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haha this isnt the sticky



this song reminds me of poley

it is now

>that face


pic related

I do pathetic bodyweight shit (pullups, rows, goblet squats) in my room to prevent becoming skinnyfat

More like goblin squats haha


fucking LOVE lidl gouda rolls

>tfw sub 6ft

are there any drugs that make you like all music and makes you just want to melt into it

I might have fat stubby hands and be an ugly manlet, but at least I'm not a skeleton

>shirts ironed
>lunches made

toil approacheth, gentlemen


piss off

people say LSD and while it is nice to listen to music on LSD I would say the drug which most enhances music is gear

there's a skeleton inside you right now


>there's a skeleton inside you right now
yeah but you can't tell just by looking at me
I have no distinct bony prominences

very grim

Ah the mentally ill benders are so angry with the pictures of attractive females in the last thread that they must now post NSFW pictures of bent men showing off their arsehole.


despicable gimmick

Roast Lamb and garlic cheese potatos for dinner lads

you post about lidl products A LOT lad

I'm not sure if you're accusing me of stealing the image or telling me to stop posting it

it is legitimately my hand

why have you been posting the exact same picture of your hand for three years? sort yourself out mate

music on a good dose of LSD is amazing, close your eyes and you get taken inside the music. Really amazing experience to have.

Post more you fucking slugs

wont make it lmao

current status: hate my life and wish to die

but you just had gouda rolls

well I'm not gonna take a new picture every time am I? It's the same hand

from lidl I hope? x

post bum

I practically fucking live in my local one 2bh

main course btw

extremely grim

can you order stuff online to your uni halls

I'm a fat shite


iktf lad

yea but usually it goes to reception or postroom or wherever and you go pick it up


Link to the /brit/ wiki please.

>no hazelnuts
Absolute runt

I feel pity for the toilsmen who despise toil

Toil sets you free, toil cleanses the soul and is penance for the freedom we take for granted every day, learn to appreciate toil, and you'll never work a day in your life

Bet my gf does the biggest shits out of anyone here

is that oxford OwO

*destroys your bollocks with a roundhouse*

i don't have a girlfriend and am quite unhappy about it, does anyone else share this sentiment?

toil literally and figuratively on the morrow

>live in comfy semi-rural town my whole life in house my dad built with his dad
>recently become a commuter town because of direct train line to London toilsmen are moving in all the time
>house prices shooting up
>developers buying up property
>house over the road from us has just been sold to a developer that will knock it down and whack 3 more houses on top, all facing ours
>all the new houses are grim new-build esque buildings with uniform white walls and grey tiling

actually fucking FUMING. I've rejected the planning online and told everyone on my road to do the same so I'm hoping the council say no but I bet the money grabbing cunts won't

don't think that's a roundhouse is it


lmao what town

your house is going to shoot up in value lad silver lining

do a wank and you dont get the tfw no gf feels anymore

>shags man arse
>get some poo on my cock
very nice with a little dessert :)

t. completely ordinary citizen

kill them all user

need to find a way to 'cide painlessly

got to meet my boss at the train station at 6am to go to London for a meeting

think my boss is going to get her arse reemed at it as well because she's been dreading it for weeks. She'll probably be a moody cunt the whole way there and back.

How can one man have such good taste?

would love to shag my milf boss over her office desk during lunch hours

not going to doxx myself Tbh
yeah it's gone up about 200k since the crash but I don't care, I like where I live but it's losing what made it great

who is that?

wtf i love islam now


no friends

havent had a friend online or offline since 2011

Lara Croft

just jump off a building pussy

what do you do lad?

can people see my music on spotify lads


negative chebs

Don't want to be specific because it's doxxable info but I work in politics. Been filled walking alongside my boss for the news like five times haha

haha lads miss secondary x

hate uni

flat as a pancake

Whitehall lad?

Do they know you use a mentally ill neet forum?

if you post your profile name yeah

that's a good thing

interesting how modern haircuts resemble haircuts in nazi germany. you'd think lefties would stigmatise that look.

not complaining. its a great cut. well aesthetic. especially on a white man.

my school only had communal showers

only lads who showered after PE were the popular lads who were good at sports, had decent bodies and normal-sized willies

all schools should have mandatory cubicle showers

No not him but I've been to Whitehall a few times

thats not a 100% cgance youll die though

While we’re on the subject, I’m actually someone in the public eye and I post on here haha. Probably all of you would have seen me on tv at some point and you’d never even know it, mad.

it's not though?

gypies had the undercut way before the nazi youth used it mate

most people secretly respect hitler

well it's not like anyone has a choice really

if you go to the barbers and ask for ANYTHING but a skin fade then you're destined to die a virgin

in all fairness, the haircut was popular in russia as well as in nazi germany

there's a pic of soviet athletes marching where they all have the same cut, dont have it on this computer tho

got banned from mumsnet again lads haha


>While we’re on the subject, I’m actually someone in the public eye and I post on here haha. Probably all of you would have seen me on tv at some point and you’d never even know it, mad.

i have less extreme versino of this haircut grade 1 blend in with long on top yet i am virgin at 28 years old


it dates back to WW1 as a way to prevent head-lice in the trenches

come to think i have never seen your hair

knew tim farron posted here the second he said alri to that lady in the street

Dark enough for the lights along the river to come on means it's late enough to start drinking! waheeyyyy glug glug

honestly look down on anyone with the hitler youth cut. fucking conformists.

I cut my own hair
number 1 all around
I've had sex dozens of times
guess you're wrong sweetie x

this guy looks like a potato

thinking of converting to Christianity from Islam. Thoughts?

Wouldn't they just give them a skinhead of that was the case?

T b h lads might have a wank

Reckon the river drinker is the most autistic one here. Just fucking drink at home

got a greasy mop and get plenty of looks sweaty x

*walks into waitrose*
*walks towards fresh fruit and veg section*
*pulls out willy*
*drenches so called fruit and veg with my willy water*

haha rich twats

It predates nazi Germany by a long shot. Mexican federal troops during the Mexican revolution had it as their standard cut to stop the spread of head lice.

fucking heretical piece of shit

Nothing wrong with it in summer, but yeah alone and in the winter is a bit worrying

2 back and sides, scissors short on top

anything else and your a deano normie cretin

hair "styles" are for runts

Rude sweetie


gf just sent me this

i shave one half of my head. dont touch the other half.

won't be going to jannah now la



this is someone's daughter

that's literally the deano powerhouse cut

thought the same myself but apparently not. people were pretty autistic about hair at the time and probably associated skins with mental cases in the sanitoriums

Riley Reid is a monster.. she’s not even feeling that giant cock in her

why the fuck would you drink water like that

wtf is she ok?????

wish that was me willy

those are someone's sons

stop posting links to porn

post the webm and take the ban like a man or FUCK off

pooey bums

got the virgin media lad

cant risk getting banned haha x

need a fit gf


>my janny ass is burning because of grey area posts


what time do pubs shut on sundays?

might have a wank

Mirin' hairline?

contemplating a stimulation of the reproduction rod


i have the same phone lol

My barber is probably the most deano barber this side of the country but he's so good he goes into hyper focus and doesn't even talk while cutting anyones hair. Very lucky because I have very anti-deano interests.

>gormless mystery meat in the thumbnail

yep, this is definitely the lib dems

on the train

mdma (though some music more than others)


l pronounce it all-ree in my head

odds yes
evens no

Ket is the most overrated shitty drug ever

Literally no fun in a social/rave setting at all

This is you from the future
stop posting here
it's a waste of time

theres loads of better drugs yeah

hey cunt

yeh it turned ravers into mongs for a few years. sucked all the fun out of a few clubs in my city for a while.


This is me from now
ye i no

could heem future me in a instant

not sure i will ever understand liverpudlians

I'm well aware of that

how far into the future? do i get a gf? do huddersfield win the prem?

Ketmaine? more like "no thanks!!"

wrong flag

any decent snapchat stories from last night lads?

do i ever finish reading that book

>black panther

post a picture that shows how rich you are

stop posting and kill us already you useless poo of a cretin

just learned my gran was 14 when she had my dad

hairline's fine m8

are white people extinct or did we turn things around?

someone please post that long paragrah pasta,

wise man

Rode to the theater to watch that this evening and it was p much sold out apart from a few seats.

Massive theater too

Cannae believe it

could you not work that out lol

my dad married while he was still a teen

>Rochdale beating spurs

what on earth is going on

they have theatres in oongaboonga land?

reckon I'd be treated like a king in saudi arabia

Absolutely baffling how modern fish are genetically closer to pineapples than humans. Science is mad and I love it.

not too far

clean your keyboard you freak


can't wait to live somewhere completely alone where I don't have to deal with the vagaries of other people


I know nothing about football but I think everything is rigged/predetermined in these non-important matches

I once watched some unknown team in south london beat a huge spanish club

race doesn't exist and you are racist if you disagree



Rochdale are beating spurs

>Rochdale 1-0 Spurs

no i never knew anything about her really

erm its called the magic of the cup

half a pound of pasta with lots of pesto and cheese, that's dinner sorted

>FA Cup
>non-important matches

My gran has 7 kids

what issues
because if it's not conception then I can't see how having both a man and a woman would help

Don't know how people listen/buy entire albums

Don't think I've ever come across a single album in my life where I liked most of the songs

Need some chicken with that soft lad

yeah, charles the first

did the man kick the ball


you are very weird

based gran doing her part to save the white race

it's more the fact that she's going to get bollocked by SJWs for saying there are only two genders

(also it's for support of sexual abuse so having both a man and a woman available would help if a bloke who'd been raped didn't want to talk to a woman about it for example)

eat broccoli and chicken every day

can't get enough of it

jar of green pesto + pack of cream cheese + chicken + pasta

try it lad

go away

looks like a Pot Noodle and a wank again for me tonight


masie deepfake

job brown

fucking love this
I even put an extra drizzle of olive oil on too usually haha

hello please don't post my dinner from when I was a student

same lad I buy books and skip whole chapters



odd person

another fun fact: sea sponges evolved from bananas

>did the man kick the ball

good shout

*goes back to kitchen to fetch the olive oil*

people buy these extremely small water bottles only to then squash them while drinking as if to prove the bottle wasn't big enough - then why not buy a larger bottle to start with?

not a video l'll be watching me thinks

What pot you got lad? I’m sitting on a Bombay bad boy in my cupboard ready to be fired up

this is my first time seeing this deepfake porn

we're black

this genre is only good when you're flying down the canal at 50mph on your bike at night and trying to get the last train to london

Unbelievably offensive statements that could ruin your life if you uttered them:

>there are only 2 genders
>saying you're a woman doesn't make you a woman
>kids are best off with a mother and a father
>most terrorists are muslim
>men are smarter and stronger than women
>ethnic diversity is a weakness not a strength

those nimrods on twitter aren't prevalent in real life
and certainly not to someone like Watson



Drinking some dutch beer lads and it tastes kind of funny and I can't tell whats in it because the labels in dutch. absolute nightmare!

based gran doing her part to advance the BLACK race

It's not wrong. I learnt it at uni.

love drinking alone
why would anyone choose to drink in the company of hysterical normie shitheads in bars/clubs, etc.
so much cheaper too
mm yes

we're irish

I'm still agonising over whether to have chicken and mushroom or beef and tomato


ignore this post



we're sikh

we're yanks

>you will never be an extremely rich woman claiming oppression for things that benefit you

for someone who's current career is literally just catering to these people it will matter a lot

thought women typically cleverer, do better at school and uni, etc.

>sexual abuse
so those men and women are security staff I assume
I'd be surprised if a film set didn't have security

unironically am Azeri aka indo European aka ARYAN

Hmm agreeing with /brit/ for once, I love smashing a giant plate of pasta with chicken, brocolli and a shitload of olive oil. Anyone got any chicken pasta tips/recipes?

explain this rorke


shut the fuck up

same. wouldn't mind having friends or a gf though

Cheesy pasta and broccoli bake with two chicken legs for dindins


just noticed we've entered the post-wageday timezone

do not like that font

put your dick in it

large donner and chips ordered, that's tea sorted lads

Not even a rorke I'm a leftie
>not phoneposting

put chili flakes in

did a quick trip t' 'sda before it shut
getting comfy now

nice one

very close to the post made by the russian in sweden

that's not saying what you were saying at all

But the clock just chimed 3...

enjoy your kuffar meat hahaha

anybody want to go on holiday with me in summer

never tried it but I reckon a carbonara with sliced grilled/pan roasted chicken breast would be pinging


not a russian wtf

>not having a roast
fuck off pakis

yeah where?

had my dinner ~2hrs ago. only thing I shall be consuming for the rest of the evening is beer

almost 30 and never had any affection or intimacy in my entire life lol


t. haitiANO


how old is she?

Bought a new Iphone x lads.

Literally grinning like a soy boy

It's overrated m8 unless you're incredibly needy

How can other animals even compete?

>That blonde bird



Parents are cooking a full on turkey roast Sunday dinner, can’t wait I’m starving

no, they're support staff you fucking mug, as in legal, emotional support - not physical support

jesus wept it's not a difficult concept to wrap your head around

>toilstein off next week
9:03 starts next week me thinks

They generally can't

is that pengsha

the virgin post

does it still recognise your face when you do the soyboy grin


HR then

claire was literally made for breeding

yes but unironically

it just doesn't fit with how most music is distributed/played nowadays. anyone who listened to a whole album in-order released in the past year is probably the exception rather than the rule.

killer was white

independent HR with one specific role, yes.

why does PJW talk so weird?

hmm, are you the jew then?

only based black brits may post in this thread

*blocks your path*

glad I'm a sociopath who doesn't care about anything and has no feelings

>owl monkeh
imagine having less neurones than a flipping bird lol, utter embarrassment

it's not exactly groundbreaking then is it
why do we need to be told HR exists by emma watson

alri slaphead

>le im a special snowflake badass xddd
a real one doesn't care enough to post about it


cared enough to make this post lol
*flicks your ear really hard*


>posting the edited version
nice try


t-take that back

meet you in Milan July 1st

clearly if this issue is prevalent then they're not working



-hard enough

screen's gone orange

just me testing my new virus won't be long

>manlets can't get laid

lanklets btfo


exactly - that's why Emma Watson is sponsoring this charity to do it correctly