Hello, Cred Forums, user here, I'm planning on building my own PC, but I've never done so before...

Hello, Cred Forums, user here, I'm planning on building my own PC, but I've never done so before, I've taken one apart before, but never assembled one. If you have any advice or even a build Suggestion for under $1,000, drop them here, anything helpful is appreciated. Pic related, is a Corsair 110R, the case I want.

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Go 3 states across in any direction you live, go on craiglist looking for the highest end parts you can, when the meetup happens bring a gun. Rob them, get high end computer, and all you spend is the gas. Happy gaming OP.

If trips you must do this and document the process


Other than that I suggest you splurge on the case and the PSU


What do you want to do with it? Different applications benefit from different parts.




Watch building tutorials on youtube by any of the larger tech channels, then watch the specific videos for whatever parts you get.

The only video you have to not watch (or if you do, do it for shiggles once you've put your machine together) is the "the verge" video.

And for more shiggles ask for the best way to apply thermal paste.

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get a z170a mainboard, a i5 unlocked of your choosing for dat overclock, if you're into raytracing n shit get a 2060ti(cant recommend) else get a 1080 if gaming is your focus and if you're more casual, a 1660 ti, for ram 16gb will suffice(preferable 3200mhz, and good timings), for psu any brand is good, though be quiet makes silent ones, no need for more than 500 watt here. thats it i think

for storage, i'd recommend an ssd from samsung depending on if you store a lot of stuff, for booting and games i'd use a 970evo 500g. they work great. for anything else jsut some good old hdds

Pick the processor first, I like to find a motherboard cpu combo that was very good a few years ago and save a ton. I then read the specs and buy the memory and card types recommended. Never reuse parts from your current PC except the bare case. Get a good power supply and buy windows off ebay from a reputable seller for around $15 if you don't have a full version. Figure out how your going to load windows into the new rig. If you do it thru a usb memory stick look up the correct format to save a big headache.

Please dont waste your money. Just buy one of the new consoles when they come out or get a Switch if you need to play something now.

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OP here Thanks all for your suggestions, I will be taking them all into considerations, btw, was afk beating my meat, otherwise, I would've been more reactive

also falling for the nord vpn meme hahaha

I fucking love Cred Forums

Its a non-stop party here

But yeah, for a budget build your best bet is to look at last gen hardware (2000 series Syzen, 450/X470 mobo etc).

Ryzen 5 2600
G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB
ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2 2280 250GB
WD Blue 500GB SSD 2.5"
Seasonic FOCUS GM-650 80+ Gold
Corsair 110R Case

$1042.81 on Newegg Canada.

You could save on the WD 500 GB SSD by using a mechanical disk if you don't mind slower load times.

Long time builder here, costs have come down a lot and $1000 is an extremely healthy budget. It's never been a better time to build a PC. I recommend looking at logical increments.
The "fair" category is enough to play doom/gta v at very high at 1080 60fps now a days.
$1,000 puts you in the great category which you can play at 4k.
Don't forget a good monitor.
Also another really good tip, look at warranty length. Avoid 1 year warranties if you can. ESPECIALLY on the motherboard.