1. your country

1. your country
2. have you ever snorted something? anything

Yes, cocaine and speed. :3


your momma's cunt

caffeine powder
it burned the shit out of me


Mdma once
Cocaine a bunch of times

Ketamine and cocaine

Snorting MDMA is dangerous.
I hope you did not snort Xanax, its not meant to be absorbed through the nose, if you felt effects its only because it managed to go through your throat and in your stomach.

How's coke compared to speed? I'm holding off on trying coke because it's expensive as fuck and I'm afraid I'll enjoy it a bit too much.

snorted mescaline lol

your mom

Not even comparable.

Most cocaine is cut with speed cause speed is cheaper. My advice don't do coke because indeed you will enjoy it too much. If you do then try limiting yourself to occasions and see the drug as just fake pleasure. It gives intense euphoria but it's all fake and the comedown can get you quite depressed due to a lack of serotonin in the synapses.

Speed is just a strong stimulant good to stay awake for more than 24 hours and good to take before getting in a fight.

greentext plz

Snorted tobacco a few times. It was a shitty experience

It's far more euphoric and feels more wholesome than speed, but only if you have high q coke.
Belgium is a great country for good coke.

>Snorting MDMA is dangerous.
Not really

Salt or smarties powder when I was in middle school

Flag but i'm a balkanic immigrant

Coke once a month

Dried out cum with a car battery connected to my frying pan

Shit was litty



>all these people taking drugs
I did not expect that from Cred Forums, not even Cred Forums in general

Italy is one of the nation with highest coke use (and abuse)

Tbh drugs are pretty fucking amazing

But goddamn holy hell they will destroy your life, slowly

what did you expect from normie r9k aka int

I like cocke but you have to be mentally strong and keep in mid that it's an artificial sensation and limitate the use only for some particular situations (i liked to snort on house parties).

If you take drugs for being HIGH then it's manageable; the problem is when you take drug to be NORMAL: that's the addiction

If I stopped going to a psychiatrist and re-routed all the money I spend on her and anti-depressants into proper drugs I'd probably live a much happier, albeit somewhat shorter life. Fuck, I can't even drink with these anti-depressants and they don't work for shit.

>be 17
>7 months ago
>know this one sketchy dealer
>asked him for LSD
>says he knows a guy
Toronto has literally 3 ppl that sell LSD, so i thought I was in luck
>The dealer tells his friend to come over
>His friend is some guy on a bike with a bag full of drugs
>Pulls out a plastic bag full of pills

I am very well informed about drugs and I know LSD comes in tab forms, but I was desperate to get it so I bought $50 for 6 pills of it. I really wanted to do acid so might as well.

fast forward a couple days

>me and my friend pop one of the pills
>we wait an hour for it to kick in
>my pupils dialate and I feel a body high

Definite body high and in a good mood, but it felt a little dull. At this point we are just chilling in my room when suddenly I get an idea.

>I tell my friend im gonna open one of the pills and snort it
>Cut it into lines and shit
>Snort that shit like Tony Montana
>nothing happens

5 minutes pass

>Literally everything I stare at starts to move
>Body high is intense at this point
>Patterns start swirling around
>shit was fire

Later find out it was synthetic mescaline
I tried real acid from a tab and it was nothing like it

Mescaline is relaxing af lol


Snorted it at 10 AM, spent the rest of the day drinking and rowing around a mountain lake in a kayak, didn't go to bed until 2 AM. Great day.

coke and mdma
mdma hurts, I wouldn't recommend it

1- Mexicunt
2- No, never. The strongest thing I ever did was opium and that was by accident because I thought it was hashish.

it's disgusting but the come up is lovely though

I just mix it into a drink or wrap it in a rizla

How did you come across opium? I wanna smoke it or sip a tea of it instead of chugging codeine cough syrup.

Here opium is sold by south asians or middle easterns

Half a line of cocaine to sober myself up after drinking all day

only coke and some other dumb shit like salt when i was a kid

Yeah coke

I snort water to clean my sinus.


After all, white pigs have many drug addicts.

>says the guy who buys children's used diapers off the street

ketamine and coke

Finally a first Ketanon

is it hard to limit yourself to half line

A bug flew up my nose and didn't come out once

No, drugs will destroy your brains.

My allergy medicine. It's a nasal spray.

>tfw only smoked weed 10-15 times between 16 and 18 and developped bipolar disorder at 18

I have many questions.


coke and cock


its not that good as they say desu

Both hurt, do not recommend, got some crazy visuals from snorting the 2c-c though
These days you can order everything online

Table salt and water


It was a fucking waste of money. I felt nothing at all because of my ADHD.

2c-b and God damn it hurt. Got high almost instantly so it was totally worth it

Just cocaine. My friend is making a batch of MDMA for his gf's birthday so I'm planning to snort that shit too

coke, opiates and pharms.
>tfw too paranoid to buy off the deepweb

and snorting other stuff is healthy, makes you live longer

Just injected

Are these classified as psychedelics? Normies usually dont know well these drugs apart from acid and shrooms.


yeah 2c drugs fuck your shit right up
it's comparable to acid

Yes, 2c-x are psychedelic phenethylamines


I also prefer coke comedown than the average alcholic hangover.

Psychedelics that in my experience give you a lot of energy too, pretty good for parties and such

do finns have high energy parties? i thought you guys sit quietly in the corner while drowning your depression in vodka.

Snuff, ketamine and coke. All pretty average

yes, speed.
Loved it. Wonderful drug for a communicative evening. Wish I knew a dealer at my new place

well well well


Breton sea salt?

fleur de sel :)

no. i only sniff girls hair

the absolute madman

Of course we do, we turn into whole different persons when we're intoxicated

Don't just chop MDMA, grind it with the backside of a spoon on a clean surface. Watch out a bit because bigger crystals might fly around, so prechopping it before you use the spoon is a good idea. Never had any problems with snorting molly ever since.

Fuck my life, I moved to a new city and I couldn't find anyone who can properly help me out. I literally made faster and better connections in rural fucking New Zealand and I don't want to drive all across the country to hit up my guys. I've been drinking more and more ever since I moved here 2 months ago. Fuck

I don't enjoy psychs in uncontrolled environments, probably because I like to dose them pretty high.

been to Turko during their city festival.
can absolutely confirm.
a random Finish girl even kissed me after she spoke to me repeatedly in Finnish and I answered her at some point in German

sehr kantig


Shit ton of coke and 2cb. This was back in 2011. I've been clean since then

Just did a line of Crystal an hour ago because I don't have a pipe right now

>making a batch of MDMA

sugar packets
it was awful

Did I say something wrong

I liked tabaka (snuff?) in high school

Well the precusors themselves are controlled
Assuming he has access to a uni-lab but I don't understand why you wouldn't just buy it since it's so cheap

At least that's my understanding

t. not a /sci/fag
t. no longer indulge anyway (but it's so fucking cheap man apart from during the great drought 8(?) years ago)

Pic related pixi sticks
I was 10 and thought it would be funny but it hurt like a bitch

One time i crushed percs and was snorting that and coke and drinking liquor and i sneezed and mixed the two up. Apparently i fell down a flight of stairs and slept for roughly three days with my eyes semi open. I only smoke weed now. But the best is Heroin. 3 years since i quit.

I have snorted:
>Meth (accidentally, i was sold it as MDMA and didnt purity test)
>Ethylphenidate (burns like a motherfucker, i actually burnt a hole in my nasal cavity from snorting this garbage

Only good ones from this list are the Amphetamines (not meth, that shit sucks), Cocaine, and MDMA.

this is the real fake MDMA. I think I accidentally took meth once but in a pill.

Me since I've not posted:
>various pharmas
>probably some other shit I'm forgetting

Yeah methylone is just a cheap chinese chemical used for exactly what you said.
And yeah same deal with me for meth, took a cap of "mdma" with someone and there was a bit of a come up but then it didn't feel right AT ALL. And I was high as fuck for hours and hours and I was so paranoid I was thinking about killing myself because I thought I would be high the rest of my life.

I hate uppers unless it's good coke.. Makes me feel so spun out and paranoid
Don't really class MD that way

As I said I don't take anything any more, apart from weed once a month or so. Drink too much but want to put a lid on that too. That's the trade off though - I'm either smoking or drinking. Feels bad being a messhead

No but i already sell

I like just normal speed paste because it is really functional and I only ever felt fucked up if i took way too much. Just feels like a really strong cup of coffee and I can go about my day.
Lots of uppers and stims are pretty trash, I know what you mean about the spun-out feeling, and the accompanying anxiety sucks.

And yeah same deal for me, I've stopped pretty much everything except alcohol and weed, and the occasional xanax but never getting blackout fucked up on it. A lot of those drugs were a fun ride but it's a lot of money, and not hugely worth it anymore IMO.

*FN FALs towards you*

Ha, I've used base (what we call that paste before you try it out) for work before and it is gud, pretty normalising almost, but if I overdo it even slightly I regret it. Leaves me feeling a mess.

I just sell in university i need money to buy a new gpu and CPU

Oh yeah for sure, i get this washed up empty feeling and I get a headache. There have been a few times I've gotten high with that and gone to the gym to lift and I've been an absolute monster (incredibly stupid, i know).

What do you sell?

i snort about 5 grams of cocaine every single weekend and stay awake for 2 days straight and drink constantly and spend days feeling amazing. cocaine on its own wears off ast but with loads of alcohol it's fucking amazing. and it's almost impossible to cum or get an erection so if you take viagra you can fuck for hours

Sometimes Cocaine(Toyotist mode), LSD and ecstasy

Yes, I snort cocaine quite often but not too often

Are you congested, user?

That doesn't seem like a very good idea.

He does have access to a lab, yes.

Everyone loves his MDMA, my friend whose been doing mandy for years says it's top notch stuff. I didn't try back when he made them last time but I did ecstasy for the first time recently, so I'm definitely open to doing it when he makes it


Most drugs are shit to snort, it's hilarious, but also sucks when your nose is fucked for a bit (was especially the case with 2c-b/e, couldn't feel my nose for a week)

Just cocaine.

Yeah Adderall

Might snort some later actually