Trap/Femboy/Mental illness thread! GET IN HERE AND LET'S SEE SOME BOIPUSSY

Trap/Femboy/Mental illness thread! GET IN HERE AND LET'S SEE SOME BOIPUSSY

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> Not posting Natalie Mars in a trap thread

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I actually dont like mars' body. Bae ly jay and that blonde who does shit with her is better

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That’s a chick that’s not a male

> Not knowing who Shiritrap is
Oh you sweet, innocent child...

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Holy shit

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Mmmmm delicious boypussy. :3

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ty for the free ads fren

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Be my qt bf plezzzzz

No problem cutie, if that really is you! ;D

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Skye, do you still have Kik or anyway to contact you outside of Cred Forums? As I was saying earlier, I hope you remember your stallion!

Everyone always forgets about Ruff smh

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Traps with cute feet are the best traps!

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God, I wish I could fuck this.

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Man posture

Mmmm F E E T

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That's it, I'm gay

Diamonds. Please continue


I would ride you all night long. Damn this body make me horny

Is that you?

Sauce? Moar?

Top fucking kek

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sorry but nay
oh i don't chat much on any platform these days tbh
but i do the riding

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I doubt it's really you, but where'd you run off to? You stop posting in trap threads for a few years! :x

Better for me! So i can enjoy the view.

Im Sure we could come to a good conclusion for both of us

Do you still have your old, smelly Toms? :'^)

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White traps with fat asses like this HNNNNG

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Break meeee

Do you like black men, you whore?

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> This is you, after glancing at this thread for 0.5 seconds

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I wish

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Anyone want to kik?

how do i get a tummy like that



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i got some pics

i got bored of Cred Forums, these threads usually suck balls
yes lol

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Dude, why are you catfishing so hard? Skye literally never typed or "talked" like that, wtf? Can't you just admit that no, that's not you, and you're posting pictures of a trap that you're using to contribute to the thread already?

Already sent u a pm.

This is what REAL white bois want.

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>people think i'm so cute that i'm worth catfishing as
never knew it would come to this
also you spoke to me like years ago how would you even know what i talk like?

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Bitch is weird. Keeps doing porn where she gets femdom'd by 40 year old chicks with plastic surgery to the point she married one. Traps are supposed to be fucked by hung manly men not edgy masculine dominatrixes.

Ella Hollywood is the true successor to Bailey Jay in so far as both are very feminine, dorky and posted on Cred Forums.

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go on...

I wish there were more actual traps posting, like in the last thread.

where is he? I haven't seen him in forever

yeah but has the they/them disease

Either you loose, or others win. Just deal with it

Because I talked to the actual Skye and what you're saying now doesn't add up. We need a timestamp to prove that that's really you.

Keep going, your body is just right for me

Idk if this counts. Oc

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those hemorrhoids nty


Yay! How long have you had your Toms for, and do you prefer to wear them with socks or no socks? I bet they smell amazing by now! :p

Can anyone tell me her name?

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sexy and classy
would kiss

Needs to be more feminin. But all in all good try

Cocksucker McGee, hope that helped nig

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>staying in
>on a Friday night
>because my trans gf is sick
I never did this with my cis girlfriends.



> tfw no qt trap gf with a big ass and dirty, smelly socks
Why even live?

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Yeah blouse isn't go to trap outfit

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Yeah it is
Easy access to plow you know

Which one of you femboys here love a big, smelly cock with cock cheese on it?

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Thank you!

anyone like seeing sissies leak in their chastity cage when they have been lockedup too long?

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Kik is sqwertl

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I'm quite a fan

No. Eat shit and die, cagefag.

Skinny degenerate sissy fag. Likes being abused. Snap: lil_spongecake

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You still look good tho

id love you lock you up and wear your key on my anklet make you suck my toys as it dangled in your face " p

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moar of that butt please

kik me cctrp69

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Wanna post more of that hot ass here?

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Holy FUCK those toes, wow

I'm a heterosexual male, and I must admit- traps are not gay. Anything that makes my dick hard is a woman, because I'm not a faggot.

based timby

This is what's happening to Femboy/Trap crush at this exact moment. Meanwhile, you're here, all alone, jerking off into your sweaty hands.

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>black shirt guy
Is there someone more based out there?

/ourboy/ caw caw

I can't get out for 3 more weeks and im alreayd so horny, what do??????????

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If thats you, let me help you

>.< how? i need to cum so bad and i cant even touch myself! i love/hate with my keyholder

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If necessary, I would kill every last man, woman, and child just to get a taste of that cutie's lips.

Sucking your dildo should guide you towards the right mindset. You have to serve and prove yourself to be a good sissy first, before you're allowed to pleasure yourself.

This faggot is LARPing, he won't even provide a timestamp. AND he probably ghosted the thread because he was exposed for being a fake, too. 0/10

Reülace that dildo with my dick. Im Sure your keyholder and i could make an arrangement

Traps of Cred Forums, what would be the look on your face/reaction if you ordered a pizza and this was what you got?

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Trap discord


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looks really painful



I'M GONNA---!!!

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>tfw no trap for me to donate to and her be my gf
: (

Pow, right in your ovaries. Sissy.

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Damn user, why do you have such shit taste


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Every trap needs a mommy to dominate him just like this!

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Lexi is literal wife tier

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I wanna fuck a trans girl's hole real bad
Of course I'd make her my girlfriend first, I ain't no scrub

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Thank you bb ^_^

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i wana see you locked in chastity trying to cum ona washing machine : p

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All these boisluts are making me horny.

Rate my fat cock, you whores! ;)

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More of her?

nice legs

looks female to me

Every trap should practice their footjob skills!

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nice tummy

my fav trap

This! More needed for research.

sauce? name?


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It's such a shame that the Skye poster is a fake. :( I knew it was too good to be true. T_T

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Shut up faggot, quit pining over some regular ass dude

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lovely high arches and sexy smooth feet : )

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We're all pining over regular ass dudes here, when you think about it user..

Ugh, will you moronic faggots drop dead with this chastity thing? Christ, if you don't want to use your dicks so much just chop them off already!

You’ll never fine me in a cage but I love being denied

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Yeah kinda sad that this is the state of trap threads these days

Calm down chris

...Pathetic. Look at all o'ye. Spending another Friday night in a homosexual thread that reeks of stale loneliness and desperation.

I envy ye not, lads. There be fire n' brimstone where ye be headed.


Back when I was younger a trap had to be passable so posting a mans ass or stomach didn't cut it, glad everyone on earth is a trap now, regardless of looking like a high school boy or not

you says you'll have a choice after we share wine and yours has some ambien and then your sexy feet are in bed ties and the chastity cage is locked on tight when you wake : p

most gurls think they will hate chastity, and they do HATE it for the first 1 maybe 3 months, but once you get used to never being able to touch yourself and the constant sexual frustration and'll love it...MAYBE...if not...again you have no choice slut.

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Just gotta put panties and/or thigh high socks on now
Don't even have to shave or look remotely like a girl to be a trap now apparently

nice hole very lickable

This is a trap thread faggot, not a cock rate thread

Gross as shit, show face and be feminine or gtfo retard

Literally just a mans ass, TRAP THREAD fucktard

Nice jaw brock johnson

i love licking inside my bf's chsatity cage it drives him WILD i just circle my tongue around around his gland until he begs me to stop

i keep him in bed ties while i tease him, and he begs and literally sheds tears from painful pleasure of his cock trying to get hard in chastity as i lick his cock and balls. he just fights against his restrains to no avail and has to endure the worst blowjob ever...

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only started hrt when i was 24 : /

pls give me a break

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What percentage of you gurls got molested growing up. I surely did, and wonder if getting molested led me to be a trap, or if I got targeted and molested because I was so submissive effeminate to begin with.

hole is a hole bro dont got to attach feelings. its all warm on the inside

This isn't a "warm hole" thread. Its a trap thread

Stripe93 ^_^

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being denied... I just hate the physical cage hehe

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the most cruel i do to him is making him beg me to "keep him in chastity 1 week longer" or just simply not to unlock him tonight(even if that night he has supposed to get sex) to make me stop licking him when he's caged.

am i too cruel or a good mistress?

Attached: 1581230741940.jpg (1500x1097, 499K)

this kind of teasing only really works when the poor little penis is all locked up and he has an intense mix of pain and pleasure torturing him...

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Hi hi

Attached: 20200224_165601.jpg (350x624, 86K)

Tits are looking nice

Kat's story about waking up in the mental hospital with her chastity cage on and how awkward it was and how she tried to take it off could it was fit too she had to explain it to the staff. They did insist that she get her family to bring the key and remove it or they were going to forcibly remove it because they weren't going to let her wear a "sex toy" during therapy since she was admitted unwilling to the hospital and had to follow their recovery program was probably the most feels and faps i ever got in one story

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more pls


Attached: 1582950089810.jpg (3264x2448, 1.39M)

Why do traps have smelly feet

oh fuck it

Lol your cute

Attached: 1567208706827.jpg (500x857, 106K)

That 5 o'clock shadow tho

depends what kind of smelly. bad smelly- male
if "she" has been on HRT her sweaty(foot sweat) will start to smell feminine and also if she's like my gf and covers her feet in lotion after i suck her toes before bed then puts socks on with her feet covered in the lotion so it soaks her soles and toes all night.

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Attached: 1582953427288-.jpg (1920x1440, 421K)

omg since when were cuties allowed here

Thank you ^_^

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32m/31 F EXhibitionist couple here. KIK: MoogleFreyja Skype live:zodiacbrave14 Kinks:Roleplaying, tasks, CDing, pegging, face sitting, smacking, light humiliation, use of toys, maybe a bit of feet. Girls, couples, other CDs/trans/traps only.

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Attached: projection.jpg (372x323, 16K)


Your humble benevolent ruler

Attached: E5274C5C-57C8-4404-A53C-DEFB501B40F0.jpg (1000x750, 420K)

Attached: IMG_20200229_012127.jpg (2560x1920, 1.45M)

full text somewhere?

Your face reveal was just wow
The thought of not kissing you is killing me

Are you kidding? He looks like a crack addict kek

Me! I wish i could clean them with my tongue


I miss b00t


Fucking lol
What a nutcase, hope he kills himself

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Keep hating
Can I hit though


and she's gone

Hehe thanks ^_^ I could post face here but I assume there are always trolls to tear people down...

I’m in and out, was raiding and posting after wipes >.

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No you don't gotta
If I've seen it, others have too
Do you have kissing videos??? I feel like you made one for valentines and I can really use that

did you ever do that sitting on the washing machine vid?

I did make a kissing video but I put it on Patreon >.<

No video sitting on washing machine, just the vibrating panties in the kitchen

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Gib love plez


fuck yes, you know it daddy

Take all my love :D

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Attached: IMG_1066.jpg (561x501, 53K)

Who dat


Attached: 20200229_001157.jpg (2320x2090, 1.82M)

Until I pass out or people stop responding :)

Oof big lewd pic!! Too much love >.

Attached: C3DBFBCE-36CA-4E2E-BD0F-3CD27FADE3EA.jpg (817x1280, 286K)

I'm too emotionally ;_; I'm sorry

Attached: IMG_20200227_190048.jpg (1908x2853, 1.09M)

My kiks sugarcum420~

Attached: 20200229_001015.jpg (2732x2049, 1.9M)

oh hey a mental illness thread thats where I belong

Attached: retard.jpg (2320x2320, 748K)

I would fuck that with the force of a thousand suns!

Attached: iwanttocuminthat.png (800x800, 419K)

You right
Show ass

here u go I guess

Attached: IMG_2588.jpg (3088x2320, 1.05M)

ugg is Cred Forums rly going to rotate my pics like this

Attached: IMG_2537.jpg (1924x2224, 704K)

Oh damn that's kind of hot

umm hewwo bois :3

Attached: 7994547679.jpg (977x1280, 590K)

I like free stuff

Give us kik so you can serve us better

i like being a free stuff :3

Attached: 7994547678.jpg (960x1152, 389K)

Mmarquez666 is kik

Femboys/traps pls dm

Attached: IMG_3431.jpg (1150x629, 101K)

Fuckkkk I wanna see that cock bounce on me while you ride me


Attached: 20190210_014021.jpg (400x300, 14K)

Don't stop whore

Attached: 20190615_012112.jpg (400x225, 14K)

Take em offffffffff

:3 pp bouncing like this sir?

Attached: Slutty pink seifuku and dildo ride.webm (720x480, 1.91M)

Attached: 20190204_020636.jpg (400x300, 9K)

Attached: Snapchat-1168424712.jpg (720x1280, 71K)


Attached: IMG_2581.jpg (3088x2320, 1.06M)

Just like that
So fucking hot
Spread NAO

Feet feet feet

Attached: 1577783122028.jpg (720x1280, 152K)

not that user but uwu

thank you sir, glad you likey how i ride

Attached: 02.jpg (1051x1280, 465K)


Attached: Snapchat-508804220.jpg (1280x2411, 810K)

footfags r the best in bed change my mind

Attached: IMG_1485.jpg (3088x2320, 1013K)

kik or discord?




Give us the soles

Finger ass

ask and u may recieve

Attached: IMG_1487.jpg (2992x4032, 1.37M)

Im gonna cum to you tonight i stg

i dont suppose there are any traps from new hampshire on tonight?

tribute if u badd

Attached: IMG_2600.jpg (1428x1504, 443K)

If you finger your ass i just my have to


also, that was an interesting story. i mean not what really happened but, yeah.

don't have anything like that and I don't feel like taking pics rn sorry user :c just reposting pics I took this week lol

Rip. Ill edge as long as it takes then

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As the OP of this thread, I must admit- I am quite proud of the growth this thread has had. This is the first time I've ever gotten a post to the very top of Cred Forums.

And all it took was the help of traps.

Traps aren't gay, bros. Traps aren't gay.

Attached: unnamed.jpg (245x250, 9K)

if traps aren't gay then why am I such a faggot :c

Attached: IMG_2580.jpg (3088x2200, 1.28M)

Shhhhh don't question the logic

Attached: 20200210_021600.jpg (2448x2744, 1.42M)

Is there an app for trap chasers like me, I don't like grinder because it's full of actual, real faggots.

this all hiding pp is cute AF

better fuck it uwu sir pls

Attached: 34823423.jpg (977x1060, 340K)

Am i cute my fellow traps? :3

Attached: 20200210_020055.jpg (1932x1818, 953K)

It's ok u can keep pretending to be straight ;3
Bi guys are the best tho
anyone delusional enough to see and treat me as a real woman is alright to me tho
lol it's fun because I can post on straight subreddits without anyone calling me out on being a tranny ;3

Attached: IMG_2585.jpg (2315x2247, 944K)

ella came very close to being /based/

Attached: ss+(2019-10-08+at+04.48.42).png (530x500, 43K)

oh oops I reposted that pic my bad

Attached: CAwwnAo.jpg (3019x3567, 1.9M)

Ella's (ourgirl) until you realize she probably has like three different kinds of herpes from how many times she's gotten her asshole pounded and stretched by sweaty slobs

Your body is so fucking sexy

Stop being a teasing bitch and show us what you're hiding. I want to see the beauty of your naked body.

Love how cock hungry you sound

I really don't like their dick
and yeah this

sorry but I never take pics of it, I hate it and think it ruins my body ;-;

Attached: IMG_2203 (1).jpg (640x857, 32K)


Attached: 20200210_022728.jpg (3264x2448, 1.89M)

cuz.. i'm a cock hungry slut .3

Attached: D5Bxw-rX4AEkPd8.jpg (1024x768, 165K)

What a shame, I imagine your ass in the air, asshole on full display and a cute cock hanging down would look so delicious.

And for that photo, I don't know what to focus on. Your cocksucking lips or the gorgeous nipples.

I'd love to pass for a trap, but I'm too big =/

Big bear looking for a cute little trap
Kik me seanhayes95

My white cum on your skin would make for a great contrast.


I want to fuck you so bad where do you live


more please

so much white cum on my brownie butt

Attached: 3283202.jpg (1051x1280, 326K)

Let's see your nipples

Was until I saw the hair

want a flight to Arizona? All expenses paid.


that's gllty LOL he's a huge piece of shit and he's not into men

Fair enough

Attached: D9d4HdQUwAAGRPh.jpg (900x1200, 154K)

Attached: 20190313_224052.jpg (400x225, 13K)

:3 nipps

well well owo sounds good sir, maybe we can talk bout it better in other place

Attached: i3^cimgpsh_orig.png (626x1296, 1.18M)

Attached: 528_1000.jpg (562x1000, 78K)

Attached: EBxyKXyVUAAZp1k.jpg (1116x933, 124K)


Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=VpcQGCVCR1ezYjou)original_511012031.jpg (575x409, 38K)

Don’t stop

Attached: BCF21FE3-9A1F-4327-8C42-1BFC9E227DBD.jpg (3088x2320, 1.48M)

Attached: LydiaLain_x58n_1570994457.jpg (912x945, 142K)

Attached: EDENx4ZVAAAdtP6.jpg (700x662, 57K)

Attached: EHF6JteUUAAzURK.jpg (891x945, 88K)

Attached: LydiaLain_x48_1570994382.jpg (1680x885, 147K)

Attached: LydiaLain_x55nT_1570994350.jpg (1113x945, 200K)


Bump for great justice

Daddy wants

Steam traps

@sissyfelicia1 on t witter

Attached: 3938CCDF-D917-4FAB-9875-1284AB8CF87A.jpg (3088x2320, 1.4M)

wtf did I just watch

Nice view

Attached: 12235.jpg (600x808, 69K)

sissies be gone this is a tranny/trap thread

any good stories to share?