Suppose there is an afterlife

Suppose there is an afterlife
What would you want to do?
I would start with watching human history from the beginning of civilization.

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hang out in the girls locker room

Give contexts of what we can and can't do

Lie for eternity.

I mean wouldn't it just be permanent "maximum" ecstasy?

Observe everything and anything that's ever existed in the universe with no bounds of space or time

In that case I'll fucking watch try to kill myself

Cry because I'm forced to exist for eternity with no rest. Likely I committed suicide to stop that problem.

Serious question/thought experiment here...

Would “living” for all of eternity with no way out be as bad as dying and never existing for eternity?

I hate thinking about this personally. It’s depressing whenever it tries to come up in thought.

keep shitposting on 4chin, naturally

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Worse. You know what dying entails. It's final, it's static.

Eternal life? You want life, eternal?

Finally have sex with my sister.

If you were able to manipulate your own conciousness then you could just 'disable' suffering right? Just make every moment pure and complete gratification?

>Dying and never existing
If you died you existed. What's the question? Is it better to have lived and lost than to never have lived at all?

Sure you could. And then this painless self might decide one fateful day, that it could re-enable suffering. And if you modify yourself so much, that you are no longer anything but pure pleasure, then what are you, really?

Pain is an indicator that there's something wrong with your body. Living in pure pleasure should bring pain. It's natural to have both pain and joy.

Eternal joy is torture too.

Watch girls in the shower. Watch celebrities in the shower.

Why even hope? We all know there’s an eternity of nothingness waiting for all of us.

Oh, I hope. Sweet release...

We live afterlife after afterlife. We die and are therefore recycled at birth, our past life memories forgotten due to the underdeveloped state of infant mentality. We are already living for eternity, we just forget that we were did.

Where we've all come from is anything greater than a spontaneous appearance equivalent to that of the big bang, which is an ever expanding and contracting, breathing system of immense magnitude. Consider a soul or consciousness as matter, which might not be destroyed nor created, rather a metamorphosis.

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>Eternal joy is torture too.
>And if you modify yourself so much, that you are no longer anything but pure pleasure, then what are you, really?

what the fuck are you talking about

feel good forever = feel good forever

please elaborate on why feeling completely good forever is somehow a bad thing

I have no desire for eternal life. Never could understand most people's yearning for it.

You know a child made up The Egg story, right?

Create my own copy of the planet that updates in real time then go around killing people, blowing shit up, etc. Basically real life GTA. In addition to my mass murder sprees, acts of terrorism, and serial rapes, I'll also do a ton of drugs and get crazy high while I fire a tank cannon at a school bus full of kids. Next I'll kidnap some 12 yo qt 3.14 and keep her as my bride.

Then idk...maybe jerk off for a few millenia i guess

If pain is an indicator that something is wrong then it should eventually hurt. For example after you cum your dick is sensitive, right?

Pleasure forever is unnatural

That's wrong it was made by Andy Weir. A grown man.

>If pain is an indicator that something is wrong then it should eventually hurt
this is the afterlife, it very much should not follow 'standard procedure' when it comes to pain. In a perfect 'heaven' afterlife you'd never feel pain, and always feel ecstasy, for eternity. No "after this alotted time frame you'll start to hurt", just eternal bliss.
>Pleasure forever is unnatural
Yes. Again, this is a heaven-like utopia, isn't it? "Natural" isn't what's important, just perfecting contentedness.
>For example after you cum your dick is sensitive, right?
I very much enjoy continued stimulation while my dick is sensitive.

Weir explores existence as a cyclical, relative, and abstract continuum. I ponder existence as a progressive and concrete continuum. Weir narrates how a soul can be placed at any point in time, I believe a soul can only be placed forward time that has not yet been established. Assuming that the universe is the same for everyone yet their experience is relative, the placing of a person at some point at any time assumes that one consciousness is predestined to function as the placing of a person forwards in time leaves their life experience open to the infinite possibilities of the mind.

This was a typo. I meant dying and never existing again.

The problem with the afterlife is that we don't know how things work. If we used life as a framework we can't ignore things that don't comply with our Christian fantasies.

Oh, well I think being forced to live again in a hindu nature is the worst. It's all about knowing your place and fulfilling it fully.

Let's say you remove your ability to feel pain physically, even the pain that a deity could feel. You can no longer feel physical pain, forever. Now you are that much removed from the human condition, power notwithstanding. You cannot feel pain. You cannot suffer, cannot relent in the face of nature, can no longer feel that lighting flash of instinct. There is no risk, and no sense of contrast that makes reward so desirable. With no pain, comes no meaning for pleasure. You can no longer meaningfully sense danger in that primal, base fashion. You have no real connection to the physical, anymore. It would all become nothing more than a phenomenal blur of forms.

All that remains, is the mind. The mind that still very much wants to entertain the very human concept of an afterlife, and all the wordy pleasures that come with it. And every human mind is still a fickle, limited thing. A human mind with that power would surely go mad without growing, given time- especially if its means of familiarity with the world were stripped away. Without pain, it can no longer sense pain. It can no longer attribute value to its physical being in a way that compels it to seek the betterment of itself. It can no longer value the touch of something soft. Of something smooth. Of something sharp. Of anything. It's all the same. There's no variance, no negative, strong reaction. No opposite. No distinction. Nothing imminent, nothing critical. It all becomes numb. Numb, and harmless. Enough drab numbness to encourage complacency. Staleness. Boredom.

Torture. Cognitive dissonance, derealization. And so, you'd think, the next step is to remove the bad thoughts. The ones that cause you mental anguish, when you realize that a world without pain is slowly driving you mad, that it's screwing with your patently human programming. And so, you modify your programming.

And you limit your thoughts. That limits your cognition, so you lose a bit of your agency. And then your thoughts are more... fatalistic. More narrow. And you still suffer agony in knowing that. The mental anguish is so great- but, there is an elegant solution to your torment! So you remove those thoughts. And you limit you cognition further. And you lose more of your agency. And then your thoughts are even more fatalistic. More simple. And it still hurts. So you remove those thoughts. And you limit your cognition further. And lose more agency. And you strip more and more of yourself away, having removed some of the capacities that would have ever allowed you to see the problem with the way in which you've decided to approach this. Just, stripping away. Stripping away, until there's nothing left.

Instead of solving the problems... you tried to solve the symptoms. Removing the symptoms would not alleviate the problem- not until the problem could no longer affect you. Again, until the problem could no longer affect you. To remove all pain, would have to include the removal of all possible avenues of having bad thoughts, ever. You're left with a severely limited mind. A severely limited thing, that is supposed to be all-powerful?

What are you now? A strip of brain? An idle orb of light? But now you're not even capable of realizing that this monochomatic aura you bask in, means anything, because you no longer have a concept of its absence. And because that would cause you pain, you've removed the ability to recognize this, meaning the pleasure couldn't be experienced by anything that could actually, meaningfully, experience it. There is no cognizance. There is no knowing. There is but one state. It had a name, but meanings are forbidden. Understanding is forbidden. It all leads to pain, and there can be no pain.

There, then, lies small strip of literal or figurative brain cells that have infinite feel-good chemicals on them.

It doesn't even know it's alive.

It doesn't even know it feels good.

It can't even change anymore.

It's just there.

Just, there.

Why do think that being a ghosty gives you time travelling powers?

Write every detail of my next reincarnation (with no boundaries or limits whatsoever) before executing it

On ghost paper, then you forget it all
That's a waste of time really

>Suppose there is an afterlife
There isn't. Shit's literally just a coping mechanism for people who fear the void death.