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1st for that cute flip grill

Yeah, outside while I was doing my laundry
Aku dah botak baju singlet je main phone dia approach, tabik ah

Shah Alam?

Its all genetics, bro
Lek ah laki itam manis senang doh awek putih gebu



>wanting to be whiter
youre already deathly pale compared to my southern european complexion, but ill still be hw*Te and youll be azn

I was almost memed into buying a 3ds jesus christ

Fire emblems are good.
Well, that the only thing I play on my brother’s ds.


The goal isn't to be a Wh*Toid. It's just to be as pale as possible.


first for
Friendonesia and malay(not chinese or indian)sia

I really liked fire emblem on GBA but that was like 10 years ago, I don't think I still have the patience for JRPGs. I guess we'll see what happens I am still not done with my research

why would you do that

So we can be Japanese

Having pale skin or untanned skin means you don't work on the outside. There isn't any corelation with wh*Toid having a white skin.

>beta uprising in america
>virgins shooting their schools up
>beta uprising in indon
>virgins becoming terrorists
fucking virgins
how do we stop them?

produce sexbots and distribute to the virgins of the world

>abolished gun in america
>abolished islam in indonesia

hey i read that too

Bend over and save me from that life, indoanon

don't be gay

get a girlfriend


come home brown man

How can anyone deny that Malaysia is the best asean? Even with Singapore included, Malaysia is still the best.

Is that you, Pajeet-kun?

me on the far right, meh

That's the reason of why pale skin is desirable. It also means you're rich with the same reason.

Yong Tau Fu for dinner lads

what filings?

do they make good bfs?
asking for a friend

is Bong Go literally /ourguy/?

Wontons, Hor fun, and every other variations of Tofu I don't know the name of

Meat. What kind of meat inside?

eat your greens soyboy
and no soy is not considered 'green'

Which one? Chinks, Malays or Indians? Maybe you the orang asli ones but I don't meet a lot of them sadly.

the south east asian ones

Whats the most common filling for wontons? When I had em in secondary school, the uncle sold fried wontons with vege filling but kinda doughy-like

Bapak tak beli stuffed bendi, he usually likes them but not today idk why

Oh, the malays? Well malays are romantic in a way that they like to show it in song. Almost all of the songs for malays is about love. I fucking hate it but what can you do. They are quite loyal too. Kind of stupid and want to be funny. That's it maybe. I hope your friend isn't some gay faggot because that's haram.

Any malay muslims malaysian here? How do I meet a girl, get her to be my gf and ask to marry her?

Buy my train

kill yourself, race traitor

But I'm a malay muslim user. How can I be a race traitor?

please menjajah us again

literally everywhere
especially clubs, malls, uni grounds, secondary school grounds, the usual places
just like any other type of girls
be funny, interesting, bonuses that help include being handsome, and loaded
convert, no matter what
you must convert

laa ayat member macam kaum lain dh
kita dilahirkan normie bro, bee yourself

Can I meet the girl at surau je? Susah la camni. Social skill 0 tau. Especially bila nak start conversation dgn girl yg tak kenal.

Malaysia is the best.

Meet a girl in a surau. My goodness. Why do you guys seem to have six mosques total but a buttload of suraus?

Which is more weeb: PH, MY, or ID?



Because building a mosque is expensive. Surau is cheap. But there's a lot more mosque now. So, it's okay.

Boleh je
Tapi jangan creep sangat, dh nak ayat awek kat surau kena lah alim sikit.

Mosques are usually concentrated for big cities and large towns, usually the state capitals. Suraus or musolla are the pillars of a smaller community

>going to surau to meet girls

Let your parents arrange it for you

I want to but I'm sure they won't be doing it like that. Not good or successful enough. And my parents think I can handle myself even if I show them that I very well can't.

I mean I'm not good enough, I think.

you need some confidence
time to hit the gym

>me, a devout muslim
>hang out with gf today
>she let me touch her boobs
>i touched it
>she touched my dick
>went back home
>my heart, feels, not right

Memes aside, i feel like i've done something wrong today. I mean, i really feel bad.

Cred Forums is haram

>devout muslim

step 1: Walk to a girl
step 2: Talk with her
step 3: Woo her
step 4: after a period of time ask her to become gf, if you fail just try someone else
easy bruh

Why are Malay posters so normie?

You did something wrong dumbass. Go meet her parents now and ask for her hand in marriage. Nikah dan kahwin je. Jgn terlebih. Kalau kau terlebih, aq jumpa kau, aq bunuh kau nanti.


But how do you start a conversation? Do you just go up to her and say hi?

1: too short compares to girl
2: stutter like a fool
3: accidentally offensive joke makes her feel inseure

pakai kopiah
1 hri baca separuh juzuk
banyak hadirkan diri aktiviti surau
pastu dapatkan brownie points dari bapak2 awek di surau

The one with idolfags.

My gf is wild. When i first dated her i promised myself that i'll change her into a better person.

but..it seems like she's the one who's changing me

>Go meet her parents
Mak ayah dia kenal aku...Sebab tu aku rase bersalah, suka-suka hati aku jer meraba anak dara orang. Tapi entahla, hati ni mmg rasa x tenang

Which is?

tobat you moron
marry her and then ask her to touch your pepe

Pernah jugak fikir nak buat camni. Tapi masa penuh dgn kerja uni, malam nak rilek main game, hujung minggu kena balik kampung tgk business. Xde masa nak buat camtu. Ade cara lain tak?

>marry her
dude i'm 18.

cari awek bangla

Ah, takde masalah bengap. Kawan aku habis sekolah je terus kahwin. Nampak sgt diaorang ade buat salah tu. Atau mungkin nak mengelak buat salah. Tapi diaorang boleh je. Asal kau takleh pulak. Pondan ke.

why do you need to make a joke? wanna win the Maharaja lawak?
just talk bout normie stuff
if it's too hard for you just start the conversation with some innocent question and then guide the conversation into normie talk

bulan tak jatuh kat peha bang, tak usaha tak dapat awek
kecualila ko nak bohsia

Post the steps to start conversation with a girl for a malay that never casually talk to a girl about nothing.

i suka , ada ku kesah ke

i only got 30 ringgit in my bank account.

Tunggu lah nanti bila aku dah habis belajar, InsyaAllah aku kahwin ngan dia. Buat masa ni, aku nk jauhkan diri dari awek aku. Hati ni rase x sedap la.

>Kawan aku habis sekolah je terus kahwin

untungnya ada mak ayah kaya...Aku xnak kahwin awal, tanggungjawab besar sangat. Aku xnak jadi mcm ayah aku.

no specific guideline, this is not an exam
the topic of conversation depends on your surrounding, the situation and the girl itself
just don't talk bout politics and don't expect to grab her after a few words, you gotta play the long game

Awek saya, sila "upvote"

test drive bro
sedap, kahwin bila kau dah cukup duit

ya allah... member rosak dah

ish ish banyak2 pompuan sepet gak ko pilih
t. makcik esah jiran sebelah

Aku kasi kau nasihat. Jangan jauhkan diri kau. Nanti dia rasa pelik, mak ayah dia tahu. Kena act natural. Jangan ungkit perkara tu lagi. Kau sebagai lelaki, kau yang kena buat boundary. Niat dalam hati kena kuat. Semangat kena top. Kau sebenarnya dah nasib baik dah ade gf.

Too many Malay normie in here

Indonesia have idols before Ph.

Bukan rosak bro. Macam kalau nak bual kosong boleh je. Tapi kena dalam situation betul la. Bukannya macam dalam mall, tiba2 pergi dkt org start conversation. Camtu kan korg buat? Aq mana boleh buat camtu.

so this is why malaysians like to bully,they are normies

>Malaysia is still the best
>has to enforce lite apartheid so malays can go to universities
>can't even find their own airlines
>cucked out of Singapore because they got to butthurt about Chinks/Poos being treated as Malaysians

Are you malay non-normie or chinese normie? Is chinese normie different?

Go out for a meal with your friends who have female friends.
Steamboat grill, ikan bakar etc anything where you sit and chat.

You got 1 job before the separation, 1 job!
pick em all next time


you need to find an alpha bro
Befriend him and watch his way
he will also introduce you with his circle of girls

The first time I saw real nipple, I was disgusted by the look of it.

you were disgusted by your own nipple?

was it black and hairy?

So you just have a few places for jumaah or do they have jumaa in the surau too? I like how you guys use the Arabic terms too unlike the Chinese Hui.

Just sit down baba and tell him you need a fat booty and a pure heart in that order.

God bless you and forgive you habibi. The Prophet once told one of his companions that kissed a girl that he was forgiven for having prayed in jamaat so follow the bad with some good. This world is too ambiguous.

malaysian chinese are the best

Hukum hudud when?

Jumaah only at mosque.
For other prayers an air conditioned room near food court/canteen is way more convenient than walking/driving all the way to a mosque in this weather.

Singapore Chinese worst Chinese

I love you


hi virgin

i agree somewhat
i hear quite some chinese malay marrying at 15, 16, and giving birth too.
Really amazing

>mfw no teenager chink wife

Just wait until your 20s or something.


Living is waiting to die

No before being Muslim I had an Arab gf. Those were the days. Alhamdulillah.

Weekend is Friday Saturday?

depends on the state


Amerika Syarikat jahanam yahudi

t. soyboy

you need to be able to socialize with girls...
and look good
>tfw no cute malaysian chinese teenager wife

He's muslim, bro

buat lauk je la


You guys don't have a cupola (to be, am, is, are)?

Better than becoming an Islamic State in my humble opinion.


>public open air urinal
2years of national service is not enough to get gf?

too old already

You have to go fly kite to find a gf

This trigger SP? Really?

>We Taiwan now


How's Harry gonna defend this now?

I hereby declare that this song shall become /asean/ anthem.





How do I find a girl that is stronger than me in Malaysia? Everywhere I look, I only find normal girls.

>sung by a chink

btfo shill


This is /nusantara/:

awek gim wuwu

You have to find 'kampung slut' girl. They're tend to be stronger. My girlfriend is a lil bit stronger than me.

PULAPOL, ask for FRU.

Kampun slut what? Are you serious? I don't even know what that means.

But for more context, I'm stronger than average. I'm already a black belt in taekwondo at least. Girls are still weak though.

cari akak ni

Stop posting things you know I cannot get. Fuck you.


please post more

Big if true, wonder how AFP will react

goodnight guys.love you

bye bye flip

Did /asean/ finally get rid of MKL and Frenchbread?

Probably tired from his wagecuck ways.

Lets thank mr. Lim and tagalog inefficient transport system for getting rid of one namefag SP.

Knape mlayu byk sgt virgin/teruna?

Tagalogs sure are resilient like cockroaches.
If Bathala made me into a tagalog, I surely kill myself immediatly for belonging into the trash race.


Just look at their dwellings.
They’re more dirtier than sub saharan africans and pajeets.

ahh, of course, or is it because of anime??

Question: whats Worst sound in the world?
Answer: Tagalogs digustingly talking in tagalog “””language”””. Sounds like death rattle and demon music combined.

There is nothing worse than seeing tagalog pokpok in the street.
Day is ruined when I see our tagalog maid touching my soiled clothes for her to wash.

Shhhh... stupid tagalogs are not sleeping.
They sure are a lazy set of “””humans”””.

Looks like he is still here SPing lmao


Daily reminder


In a historical sense

A follow up

since this post triggered bisayaball SP to go apeshit yet again.

More JAV, less hentai.


Tagalogs are really pathetic.
Spreading fake news like a monkey flinging his poop to everyone.

is the pinoy tripfag a tranny?
or f*male?

Sad stupid tagalog boys

Bisayans always the victim lmao

Probably a tranny like most of the tagalogs.
Tagalogs has the most sissy males in all the cuckloid races.

Speaking of flinging poops

One of our proud bisayan tradition


thats 3 generals with a resident tranny
do korean boys count?

those would pass as local gypsies here lul


wtf if this is true hahahha

Do they really have to dress like trannie to eat pagpag shit?

They proabably our version of gypsies brought to the islands by slave trade by muslims.

yep sounds about right

Is this account legit?

>bury the hatchet

Look at these common tagalog sissy boys in their natural habitat.

Bisayan Tranny thread now?lol

How are my fellow Southeast Asians doing?

SP got triggered by no filter last time idk

>The earliest settlements in the Visayan islands were from valley-dwelling Austronesians and highland-dwelling Negrito dated around 30,000 BC.

Seems like its the only account
altmocha is a troll post but it looks like its base on facts.

We have many waves of back and forth migration tho atleast thats the theory


There's a pic of him here or atleast allegedly its him.
Why do you ask about him, what did he do?

[engoen negeont gan