on my sis. Kik ohsn4ps

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she is a little asian girl

Anyone wanna see more? I like sharing girls I knew.

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very busty 22yo blonde. reposters reach out


kik sloot: classic_tinaa

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Sharing my bbw wife with huge tits. Expose her, wwyd, tribute, or just enjoy me sharing her. Anon123wife

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Front shot?

Kik me at jay_wallace00000

Kik: expthrowaway

kk me wes.wesss

Tell me how you’d rape and beat up my gf. Best story gets more nudes. My kik: jessiecali619

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Petites and teens

Sharing sluts I know. Kik elderminer223

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kik me vancemanslays

lets talk about incest or beast

gt664 4

looking for tribs, kik Dank_mush
pic related

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Bull Here
Show me ur mom or sis

Davidonthemove kik me if interested in fucking my gf

Send me white girls for huge BBC

131 KB JPG

Trading oc for oc. Nothing illegal please.
Pic related

Kik: Viviisafag

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Sharing this whore on kik.Degrade and insult the little pig. Also looking for tributes or captions and collages of her. add me: hubu55

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join up

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Trading random amateur women

Kik GundsGats

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Davidonthemove kik me if interested in fucking my gf

Into sph and talking about being humiliated by hot insta goddesses. Also looking for someone to join me worshiping them. Kik: Anondomini110

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Looking to play Dom with some people markkelly00

M 24 from Germany
Want to trade exes

Kik Doubt145

add sourabh_906

M28 marcumsyxx
Will stroke and cum for tits. Will follow your commands

Looking for hot girl, rape and bm

Kik. L.smith1998

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M 18 bi send me fetish porn scat or oc

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bi male, 20, small/average cock. jus tryin to beat off w someone, only pictures


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Looking to share pics of my redhead ex for us to jerk to and rate, including lots of feet.

When you send me a message, let me know if feet are your thing.

milehigh128 3

Still goin.

Latina nerd with huge tits
Probably a pay slut now too
Post wins here

This girl is 15 and the user that keeps posting her info is an asshole.

Add michael011294 for some decent content


Zoophilia and chubby guys and girls welcome.

Kik Bearic24 for gf and ex gf trades

.Show me nudes of your wife, gf, ex, mom, friends, daughter, sister.....

Kik Johnsont214

send me scat and gay shit

couple looking another couples for swap pics and sexting

28M and 22F

Kik: jrk2700

Kik toothoot8888 if you wanna see more of teen sluts like these two

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Need help with bm, got lots if girls. Kik thatoneguy9062

Im looking for someone I cantrade CAPTIONS with.

I send u 4 girls, and you send me 4. Well caption and send em back to each other.

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Drop your kik to see it all

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trading vids
searching for other italians too


Small cock

imig es/c/wMDKkBv
Add an. after imig and before es
Milf bitch getting fucked and taking loads to her face. Dumb bitch thinks this was all deleted. Kik me at sunnymanner for more of Patricia
This is a screenshot from one of the videos

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Leave kik

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thank you. this should definitely stop the messages to her. good work.


send me your favorite hentai! lolis adored

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Let’s expose your whore this morning.
Kik dnick1223

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Add blueyellow94

Kik is nano1532

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Send me your sluts cucks

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Her Kik is mariella9988


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Damn, she's cute

Forgot to link

kik : oufgap
are all welcome, but the girls above all

Kik takethoseholes for my 20 year old Jew gf

she have kik?


Send me girls you know or just teens. Who can make me wet?

First whore of the day . Who likes Dana?
If you want your whore exposed like this Kik dnick1223

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Worth it?

More of that slut?

Ex gf. Kik fireupx69

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Let’s see more sluts.

Pdf180 looking for pics of jeffco Missouri sluts

Hard and horny again let’s jerk off lol
Send me some good hentsi babes
Kik: googleyeyes55

cuck sharing sister non nude, humiliate me

kik: throwaway7425

Anon02789 on kik. Looking to swap or trade pics of girls we know and or ex’s or current gf. And also looking to see if someone will help me get pics off a girls Instagram and a girls onlyfans

Share your gf or wife or ex. Real girls you know and fucked. Tell me all about How they were in bed.

Kik dkkplay

She's a wee slut lol

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Looking to trade stolen pics/stories like this one. This is my friends GF that I got from her unlocked MacBook when I stayed overnight

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Post the good shit you aren’t supposed to share

Yes plz


Looking for people to trib my slut

Who has wins?

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Her kik is ashalldayba

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Like, just a bit of a slut? Or small-stature skank?

Doesn't want it at all but Secretly loves it babaabha

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18 f USA

I'm really into uncut guys recently. I have a lot of questions and I want to see what they look like. Just message me a pic of your hard cock with the head covered an I'll reply if I love what I see

Looking to trade nudes of my slutty curvy gf for yours
Kik: Hanstoned

wanting someone to trib my chubby gf sc2305

Post tits

Keep going

Robzombi70 looking for someone to send my dick to.

share ur girls or exes or friends, dressed or nudes, also sharing my dick


Add jhonnydpp send me anything except gay stuff

What’s their kik?

add Lundstedt92

Got more?

Kik bigolhat. Send anything to get me hard. No limits

Eveve690, I'll rate your dick when I get the chance

She's also a larp

Show me pictures of beautiful girls and insult me for being a disgusting virgin


Will share everything from my gf with the first 5 to post kik

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Experienced Vegas Dom bull looking for sluts to meet Kik under vegasrod pic related

Attached: 20190819_025829_compress94.jpg (807x1546, 143K)

Then share her contacts with me on yourown10 and some nudes

Another pic

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Wreck her day



Looking to unload my fat cock. Bring me girl, traps and sissies.


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Looking for amateur MS & TN



Can get into other peoples Snapchats

philphil1111 sharing my fat teenage ex

Yean 745. Trying to jerk to whatever you wanna share atm

Kik: Youfoundmolly69

20f Texas slut with a great ass

Send me girls you jerk off to

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Anon02789. Down to swap girls we know and also looking for tribs/captions

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Kik pches12 for more of this thick Asian

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Smoking a bowl
Let's see your BBWs/milfs/ latinas/black chicks/ Indian chicks/older women

Kik is user_Underground

Love to see more Kik me thekid212112

tell me how you would rape and abuse some young sluts I know, alternatively would show off my white cock

Not likely

Looking for someone to trib my wife/ talk about how I’m going to fuck her tonight.


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No lim trade

kik: fill_her69

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insult me for being a pathetic virgin loser and taunt me with pics of hot girls and celebs


Xenia...Xenia add pls

I wanna see my girl raped and used. Send your kik.

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Burton449 you have my interest sir


No lim pics

Kik: kjuany

Beating my dick right now and need your girls/porn to help. Into a lot of things. Help me out.



Kik me RaspberryCumquat

I need more girls, traps and sissies


Hacking snaps today. 5 or 6 people on /b can no verify I am legit. Today I am not charging, FREE TODAY ONLY. Username and cell phone needed only. Send me a picture, I am only doing the hottest of hot chicas for free. After today I will charge as normal.


Big white cock here.
Will bang your non-white gf.
Kik: nicholascatz Add me sharing my gf

Cutie with massive tits. Post wins

Add me snags321

Show me more. My Kik is thekid212112

trading vids
also looking for Italians to trade italian bitches

I have kik, among other things ;).

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She me your wife or gf, need to fap!


Kik: Slider_715

Attached: 983_1000.jpg (750x1000, 63K)


Add me l.smith1998

Wont post mine. I get flooded with penis pictures.


Wanna add Nyte509 :))

Down for anything. Ill stroke for your wife gf or anything. Outerlimit14


Trading pics

Kik - cowgirlsdontcry12 ; PA hick

Attached: Donna Central PA 4.png (1200x1600, 1.05M)

joeblow19823 for haliburton ontario canada trade

We can share cum/grool related stuff and have kinky talk. 24M Straight, playful when horny.

kik: sirnagant

Look at that fucking nose. Any wins?


Sharing pics of my 21yo girlfriend for pics of yours or teens


26 M Italy
Hung bull looking for cucks

Invite bigpun2020

kik versew23
if YOU can make tributes to my friends (no nude pics)


Looking for tribs. Message me.

Kik: mjonesxx55



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Kik: missaylen

Looking for idaho sluts outerlimit14




Show me nudes of your wife, gf, ex, mom, friends, daughter, sister.....

Kik Johnsont214

Rubbing one out during lunch break, help me out

This is relevant to my interest burton449

Looking to be a good submissive boy for a dominant bull that will force me to worship his cock and give JOI as I share my gf

Attached: IMG-20180513-WA0046.jpg (540x299, 23K)

I'd tie her to a lamp post, then let my dog fuck her until she cums

SmokeStaXXX13 send me anything youd like no limits. Down to trade some girls

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Kik phelms88 to tribute my wife

Just woke up with morning wood, send me nudes of your girl to jerk off to



Teens feet

trading vids
also looking for italians

imig es/c/wMDKkBv
Add an . after imig and before es
Videos of this milf bitch getting fucked and taking loads to her face. Kik me at sunnymanner for more of this dumb bitch who thinks this was deleted. Here's a screenshot of Patricia from one of the videos

Attached: 20200202_000511.jpg (1600x1508, 463K)

stroking to insta teens and teen porn

user Teenbanger

Attached: 7D4492FB-9162-4A19-8511-83ACEC16ED65.jpg (750x921, 632K)

If anyone has lewds of her please message..

Attached: 1572268072083.jpg (1059x1324, 124K)

Kik- smalluncut6969
Looking to do cum tributes or sending girls pics of my small dick and getting reaction.
Send me anything

Forgot kik, joemart1980

exposing this slut
Her Kik: aspecthopeless
post wins

Attached: 5B7AECD0-C10F-4CF5-A140-91457A181F61.jpg (720x1280, 150K)

Attached: 269F4BC5-72C1-4A04-A3CD-B5143CD7332F.jpg (783x1280, 87K)

Attached: 8E527886-5B58-442B-8089-E0EEDCE7291F.jpg (1024x768, 120K)

Lovemeemmaa looking to be tribute.


Kik me your gf ex daughter or wtv and ill rate and review. Ill do wwyd if you want as well. Young is preferred.

Bonus points for Asian or petite gals heh


Looking to send pics of my wife, get tributes, some WWYD, captions would make you a scholar among men. I'm even willing to do cap for cap, I'm pretty good at them.

I'm probably going to sleep soon but if I click with you then I can do an ongoing thing, maybe even give you her kik if I can convince her.

Attached: 96CC5790-667E-414E-91F2-6AEAE3733AF3.jpg (1024x768, 133K)

Attached: DE895D70-575F-4239-8E6A-DAD8B47B7E35.jpg (2048x1319, 404K)


Send milfs, gilfs, hs, anal, feet, fuck send it all!

Kik unatch for Virginia girls to trade specifically Fredericksburg I got a few

Attached: E27A9598-CD11-4A9B-9FE4-D9E1DCDCA6C3.jpg (1024x768, 121K)

Need to cum before work. Send me your best slut teens. Open to wwyd.



looking for sexting and anything that can help me cum

Send me your sluts, gf, sisters whatever. No limits Kik: graubi120

Asshole trying to use us as his personal army. No wins here, just a sad virgin mad at women


send him women or men if men he likes them big and uncut

Anyone wanna do some captions of my girl

Attached: 8916142B-B009-4D2A-AB39-EC2099F47746.jpg (451x1677, 672K)

someone wanna do some captions (text over pics) of my big sis?

Joeybaby18 for kik


omg stunnig!

Joeybaby18 if you want more

sharing my girls slutty college stories

Send me girls you know, I’ll jerk to em

Kik is buttstyff

Got some pics of this cucks gf before he lost his nerve and started being a douche. My kik is kmj1989 if you want more. His kik is sem1992x if you wanna fuck with him

Attached: 273imk-0-01-Zo9j5te.jpg (1529x1232, 425K)

RRyan457, 8" bwc

Send me anything, preference to Asian teens; will stroke out to them later. Will do wwyd if oc and I like them.

Still exposing whores, if you’re nervous we can chat about it.


Send me anything. Bonus points for real forced stuff.

bump this

Kik- yehyeht
Send me stuff and I'll send back

earthydelight on kik, wallopfreep on wickr. Trying to jerk it and can trade teens, college chicks amateurs etc

I love sharing my gf's feet for others to jerk off to and talk dirty about them. And I love seeing others share those pics around further.

The more you're into feet the better!


Attached: 20190802_175718.jpg (1726x1220, 1.06M)

Send me what turn you on.
I’ll send you my ex
Kik: umberbanger

Still rating, so come get your girl rated. Or yourself, if you're a femanon ahah

get in touch with this little slut TheNameisT7

get in touck with this little slut TheNameis T7

SISTER her kik is TheNameisT7

Anyone do a cum trib


Attached: 00022457-9587-4073-87d5-6e4cd93c79a8.png (520x960, 467K)


get in touch with this slut TheNameisT7

Exotatuna send some more

Kpm_777 bwc bull / looking for anything, don't have anything to trade but will show you me

Hanstoned, I have my gf to trade with you as well


No limits trading, love teens

Add jhonnydpp

Tell me how you’re gonna rape and humiliate my gf. Best story gets her nudes. My kik: jessiecali619

Attached: IMG_1470.jpg (1242x2208, 404K)

Want to wwyd or trib your hot teen daughters, younger sisters, nieces, etc. No limits. Not trading. Open to more but prefer teen


Kik Jhontrib send gf/friends/wife's nudes or videos or incest, rape, nasty stuff


Hi dude. Send whatever

Armadillofan send anything blackmail or just chat


Stupid naive teen. Trick her somehow.

User not found

She is so hot

19 m Sweden kik noggeregott will legit trade anything.
Bonus if beast

Slut I know online


_yvonne_00 german slut

Got a few wins

Attached: daae1576-aeed-49fa-bde2-bbc70e76f99b.png (720x960, 374K)



Attached: eb748d1a-39c9-4198-97b8-892f08a68cb8.png (720x960, 258K)

Interested. Anons, post results.

Attached: d430c23f-e995-4879-93f4-a1686a5c0b47.png (806x960, 517K)

Still going strong, come get your girls rated and reviews haha

Remember: bonus points for Asian or petite gals heh


Looking for some (brutal) wwyd, add: anony1101

I'm fuckin retarded.

Bi dude. Send whatever.

get in touch with TheNameisT7

Pawg wife for tributes


I tried to re-download Kik but I kept getting a register error when I tried to make a new account. Am I permabanned on my phone?

Post more here?

I wanna see results from this chick (if she’s real)

Yeah probably. You're fucked


anything. Chatting, tributing, caption, idk, doesnt have to be sexual, just hmu

Are there other apps like kik that people use?

KIK 12GaugeLad

Straight White Bull, NE England

Into women but also dont mind fucking traps and sissys if very feminine

Attached: 54b2d785-f219-42a6-8588-9157c5842794.jpg (720x960, 95K)

Attached: 26d2u3-0-27-XgnIjKN.jpg (768x1140, 224K)

Interested in teen slits. Prefer if you know them. Have my own stuff to share.


Looking for weird and/or fucked-up

Wickr. Use wickr. Way better


No limits trading

Hell yeah, keep going!

Okay, what's your wickr? Just so I don't have to keep doing the damn captcha

imig es/c/wMDKkBv

Add an . after imig and before es
Videos of Patricia getting fucked and taking loads to her face. kik me at sunnymanner for more of this stuck up bitch who thinks this was deleted. A screenshot from one of the videos

Attached: 20200202_000511.jpg (1600x1508, 463K)

Anyone want to trade pics on Wickr? I've got a few cuck's sets and other pics

Trading my gfs pics and vids for your gf/wifes. Pic related.
My kik: firstlastnameeee

Attached: 01DD3F8A-F0A8-4026-A4B4-35ACFADC8245.jpg (1000x1334, 160K)

Hanstoned, I also can share girls I know

send anything you got NO RULES the more extreme or hardcore or pain the better, WILL ADD TO GROUP

prefer vids and webms


Attached: Screenshot_20200227-135738_Kik.jpg (1080x2220, 373K)

Bi guy, control my dick and make me cum


kik : wedgieslave8888 if u want to see nudes

Attached: Screenshot_20191109-214458.jpg (1080x1661, 137K)

Holy fuck more!
Do you have a wickr or snap that would work?


Going to fuck this milf in an hour. Tell me which pictures I should take of her before, during and after.

Attached: 9F13B88E-5989-4A67-8B88-20BEE3A67ABE.jpg (2048x2048, 494K)

Can’t find kik name

Add me jhonnydpp we have to talk

shenzen22 if you want to tribute my hot friends

Add 'DefinitelyNotFBI'

Anybody who wants someone to rate, wwyd, or just trade pics add me on Wickr at bbenedetto18, or respond with your discord

Kik groups kik johnbrownsbod2020

Attached: Screenshot_20200217-104420_Kik.jpg (1080x2220, 381K)

Will send dick pic to anyone
Kik: Darthyou

gf tits

Attached: 1523494979785.jpg7_UG.jpg (1440x2560, 191K)


Recently lost my save folder. If anybody can donate some stuff, I would be very glad :)


No limits

Got Wickr or discord?

Looking for someone to do private tribs and will give nudes and other things for cum tribs plz
Kik gimmefoodplz69

Add me: Scrufaced
Send me pics of your gf/wife and I'll tell you what I'd do, or share my pics.

My kink is degeneracy and im looking for like minded people to share pics of women we actually know with backstory, details and say what experiences happened with them if any happened as well as no limits chat about what we would do to them in turns, these women could be coworkers, friends, family members etc.. Kik : lovesick6669


Add me on wicker I’m new to it. need bro’s to chat and trade with

Kick lurkers


Appreciate seductive women. ;)

Also willing to have a taboo chat with anyone interested. Love people that have experienced some taboo things themselves as well. Will share stories

Love sharing my girls slutty college stories