Why are young people throwing away their country just for the promise of a few freebies?

Why are young people throwing away their country just for the promise of a few freebies?

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To watch you cry on election night.


Why work just to make your employer and the gov rich?

Is crying bad?

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Because they're envious of how well Europeans have it...

Yea why does the corporations and the rich pay their fair share of taxes

12 year old child of dumb white niggers confirmed. This election has nothing to do with “feelings”, though any moron that thinks they’re winning because an old fat guy with makeup is in office while they are fat and poor is worthless anyway.

>for the promise of a few freebies
someone is confused.
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>Why are young people throwing away their country just for the promise of a few freebies?

That's not what's happening.

Young people are tired of having their wages stolen to support a useless, parasitic leisure class.

They are taking back what's theirs.

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>Young people
You dense twat

Might want to check his tax plan.

I don't give a fuck about the bern or the rest of his policy but if you don't think we are past due to implement universal healthcare like the rest of the fucking world so we can shut down the empire of insurance companies fucking us all then you are part of the problem.

Why do I make jack shit and pay in 10k a year


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so much this

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No increase in tax for people making less than 200k. Retard.

Why are old people throwing away their country and the whole world to make rich people richer while the middle class shrinks away and the environment is poisoned to death?

Why are stupid people so afraid of having their tax dollars go to the people paying them instead of corporate welfare? I thought republicucks were supposed to be against welfare queens.

Why are Americans so retarded they'd rather pay trillions to be world police and lining their oligarch master's pockets, then redirecting some of that cash to make sure everyone can afford healthcare and school?

So says the Bern-out.

Complains about corporate welfare. Supports Bernie. Does Bernie "the socialist" talk about nationalizing the health & insurance industries? Does he talk about making them non-profit? No. What he does talk about is getting your tax money to subsidize people who can't afford to contribute to health industry profits.

Because we have raised a bunch of snowflakes who have been told they are special and deserve everything they want without working for it.

watching the Bernie rally in Boston now. holy shit these people are delusional. they want something for nothing, they want rampant degeneracy, and they mostly just want to beat Trump.

>Why work just to make your employer and the gov rich?

Because its better than enslaving other people to support my lifestyle. Believe me, if I had the option to have them not take any of the money that I earn I'd take it. But I haven't really gotten the self-employment thing down for myself yet, and even if I did there is no escape from uncle Sam.

I'll admit that the current system isn't perfect. I hate large multinational companies and corrupt government worms too. But if you intend on giving the government more power so that they can take care of all of us (allegedly) don't expect to get any of that power back without a fight. Why would the same people be more trustworthy with MORE power?

If socialists/commies were more trustworthy i'd expect to see less of them in mansions. It's a nice sounding idea, but it is only a fairy tale. We need a system that actually works AND a way to keep power-hungry sociopaths from ruining said system.

I really wish we could just balkanize already so that you 'intellectuals' can get ass-raped by them since most of you all won't listen to 'retards' like me. Orange man bad something something racist nazi or whatever.

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Did older white males throw away their country for the promise of racism?

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It must be difficult carrying the weight of the huge brain you have.

such a shame that bernie is going to die in the great corona purge of 2020

my only solace is that trump and all the other boomer scum will perish too

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>>"so much this"