Can I get high just eating raw magic shrooms ?

Can I get high just eating raw magic shrooms ?
Any suggestions on how to eat shrooms ?

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Psilocybe cubensis

Put them on pizza

I literally just picked them up, can I eat and get high?

Tbh dunno. I think u need to dry them.

Dunno ur tripping experience but i wouldnt eat them in the middle of nowhere.

is it on cow shit

You can and should eat psilocybin mushrooms raw. dried or fresh doesn't matter. Do not cook them. Heat will make them far less potent or completely neutralize the psilocybin. People will tell you to mix them with yogurt or tea, or orange juice. No. Just chew them up and eat them on an empty stomach. They dont taste that bad. And if you cant handle the taste, then you sure can't handle the trip.

Don't eat them unless you want mad stomach discomfort. Dry them, then make a tea with one cup of boiling water, the dose you want to consume, and herbal tea of your choice. I normally go with peppermint to mask the taste. Good luck

I always put my magic shrooms on pizza. It does a good job of masking the taste. They taste horrible btw, I would not suggest eating them by themselves

Not entirely true. In college my roommate used to grow and we would eat them every 5 days or so. We would eat them fresh sometimes (If fresh, usually blended into OJ to make “blue OJ”), otherwise dried. Fresh is slightly more potent but the biggest difference is the speed at which it hits you. Drying or cooking shrooms degrades most of the unstable psilocin but most of the psilocybin remains. Psilocybin is converted into psilocin by your body, but the conversion takes some time. Since fresh mushies have more psilocin, you tend to trip much faster. I’m sure this was exacerbated even more for us since we blended them; we would often feel first effects within 15 minutes.

Make sure you know what mushroom it is before you eat it unless you wanna die.

Slice them, mushrooms containing psilocybin should bruise blue.

Put them in your bum. Would be still the fastest method

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I grew shrooms
Microwaved them.
Ate them.
Didn't taste bad. They aren't very good raw but it's do-able

>unless you wanna die
More like diarrhea

>mad stomach discomfort

With psilocybin being basically food poisoning is that even avoidable? Is it not the psilocybin but some other enzymes or compounds that get broken down by drying?

>masking the taste
>they taste horrible
>They aren't very good raw

Setting aside the subjectivity of taste, is this accurately descriptive of Psilocybe or just a consensus among people that don't otherwise like mushrooms? Not OP, just asking as somebody who will snack on pretty much any raw mushroom I plan to cook with while I'm warming up the grill.

Me again. I have no problem eating hand picked and store bought mushrooms cooked. I will also eat a store bought button mushroom raw.
I'm not a fan of the taste of raw cubes. Very bitter. Microwaving mellows them out. I also sauteed one in butter. Microwaved taste better

Ah, neat to know. Not likely I'll ever do any unless I get stupid enough to go picking (don't trust myself enough) or grow my own (not sure I'd trust the vendor or any parcel service).

I am suddenly craving some mushroom & swiss cheese burgers. Or maybe just shrooms and a good steak. Nothing beats browning some in a bit of butter and fresh garlic and then finishing them off in a good red wine.

Now I'm starving.

How hungry are u now?

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The worst thing is everything is closed right now. Only way I'm getting a facsimile of what I want is a checkers/Rally's burger with some bagged mushroom goop on it. Probably go shopping in the morning and do things proper.

But that image did fuckall to help my situation.

Sorry op here
Got high on pot and forgot the thread
So I'm planing ok in clean them of and just eat with a lot of hot sauce.
Now I have some questions.
How I clean them ?
> Hot sauce ?
How much I eat ? Already have tried lsd multiple time, nboome too

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>Still high and english is not my first language

Hot sauce??? How about ranch dressing instead...

Nah, you're the one who should kys then, because he's right. You pick the wrong shit, you're dead. The wrong mushroom can and will fuck you up very, very quickly.

Oh ya? Enlighten me.

Raw cubies work just fine. Dosage is roughly 10:1 dried. In other words, 1g dried = 10g fresh. 30g fresh is a decently representative trip.

Also, just chew them up on an empty stomach and wash them down with your favorite juice. Don't bother with teas or any of that jazz. You'll start feeling the effects in 20-30 mins. Stuff will start to look and feel wonky. 45 mins to an hour, watch out for bandersnatches.

So, I pick them up and there stamp didn't turn blue, but they really look like cubensis to me, I think I will Just throw them out

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Those don't look anything like cubensis

Earlier today looking exactly like a cubensis, but rained all day long

The big one got dark and de small shrunk

Literally look like this with the skirt and all
But I think that the skirt was white tho

Sauteed shrooms are one of my fav snacks, just butter em up in a frying pan then sprinkle some salt and perfecto

Not cubies. Also note the lack of any blue bruising. If you want shrooms, just buy some off a reputable dealer. And if you like them enough, they are cheap and easy as fuck to grow yourself from spores that you can legally purchase. Go over to shroomery, it's hands down the best site for growing info, and check out all of bodhisattva's howto threads

Already did with lsd and it isn't that faster than in the mouth

Enlighten your goddamn self. Just fucking google deadly mushrooms

a friend I know has grown them for years. Tips as follows, and please read all of them, dont wanna lose a Cred Forumsro.

Eating wild can be dangerous, you want to be 100% on your ID. Even some growers wont eat wild.

If it doesnt bruise blue at crushed/cut areas its not what you want.

Raw will get you high all the same but will likely cause more stomach discomfort. Tea can help but some people still get issues in the stomach from that process.

Boil for 30 mins, drink the tea when it cools. The taste will suck.

If you dry them out completely, the cap should break when bent 90 degrees, not just bend. A PB sammich can be used to help get them down.

Wet weight is tough to measure but erowid has a calc -

Its strongly suggested you dry so that you can be specific as a 4gram dry dose will fucking wreck you if you're anything but experienced.

Use the calc and definitely have something planned. Music is a great choice but any serious tripper gets a babysitter.

Make it a trusted friend that will not fuck with you when you're loopy. A bad trip is far worse than no trip at all.

Good luck dude, personally I say grow your own. a friend of mine grows his own and even harvest wild edible mushrooms regularly but ONLY takes psilo's when they're grown. Its just safer.

Also, andrew yang will decriminalize them and make them medicinally available. might be a possible VP this cycle. Please google him once your trip is over, have fun!

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This actually grow in my horse shit
>Pic related my horse

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If you can manage it have tums, pepto, or, if you smoke weed a lot and find it helps with nausea regularly then roll 1 before your shrooms kick in and take a hit or 2 when you feel sick.

Finally, if you have a positive ID, dont worry about being poisoned. A small number of people will throw up a ton and feel super nauseated but it WILL pass. Dont freak out and call an ambulance.

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This guy knows. Eat them on an empty stomach. Also drink a little lemon juice with them to wash the taste out of your mouth. IF and only if they give you massive shits and stomach problems then try eating them with a little food but don't eat a lot.


I wish they were slightly less impossible to buy.


You gotta dry them out with heat or it can be toxic.

Fastest way to dry them ?

I literally put them on bread and choked them down with a drink. 20-30 mins and my ride started

Idiot, not entirely true my ass. You shouldnt have even tagged that post.

Eating them wet is an option. Just go to erroneous and look it up their.

I put the dry ones inside of a rice Krispy treat burrito. The stems have a tendency of triggering a strong gag reflex so I try and mask with the Krispy. Flavor isn’t bad usually, just the stabbing texture. My roommate used the coffee grinder for Carolina reapers so that thing is permatainted, otherwise powdering and pills is an option.

Cubensis are not Amanita muscaria m8.


You can eat them raw, I have, taste really bad n have a weard texture. Yo can eat them dry, probably the preferred method. You can dry the an make tea, I have, not as strong. Taking with ok doesn't make them stronger most people say it hits you faster, I could tell. My favorite way is dried, put in a herb grinder and mixed with melted chocolate, then put in the fridge to harden. An 1/8 will last about 4-5 hrs. Have fun.