What's up with all the Jews joining the alt-right?

What's up with all the Jews joining the alt-right?

Alt-right is controlled opposition

Is Cred Forums related to alt right movement?

btw me in the hoodie

looking at a very general level, they've always been very reactionary (marxists being an exception to the rule). that's the problem: nationalists never get along with nationalists from different nations. they might pretend to do so for a limited period, but eventually they'll stab each other in the back. that's how it has always been.

Jews also joined in on Mussolini's party before he started introducing racial laws.

because Trump is jewed

Because they can be exploited for easy money - see every alt-right youtuber with a patreon.

>He keeps himself updated on the latest Cred Forums e-celebs

Jews are going to start trying to make money off of them. Just the other day I heard a testosterone supplement ad on the radio unironically spouting the soyboy meme

>goyim aimlessly stampeding
>direct the herd
>avert another shoah
>$$$$ in the process

the alt-right is designed to provoke an uprising from non-whites

wh*Tes are stupid and pay big money to be babysat by ideologues

Some of them are realizing what they've created is starting to turn on them yet again.

Because the alt right is a directionless group. They fight against the symptoms of a cancer, but not the cancer itself

Neither the leadership nor the body of these student centers:
a) Knew the Jewish problem, particularly did not know the Jew; were not aware of the Judaic power, its way of thinking and of action. They began waging war without knowing the adversary.
b) They believed the then Liberal government, or eventually the one to succeed it, to which we
would promise our support, would satisfy our demands. On this basis, they preferred to engage in diplomacy, believing that ultimately they would convince the politicians of the justice of our cause. I believe there is nothing more distressing than discussing a problem with men who are not even familiar with its most elementary aspects...
....I was afraid that Jewry and Masonry, getting wind of the situation, might initiate a pseudnationalist organization in order to tap the people and thus divert the movement onto a dead-end track. In any case, this would have created such confusion in the minds of the Romanians, that it was not at all to be contemplated.

I think this is the case. As soon as we have a mass shooting that can be definitively tied to a white, right wing male then it'll be completely taboo to say you support Trump without being 100% socially ostracised and beaten by niggers.

>What's up with all the Jews joining the alt-right?

The right in alt-right stands for (((right wing))) , right wing politics are inherently jewish as they benefit the b*nks, and thus jews and Isr*el and thus jews.

>The Jewish community in Great Britain, one of the largest in the diaspora, is leaning conservative, as a poll published by the Jewish Chronicle in early 2015 shows. Of British Jews polled, 69% would vote for the Conservative Party, while 22% would vote for the Labour Party. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the voter population, which, according to a BBC poll, had Conservatives and Labor almost tied at about a third each.

>Jérôme Fourquet, director of the IFOP, the French polling organization, notes that there is a "pronounced preference" for right-wing politics among French Jews.

Rabbinic leaders who have advanced a conservative political agenda grounded in Jewish principles have included:
(((Daniel LapinofHaredi Orthodox Judaism
Seymour SiegelofConservative Judaism
David DalinofConservative Judaism
David Klinghoffer
Dennis Prager
Elliott Abrams)))

Sadly Cred Forums users are overwhelmingly of low intelligence and will fall for jewish (((right wing))) lies

wtf I love open borders, socialism and muslim mayors now

>open borders
>same thing as socialism
>not right wing neoliberalism designed to govern corporations by allowing them to cut salaries by hiring third world guest workers
I swear, 99% of the times retarded right wingers attack "socialism" or "marxism" for something, they actually mean right wing neoliberalism.

more of a centre-left neoconservative myself

>comparing fascism with the ""alt right""



Uncle Tom Syndrome

If you intend to stand in the way of World Communism you will die with your jewish masters, fool! The b*nks will be destroyed

Because the Amerimutt tries to control all sides of the coin and beyond

>Loomer is Alt-Right

Spoken like a true boomer

She's the quintessential civic Nationalist