Are you living the dream, Cred Forums?

Are you living the dream, Cred Forums?

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Oh god...

KEK what a fucking jooooke, are there really people who live by this code?

Is this what they mean by American Dreamâ„¢?

>earning 40k
>pass driving test at 20
this is not american retard, this is mostly british

I have accomplished literally zero of the milestones in that image.

having a job when you're 19 is a waste of time (unless you're poor)

>full time job
I could understand part-time, but full-time?


Ahead in some and late in others I guess.


>My dream is to be the average upper class Joe

>from 31 back to 25
that shit gave me canver


im 24 and already living like im 60

>start earning 40K by 39
is that in bitcoins?

Americans, need to start getting that school debt worked off.

It seems boring desu

How can you have a fulltime job when you're supposed to be in college or university at that age?

23 here soon 24

>15: got my kiss at 14
>19: no fucking job ever
>20: got mi license at 18
>21: nope
>22: i moved out yes
>22: no car
>23: nope

my high school debt was 40K so i worked part time in HS and full time after that

this is not american also people work part time jobs at 19

>my high school debt was 40K

trying to outperform the leaf.

I'm early on anything that doesnt involve women


I am 21.
>First kiss: 18
>first job: not yet but soon
>Driving test: 17
>Holiday with friends: nope
>first holiday with partner: 19

Who created this chart? Is this how normal people live their lives?

>first kiss
>full time job
Lol, part time sure
>driving test
16 for g1, 19 for g2
>first holiday with friends
>move out rent with friends

20 now. Rest of this shit should happen after you get a real job. What a fuckin joke. Live life at your own pace.

>list full of materialist modern age bullshit
wow amazing, such a great life

Haha whoops forgot to do any of this.

Currently 25

>first kiss
>first full time job
24 (studying/working part time before that)

>pass driving test

>first holiday with friends

>move out/rent with friends

>buy first car
Not yet

>first holiday with partner
Never had a partner

>be a best man
None of my friends are married

>rent on your own

>get engaged
>rent with partner

>enjoy two holidays per year
Every year since 18 (usually more than 2 too)

>start earning average wave
>start earning 40k
If you convert to yank money then I'm already earning more than 40k in my first job, but I do live in London where that doesn't take you very far desu

All in all pretty average I'd say

>first kiss
oh fuck you((((
though most of people i know had a first kiss before 15.

My first kiss happened around 8 years old, and I've never heard of anyone (other than really late virgins) having their first kiss past like 10. Their chart is listing first kiss age as the typical first sex age around here.

>kisses before pubertat
i think it doesn't count

land of the free :)

Typical first sex age here is like 16 or 17.

It's British you retard

That's a first kiss, although I shouldn't be surprised that a Russian has no understanding of what "first" means.

>European doesn't know the joys of working full time and going to school at the same time

Lucky son of a bitch.

I am 22
>first kiss
>first full-time job
>driving test
>holiday with friends
>start earning average wage
Started with higher one
Didn't do anything else

it must be nice to live in a country where you can choose to work while going to school

you gotta start early on those student loans here in the states. At least I know I'm free :)