What are german girls like?

what are german girls like?

like being scheissed on

Hard to generalize

They have an ugly square facial shape.

Nice, there are a few germans both girls and guys at my university and they are all very pleasant to be around

In general German girls don't value unsolicited cold approaches. In fact it even is considered downright rude to bother Germans of every gender in public without a serious reason like a medical emergency or something, the way it is completely ok and to a degree even expected like in the US.

The club and party scenes are also way less about hook-ups the way it's often the case in the US.

Yes, in Germany, people actually go there to listen to the music. In bars they prefer to stick to people they already know instead of aiming to get to know new people as well. The only real point in time when approaching becomes acceptable at some festive event is around midnight when everyone is already at least a bit intoxicated.

Most Germans form couples the way they make new friends. Either through their extended(and already existing) social circle, i.e. a friend of a friend or by meeting people at some shared activity. In order to enter an existing social circle you have to be good friends with at least one person or you will constantly regarded an acquaintance at best or an outsiders at worst.

Sure, exceptions apply and you shouldn't generalize too much but insinuating that cultural and social differences(especially in this area) don't exist would be a bold-faced lie to anyone who's experienced and lived in two cultures.

Sounds more like polish girls

I imagine german girls being pretty round braphogs with big milkers

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:] thank you,thats very nice!

Honestly? Not great. Very mannish, cold and overly opinionated. They're also not that pretty, in my experience. At least our slags are generally easy-going and up for a laff.

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Can confirm this. Germans on the whole are far less approachable in a social situation than anglos, French, and even poles.

t. brit

Aye, I've a German lass. They do tend to take themselves far too seriously. As much as I hate to use the term banter unironically, they genuinely do lack it. The sex is good, though and they aren't as unpredictable and neurotic as French women I know have been and not quite as slutty as good old british slags.

Btw, I'm the German with the Yankee pronunciation and I wrote this.

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they look like sausages

I'm confused.
How do you make a friend in the first place?

By sharing the experience of a significant stage in life together.

The same as girls everywhere. There might be minor cultural differences. But innate issues are universal.

Germans are friendly, but you don't meet new people on a night out. It took me ages to work that out because it's the norm in britain to chat with people in bars and pubs and most people have made at least one friend there. In Germany the groups in a bar will remain separated unless they have really had a few drinks and even then it seems awkward. I've had to make friends through my work here and that has taken ages, I can tell you. I've noticed most of them either have friends from school or work rather than through social activity. A massive generalisation, of course, but it's a trend I've definitely noticed here rather than in any other country I've lived in.

my best friend moved to hamburg for studies. His mother is a native. He speaks the language like a native. I wonder how hard it was for him to make friends. I believe he has a social circle now but for the three years there not a chance at a gf or anything. Must suck kind of.

Betting that he recruited most of his friends from the expat community by bonding through their shared experience.

Damn. I get that Americans are overly fake-nice, but being German seems really lonely...

for me the gf was the easy part, getting friends however is painfully slow and I'd still class my "mates" as work acquaintances more than anything else. Fuck it, even my french friends message me more regularly than the germans and I left france over a year ago. Spend most of my time going out with me gf's friendship circle- not my cup of tea

> being german seems really lonely

Nah, they just have tighter nit friendship circles than anglos, I reckon.

I think they are just friends from university. He studies engineering. No girls in his classes.

On the flip side once you've made some German friends you've made some real, lifelong friends that will still consider you to be their friends after a long time has passed.

one day

Mostly you meet friends in your spare-time activities, swimming or canoeing or something. Or you meet them in friend circles when somebody invites a friend of theirs which is unknown to the others. It's actually not easy to get into a friends circle I have to admit.


Getting coffee with a qt serbian I met this week.

What am I in for?

>once you've made some German friends
>made some friends

eh, most American couples meet through mutual friends

They work (oddly) like us. Social circles. Friends of friends, or friends of "known" people you only say hi. At least that's how they behaved in Erasmus here. Don't know if they work that way at home.
Also I understand you're in it just for the girl (just like I was at first) but the German friend I made is still my friend. Dude came to visit me 3 times already. Approaching is hard though. I managed because I started talking that we both had the same name while being called to an exam.

I studied abroad in Germany for a Semester and and only Made one German friend there and that was because we started Off as randomly assigned Tandem language Partners. To be fair I probably could have done a little better Job at making more German Friends but I was too busy with my American ones so I didn't need too many

In general, are Turk-Germans Generally the Same? I have been Bros with one starting Off as penpals in high school and I managed to Go visit him while I was Out there

Also sorry one Last Thing, If I have been talking non Stop with a very traditional German Girl on WA for a few months now and both of us have already revealed a Lot of Personal information about ourselves, is that a good sign?

ITT: people thinking German women are any different than other western europe. + that pathetic anglo that can't make friends.

I suggest, David, that you fuck off and take your "german" woman with you

Germans seem like bros

lol thats bullshit, its normal and considered as sympathetic to approach people socially here. Most germans are friendly and do have lots of humor.
Not everyone in germany is autist like you.

I would subscribe the notion that it's extremely difficult to get a steady thing going. Never experienced this anywhere else.

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