Do you love British boys too?

Do you love British boys too?

bit gay


I love their mouths on by BBC (big belgian cock)

yes because i'm a boy too :3

I love cute british boys!

No, English (thats what i assume you mean by british) boys are the most low tier trash in the world. Narcissistic, disloyal, dunning-kruger syndrome, ugly, no sense of humor, and snobby. Imagine americans how americans havs their “yeah well we would destroy you!” bs when you criticize them but replaced with “yeah well ur irrelevent and we rule you XD”


Which one?


Is this a boy?



her right tit (our left) looks like weedle.



Please giv, guv


Brit boys are so cute~


Stop playing hard to get and come here already!

what are british boys like?

>Canuck education
You realise that there's other groups in Britain besides the English right?


Yeah, but Brits are proud members of the Kara Boga Klan.
Remember the many whiteys we've killed.