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geyyyy batz

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anyone here?

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please infect me with covid-19 thank you

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How goes it fellow gays? Also no I'm not posting my ass

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Do you like fish sticks?

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They're fine I guess

That makes you....
I dont think ive had any kind of fish stick in years.

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somebody say GHEY?

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actually no
yours is the first instance of that word in this thread.

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I need those balls dragged across my face

cool and nice

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i try

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at least someone does

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Only cause I'm a gay fish

otherwise, are they even that good?

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i have some gay fish for you

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Here we go again

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Can you post your dick then?

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This thread could really use more fag yiff

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everything could use more fag yiff

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Sauce of the drawing? This is actually pretty good

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canis-ferox on DA and FA

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He's very hot

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I didn't know that was unironically a thing

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need more fur x human

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Could someone draw these as short and stout anthro boys with long dicks?

With ketchup.

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Needs more muscles and belly...

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that's a nice pic~

and nice trips

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I wish I had someone to cuddle like that :(

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I quit.



fucking based

Someone make a new thread, I'm bored at work

If anyone wants to chat for a bit

fuck off and stop promoting your fucking bestiality threads you degenerate, nobody likes you

First time I ever saw someone say something about that bullshit lmao

He's been here for like 2 years doing this shit, and was gone for awhile, but came back last night. He mistakenly thinks that furries are okay with zoophilia when the vast majority of us aren't. He should be banned for discussing and promoting something against the law tbh.


I've seen the threads and the advertising for the past two years, yeah, I just never saw anyone tell him to fuck off before. It's fucking sickening honestly, zoophilia and pedophilia are so rampant in this community.

I'm seemingly the only one who is openly against it while others ignore it, which is just as bad as letting it happen. I used to be a zoophile when I was younger, but I realized why it's wrong which is why I tell people to stop. Indulging the inherent sexuality of animals for pleasure doesn't make it okay which that actual white trash hick is too stupid to understand because he "loves" his dog.

Yeah, that part where you realize it's wrong is called growing up. Some people don't ever get to that stage.

It's sad that some people can't understand why it's wrong. I totally get it and I believe many genuinely love animals, but that doesn't make it okay, and Cred Forums really is a cesspool of degeneracy and promoting things like that while not considering the fact that people can ruin their lives, let alone another animal's.

at least he makes his own threads and doesn't post that shit in the normal furry threads