1 in 4. Can you believe that?!

1 in 4. Can you believe that?!

Cool fast facts!

In Japan, around the clock Internet cafe and Manga cafe are used by homeless people.
(Incluse women)

That's actually pretty sad.

Men are the ones who built everything so those homeless men can just build themselves a house. Oh wait they don't because men CHOOSE to be homeless and love to play victim and make everyone feel sorry for them like the parasites that they are.

In Japan, it is difficult for people to re-employ
when they lose their housing, so Japanese homeless need help from others.

For that reason,
Japanese volunteers provide rental houses
and mediate employment.

According to statistics,
the population of homeless in Japan is gradually decreasing.

Can I fuck a cute homeless Jap woman?

That's terrible, we should somehow help those poor women.

Women can be mentally ill or addicted to drugs too

What are the other 3/4? Trannies?

> building without a warrant


And most of them have autism or schizophrenia.
Neets eventually become Streetneets when their parents die.


we need to get that number down to 0 in 4, lads

who is the other 75%?

1 in 4? That statistic sounds familiar...

Sexist pigs

yes, I've been one.

No! Don't fuck them! ヾ(゚`ェ´゚)ノ。゚

Yeah I saw one digging through trash in my apartments dumpsters. She seemed friendly

Can i find love in Japan?

god damn women deserve equality.
there should be twice as many homeless

Yep. Women get more sympathy and help if they're homeless. The ratio should be 1:1 if there's no sexism.

Women can get a roof over their head in exchange for sex easily, so the homeless ones must be very ugly or just old.

>not using proper terminology

That also means 3 in 4 homeless are men.

>2 genders

that was the point brainlet

Tramps are cut off from women, in the first place, because there are very few women at their level of society. One might imagine that among destitute people the sexes would be as equally balanced as elsewhere. But it is not so; in fact, one can almost say that below a certain level society is entirely male. The following figures, published by the L.G.C. from a night census taken on February 13th, 1931, will show the relative numbers of destitute men and destitute women:

Spending the night in the streets,
60 men, 18 women.[6]
In shelters and homes not licensed as common lodging-houses,
1,057 men, 137 women.

In the crypt of St Martin’s-in-the-Fields Church,
88 men, 12 women.

In L.C.C. casual wards and hostels,
674 men, 15 women.

-george orwell

It will be seen from these figures that at the charity level men outnumber women by something like ten to one. The cause is presumably that unemployment affects women less than men; also that any presentable woman can, in the last resort, attach herself to some man.

what the fuck? this is sexist. it should be 0 in 4

Grey aliens


>assuming xir genders

how do we stop sexism guys?

Doesn't matter

>homeless people

Fucking sexist