Is this kind of behaviour accepted in your country?

Is this kind of behaviour accepted in your country?

No, and that's good because 3D fags are disgusting creatures.

When I was in swimming club of junior high school I was always fiddling with or tickling my friends naked belly or back but never got sexually aroused.

So I am now desperately rueful for totally wasting my teenage only once in the life.

yes :)

No, we hate fags

no, fags are disgusting

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Yes. :3

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No. Sodomy is haram

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>swede advocating for sharia law

no we beat up the gays haha

Bullshit. Why does Russia produce so many femboys?

But we don't
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If you look at a non-asian trap on the internet, 50% of the time it's a russian.

We hate fags here (side note :Majority Muslim countries tend to be very Anti-Gay)