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be my gf Zando


there are too many underground people in these parts

tfw no BBC gf to kick and abuse me

Stupid whore. Kys.

subterranean people want to invade the surface world, but the light hurts them

glad that i am not an anime watching LOSER

they need to stay put in the ground

what's good about you?

Somebody park in my entry and I can’t get it

What do


Is mexican runescape user on

at Arby's now have NOT been arrested for DUI

Fucking idiot

I consider myself to be a 100% straight man but I'd still have sex with Zando.

get me two beef n cheddars while you're there, thanks

you are the dumbest faggot alive fuck off


stop fighting

Im going to be in Detroit for the Movement music Festival. All the nearby downtown hotels are either booked, or $400 a night at this point. Plenty of inexpensive shit out in the burbs, but I have no idea what area to consider.

Advise please

sorry but i only buy the original

>there are people here right now who can't cook


get me a beef n cheddar and one of thsoe swiss melt burger things can't remember what it's called

If you're a male in 2018 and can't cook, you'll never be noticed by a gf.



Kill yourself, retard

Are you Sinaloa?

boy glad I'm not named whitey

you are an awful person and it is good for everyone else that you are alone, away from them

based mexicans


Who's asking?

your mom

Says the soon to be a 21 year old 5 foot 6 inches virgin manlet

>w-wow a mentally retarded man that wears women's clothes better give him attention xDD!

youre all gay as fuck
this general is cancer

the fuck is belize

reminder that nuclear power is the best type of power

Fuck off, then

UK territory

none of those are bad
meanwhile you are divorced, have no friends and encourage people to commit suicide
fucking subhuman


Is there a safe space on this site? I am tired of meanies being mean to me.

lol lamefag btfo

>none of those are bad



Stop using this pic

>none of those are bad




Es una chulada de plebe

nuclear power = white power

Can't we all just get along?

u mad, bro?

>Can't we all just get along?
Look at this faggot.

>Can't we all just get along?

tfw no bf


ngl, i'd fuck anything that walks


back from Arby's
didn't get you vultures a SINGLE THING

how do you guys live without me

>nuclear power = white power + cancer
No wonder my hair fell out.

looks like the same girl in my pic

for me, its popeyes.

had hoped you'd get pulled over

>i may be a lonely, terrible person no one wants to be around but you're shorter than me

Take a spark plug, shatter the ceramic with a hammer, and throw the ceramic shards at their windows


>nuclear power gives you cancer
only if its in the hands of slavs

das it, man, das da stuff
Now I'm hungry.
Damn you.

>I support nuclear power

my driving skills are impeccable
speed limit, turn signals, no swerving
feds had no clue i had a shot of whiskey nearly two hours ago

why is /cum/ so much better than /brit/?

cum discord is..........


>i support coal power

>being this blue-pilled

this but ironically


>t. (((solar))) power



>I support natural gas

This guy is posting a lot of pictures featuring the same anime

what's up with that?

If I was a graffiti artist my tag would be 99 PROBLEMS

>i'm not in favor of wind/hydroelectric/solar/etc. power

this is a good anime

>natural gas

Where do I find qts in Cancun Mexibros

It's my favorite. Best intro I've heard

Thoughts on this Ox?

theres a town near me named cancun

just watched rambo 2
now watching 3
don't think i've ever seen these tbqh


go to durango

>wind and solar power is great!

First leave Cancun

Here's the amazing intro if anyone wants to hear

t. hippy

The great lakes are huge but their food isn't as good as the northeast, california, or the south

classic dad movies

>t. non-nuclear fag who wants to breath in toxins

You want your energy source to have layers

It's ok I watched Scarface for the first time recently

this is my favorite song i listen to it every day

we need onion reactors

and free of radioactivity and fossil fuels

radioactive onions will be our salvation

natural gas > biomass > wind > hydro > solar > coal > nuclear

The only way you could reasonably be against nuclear is if you are too dumb to understand it

What’s so bad about nuclear?

nuclear is the future


or those who have weakness to radiation oh wait that's everyone

nuclear>hydro>geothermal>solar>wind>coal>human shit>natural gas

I'm not a hikikomori, but I don't do anything other go to work and drink alone in my apartment. The show really hurts to watch.

the gas leaf is a branlet and a brap fag

woah i just got btfo

can we call the British Yookers or something? "brit" sounds so fucking gay and like a 1990's tabloid word

its ok you live scarface

Imagine being this dumb

I just stay in my swamp all day

nuclear is the fut-

>nuclear automatically means radiation leaks
i guess that means natural gas means gas leaks

doesn't it make you want to fix your life


>actually believing green peace
>actually believing such a retarded map
imagine being this retarded

enjoy all those immigrants i sent you
t. lord farquad

the leaf is shilling natural gas in a desperate attempt to save his crumbling middle eastern tier economy

I wish I could

big fan of nuclear because it means underground nuclear waste storage!


what's stopping you

I'm an alcoholic with PTSD. I hate everything about my myself and away from anyone who gets close because I feel I deserve to be alone. I'm on an antipsychotic and two antidepressents which help with the paranoia, but not with the others.

big fan of natural gas because it means toxins being uncontrollably pumped into the air!

>dude just bury it it's safe lmao
The absolute state of nuclear cucks.

huge advocate for the recreational use of marijuana

absolute brainlet position

One one side we have the entire scientific community that says nuclear power is safe. One the other side we have a random Canadian poster with no background in science. Hmm tough one..

you have actual autism

a fucking leaf

went to colorado recently and it's amazing how many dispensaries have popped up

Nice dubs.

Are you gay or bi?

Thoughts on this fossil?

I hate the stuff because I just feel paranoid on it. Still should be legal.
I hate 3 weed gummies in Colorado and I was shaking and puking lol.

you just want an excuse to dig tunnels

mother 2>3

It's a problem in the US with the storage eventually cracking and leaking, and no one does anything to maintain the expensive storage properly.

neither m8

>leaf not wanting to dig tunnels

Too bad we don't have more from those pre-cambrian periods.

i really wanted to try some but i have drug tests at work

looks like the entrance to a fleshlight

>failure of the government to regulate properly means the entire industry is at fault

how big do you think shreks cock is
haha jusut wondering

do you know how fucking deep in the ground that shit is?

Too many Mexicans ITT tbqh

I hope whatever it is led a good life

Also, I've read that jellyfish may be the only creatures descended from that age of simpler multi-cellular lifeforms. All others were phased out by animals.

leafs and yanks too

this. most are in old salt mines.

>the industry needs the irresponsible government to shoulder the industry's responsibility
The industry is quite at fault.

shrek has a massive ogre cock

>he thinks nuclear will ever be adopted in the large scale

It's a literal bag
Bag lifeform

Hi gramps

This is a source of many issues in the US

what's wrong with just continuing to use oil for energy haha

Looks like great-grandpa is getting into an argument with grandpa about oil or nuclear

old people btfo

>cuckfornian expects to be taken seriously

too many californians if you ask me


is tay tay really fat now?

It's been dying in favor of wind/hydfoelectric/etc., gas, and nuclear

>liking Swift

whometh are thou responding to

probably the stupid liberal from berkely haha

you are a brainlet worrying about a non issue anyways



I quite like this song

nuclear power is literally dieing after Fukushima opened sheeples' eyes

she needs some more meat on her bones tbch

love boobs

haha ok Henrico


>nuclear energy is safe, jimmy, half of the waste will be gone in a 1000 years don't worry about it you won't even live that long!
>what the fuck did you just toss that bubblegum wrapper in the trash? Don't you know you know it takes 1 whole years to break down??? you're killing this planet jimbo!!!
Nuclear energy (much like recycling) is a meme pushed by jews to cut down on blue collar jobs. They're playing you like a fiddle.

That's what we all wish.

Nah. Also, Fukushima was Japan's fault for running antiquated systems + really damn bad luck.

do you stalk anyone on this board?

this. never met an environmentalist who is pro-nuclear


No u

I stalk YOU bitch

wew lads


Do you stalk anyone IRL?

That's a silly eel

what the fuck is this thread?

There's this guy that keeps trying to message me even though I blocked him.

air travel > land travel >>>>> subterranean travel



its a party


if you have an appropriate collection of such, feel free to dump some in /s/ from time to time, m8

do you love me? :3


Small tits are a masculine feature and therefore gay

>mexico flag



bad post

lots!! :3


I'm going to regret these decisions in the future
however the future is never quite here is it

i wasn't ready for this

>t. deranged homosexual

who's me

it'll be here sooner than you think

you are, bro

i sure hope not

Bought food and only ate 1/3 of it and I don't have a fridge
Should I give it to my roommate or leave it out until tomorrow?

ocean man take me by the hand

>I don't have a fridge


remember cum 3 months ago had no mexicans except for Cara? awful times

this one

God damn it I fell asleep

I was here 3 months ago and Sinaloa is always here

I live in a dorm

being a missileer seems so comfy

youre pretty cool.



On lonely nights I start to fade

What if you could change gender at will?

why do they have seatbelts


Gender is not the same thing as sex.

*devours feces*

to buckle up


What if you're fingering yourself as a woman and change genders

where's the proof

my life is a total mess

It's in the pudding

start by cleaning your room

>having both types of plungers
but you only need the one

please don't repost my Images

so that they dont get shot around the room if a nuke hits nearby

the other one is for backup

Do you hate it?

Depression vibes be like

>sleeping without sheets


i dont sleep with sheets either
my bed is just a boxspring on the floor

Listening to Drake right now


there are a lot of peepee stains on that mattress

listening to kanye atm

havent shaved this week

Then why didn't you respond to this


just got in the thread


I'm In It is better

im gonna jack off again
7 times today, i dont know why but its been like this the whole weekend


it's great how he gets away with being a douche

mathematically impossible unless your a girl


That's a bit much user

Take a break


kek you should see mine, and i have a fucking sheet
bloodstains errywhere

USA vs Japan?

ryan stop


please get help


no lain new please

I wash my sheets and I always make my bed when I wake up

bloody nose be a helluva thing
also bloody foot from kicking things while loaded trying to get to the bathroom

done so lad
just drinking for tonight then its back on the wagon i promise


Why is Japan blonde?


depression hurts.


US obviously.
iowa has better tits and face.

should i have a snack?



What do you have in mind

How do I acquire that aesthetic?

>somethingawful account registered jan 2006
just kill me

>tfw we will never get an official English dub of the Lain PS1 game

speaking of SA im still impressed how every single veteran from there turned into a huge retard

this song is so fucking catchy

Are you insulting me?

not at all
when i say veteran i mean those ""'well known"" idiots

I don't even know who would be considered well known from there these days
Can't remember the last time I posted there, just logged in for the hell of it