Why does your country hate refugees?

Why does your country hate refugees?

Because they tried to rob me

We are full

of shit

on the whole it doesn't

Literally yes

We don't need any more welfare queens

they don't look like barbara.

Pls tell she has vegene and not dicke

Poo taste.

based barbs poster

I want to sleep in that belly

fuck off, fray

Palvin is perfection itself.

Because they will bring in the culture and religion of their country without trying to get used to the culture and customs of our country.

We don't get them so nobody cares

We already have upwards of 2-4 million illegal migrant workers in a country of 30 million people. We don't need refugees to fuck things up more.

because 0,00001% looks like this model.

It doesn't.

Most American welfare users are "American" tor the lack of a better word.

Being fucked by foreign powers multiple times has made people more nationalistic.

we already have more than enough black idlers who don't do shit and are just robbing our country off of welfare

You know why

also becaus they behave like gypsies


they dont like our most popular and tasty meal

They don't want to live here.