Is she the new Billie Eilish

Is she the new Billie Eilish

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She is pretty hot, like billie eilish

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Who dis?

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billie is queen

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Kiernan shipka, some barely legal actress I'm hearing a lot about, she's pretty hot

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is it a billie thread now?

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It's anything you want it to be

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JFC that's a tight body.

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And she has a cute face

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i've been a fan since "Mad Men"

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my fav kind of thread ;)

also wish i was that guitar

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Yeah but does she have these milkers?

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hell nah she don’t, that’s why billie is queen

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She's cute as hell tho

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no cause she is not my new definition of trash billie elish is

her face is so plain and boring looking

She's a few Ds short to be Billie Eilish

get a load of this fag

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>implying billie ellish is not trash music

This girl, she is so much more elegant and sophisticated than Billie is. Billie is on a much lower level of style.

her face reminds me of bran muffins not bad but nothing outstanding either just sort of boring

Nothing like a woman who looks painfully stoned in every picture she is in

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nothing like havin big tits to lay on, or suck on, or grab, or just have in your life.

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