Fb/ig thread 2

fb/ig thread 2

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I would call my boys up to hang bang her fuckkkk

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God, dude.

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i know

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She needs to be shared, fuck. I would do the same.

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Fuck yes!! More!

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moar of them please

Olivia A?

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Any face?

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my god, one of the most fuckable faces i've ever seen

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Fuck please more

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Fuck me love her eyes, keep going?

need to see those tits

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Such a whore

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fuckin unbelievable.

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fuck yes, bikini?

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moar right

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Look like a couple of posh sluts

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nothing insane

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Totally. The choker is a dead fucking giveaway to her sluttiness.

cute af

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She looks like an anime character, she doesn't seem real. jesus.

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would throatfuck like there's no tomorrow.

Fuck she’s cute

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So hot

goddamn i need her

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damn moar of these little sluts

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go on

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Need more

fuck yes

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I wanna keep her as my personal sex doll

that heavy makeup looks awful on her

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Cute fucking slut

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Yeah for sure

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How many more pics you got user?

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Fuck me look at that ass perfect for a pounding


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please continue

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Don’t stop

too good for this thread

How do you know this thicc goddess

Yes mmm got kik/disc?

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No prob. I’ll keep posting here

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from hs

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what’s ur kik?

She’s great mmm

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shes got me stroking

Any stories.

Good mmm
Post yours

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you like that i'm stroking to her?


Yes mmm

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She hit the genetic lottery, that's for sure.

thats making me even harder

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Good mmm she needs our hard cocks

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any ass?

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don't stop

That ass is amazing

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