Why they did it? :(

Why they did it? :(

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*Why dided they done it?

wet jeans

>Why did they do it?
English? Not your first language?

Also, what did they do? Sit in mud? Wear caps?

Whyden dey done didded it?

they diddley dong dang it, it'nd they it?

Why not scumbag?

Why diddley dey done didded do it?

So there was only one thing that I could do
Ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long

Thanks for offering, but how does one "scumbag"?

(punctuation is important)

What they did? Did they dieded?

I'm performing as keyboard warrior, I need to get attention

i "surf" on the net

so i looked it up and it turns out its a russian girl and she was bullied. to be specific, they made her drink out of a puddle. lmao

Now, whats happened to her?
You have her nudes? Faggot

read post above pleb

because the strong bully the weak. That's the way it goes.

Why so serious

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That's means no nudes, sad

strong people lift up the weak

i feel all of yall at the same time rn

The weak bully.
The strong protect.

maybe in your progressive liberal alternate reality

Bullies are weak, they are afraid that others may move out of their reach, mentally and otherwise, so they desperately try to pull people down, to stop their growth, to keep in the shit - where the bully resides.

But a bully wouldn't understand, because the bully isn't that smart.

Who are these people

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Cuz niggerlips

she a qt, I would cuddle her and make all better :(

Want to give full back story

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Trips of truth!

the purpose of bullying is to reinforce social norms, it shouldn't be deadly, or directed at things people can't change

bullying an anime faggot? sure. bullying someone for being in a wheelchair? what's the point?

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>Girls beaten and forced to drink muddy water because of "beauty jealousy"

>A group of Russian girls forced Vlada Kholod (13) to kneel and drink muddy water under the road due to her "jealous of her beauty".

>The video of a female student Vlada Kholod being beaten and kneeled by a group of friends and drank muddy water on the road was recorded in Korkino, western Ural, Russia, which is being shared on the Internet.

>The clip was filmed by two male students and uploaded to Russia's major social networking site. After the clip spread to the teachers, the group that attacked Vlada was criticized and forced to apologize to Vlada.

>According to the investigation, the group of girls attacking Vlada included Olga Guseva, 16, Lyubov Goloborodko, 14, Sasha Rattsova, 15 and Ekatirina Streltsova, 15. However, when asked about the cause of beating her, the girl group said that because Vlada had offended their parents, they used the punishment so that her friend knew that "no one has the right to insult your parents." other".

>However, towards Vlada, she insisted she did not offend or insult anyone. In addition, the girl claimed that the girl group attacked her with envy because of her beautiful appearance.

The purpose of bullying is so that the bully can feel superiority over people who are wiser, better and prettier than the bully.

Ding-dong diddly because

based incel


>>the purpose of bullying is to reinforce social norms
Ive never once seen children do bulling properly then.