Should share, OC encouraged

Should share, OC encouraged

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Kik wifelover1984 if interested

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Please share more of her

Nice ass

Ass is so sexy, moar user

wifelover1984 sharing hot pics of his wife. Kik him

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Perky and sexy

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got some good pics of hers if anyone's interested

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Or you could keep posting them here

OP here

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Sending hot pics of his wife. Just sent a nice video of him hitting it from behind


Love your figure OP

Young and she has a she’s probably down to have a wild time with some bwd.

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Wow, so sexy

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Love the shower water, so sexy and slippery


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Plz someone have more

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Please no

Wifelover1984 Has it going on.

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Nice ass. More please


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Please yes

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Fucking great


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I'm gonna cum to her. Anyone want to join?

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More?? Great body

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Wifelover1984 has a hot wife.

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Any with face?

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OC from last thread

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Any moar?

Great body

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offer her a plate of meatloaf

18, has a bf im cucking

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meatloaf sounds so good rn


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Pretty ginger

Would let her ride so i can watch her hair bounce on her titties

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got moar?

I like her fit body

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Has she become a webslut yet?

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Any one with moar?

Just took not even a day ago

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imig dot es/c/UY6ncVP

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what a good slut, moar?

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Keep going

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Got kik?


Girlfriend's a submissive little slut and wanted to be tied up and get facefucked till I came in her mouth. Not to mention she's begging me to post this while she's got a mouthful of my cock.

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tall ex

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Not found

Any interest in Rhian?

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Sexy legs


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Like her?

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cute petite body. like the bodysuit

Need everything you have

Nah, she’s just a titty bitch
No good pussy or vids

That's fair. But there's plenty of titty pics and info

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OC of My Girl, Anyone want moar?

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My bad

Tits Together

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Can I sell you some AOL dialup? Exactly
Same shit here, no good content

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keep going!

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You have HC vids too bro? I wanna hear her cum

Tits anyone?

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She’s gorgeous. Keep it up

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don't stop!


fuckin hot


Tit reveal? Op showing

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More of Jaime please

those calvins look great on her ass

I’ll definitely need to see those tits

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tits incoming

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more please

Tits for tits

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imig dot es/c/L8sqPyo

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Didn’t she dump you?

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only thing that would make this pic better is if she was grooling out her pussy

I've not seen her before. any good ass shots?

God damn the ugly stick is real. woof

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Would love to blow a load on her tits

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S is my goddess, I cum for her everyday

Whoops forgot pic

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Ugliest feet I’ve ever seen

Post your current girl

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She's annoying af and very childish. Like dealing with an 8 year old. Not worth it

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great tits

such a sexy wife

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Ok now we’re going to need a pic of you. How do you get so many hotties?

Was she at least as much fun in bed as she looks?


she's amazing

And post more of her. She’s even hotter.

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Still blow a load to her though huh?

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Alright guys. Need green questions or kiks in here. Gonna drop whatever you want IF I have it. If not, fuck off

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I'm not anything special to look at but girls just seem to really like me I guess I'm funny and easy to talk to. Who knew. And she was kinda boring in bed.

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I need some special pics, so get me on kik on schnolki

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I'm bored and got pics of my ex, lets kik on @schnolki

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>panties w/ wetspot

How old are you and how old are they? Good for you man.

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Delete your pics...or else I will send EVERYTHING to her
You have 5 minutes user

Gonna be honest, aint got no panties

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I’m 26 and she’s 14 in the pic
I pride myself on turning out YOUNG girls, feeling their tight cunts getting stretched out by my cock

Kek. What’s that? She’s great. Who is she?


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>I’m 26 and she’s 14 in the pic
I pride myself on turning out YOUNG girls
Hope you mean 24 user

Super bored, got some change

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do it! you piece of shit, I don’t give a fuck

Thx. I'm later 20s. They're usually 18-21.

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i found more of her

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17 are the best tbh

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does this make you...un happy?

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>Hope you mean 24 user

she's legal somewhere in the world.

Biggest mistake of your life : D

lol. Not OP

I’d pound that ass.

that slut is my slave and u can’t change that faggot

I tend to agree

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Would you pound this?

Attached: IMG_7138.jpg (3264x2448, 1.59M)

Holy fuck, haha
Typo error
She’s actually almost 16 here, I try not to take/receive pics and vids until they have hair on their pussy’s
Only a few times I’ve made exception

If you’re looking for OC This guy on kik seems to like sharing his sub wife
Took awhile to reply but when he did it was 8/10 OC content
Kik was michael011294

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Jesus. You're a beast.

Man, which hole to penetrate first? They both look so good.

My girlfriend has amazing titts

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You're a strange man

So she’s okay with me sending all this to her family and coworkers?


>You're a strange man

disagree. he's giving these girls what they want. i'm sure they don't regret the fuck one bit.

Thanks bro glad you like

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are u retarded? I told ya already she’s my slave and so I don’t care about her fucking feelings.

so just do it and stfu

lol. Quit it fag. It’s lame. You’re flooding the thread.

Exactly, only one girl cried when I fucked her, but the others loved it
I usually only fuck 14-16 yo’s
They are the easiest

Jesus, these are some tight bods

What do you think? Are they good?

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was skeptical, but those are actually good

she can deepthroat

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Attached: 9340463D-F66A-4933-B13F-94392AF6E13F.jpg (1182x3264, 821K)

Anyone have more or story?
Looks strangely like a family member

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Please share

Please share the videos! I need erome links to cum, she’s such a huge dildo slut, takes it all in her cunt
I just wanna cum for her

Any more opinion, she is not very sure about her body


Control yourself,weirdo

Top quality, I'll gladly take anything else you have

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What do you wanna see more?

Attached: 615_10001.jpg (750x1000, 93K)

Any full body?

Gets me hard in a second. What a hottie

Wow. Any chance youre down to kik?

Sure why not leave yours

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Attached: 570_10001.jpg (1000x750, 93K)

Here is mine disc gQnDp7


How long ago did she have a child?

looking for an aggressive bull who will humiliate me and threaten/act upon exposure humiliation... I have a whole folder of my gf (tits, ass, feet, pussy, face etc)

My kik is jreidshare

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Attached: B1591677-3904-4019-8F07-B5DE86BB71B4.jpg (3490x3490, 1.13M)


She doesn’t have a kid, why?