This is the Prince of Andorra. Say something nice about him

This is the Prince of Andorra. Say something nice about him.

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He's got a long nose, and weird teeth.


And soon to be emperor.

All hail the God-Emperor!

>Macron's paternal grandmother (née Robertson) was born in Bristol, United Kingdom.

literally shut down in one link, being british must be suffering

>descendants of the ruling elite are richer than the descendants of people who weren't the ruling elite
Wow. Just wow. I need time to fully comprehend this bombshell.

Who knew that the ruling class kept the plebs down? Shocking?

>the ruling elite descends from French Normans

And? Our Norman/Pictish/Celtic/Jute/Roman/Saxon/Viking blood is irrelevant. We're all Englishman now, Pierre. Must suck to be forced to learn the language of the people you once """""conquered""""". In truth, you never actually conquered us. It's more accurate to say that we assimilated you.

>We wer Germans an' shieeeet. Frenchies always keep us down!

>We're all Englishman now,
not according to the link

>t. briton who bows down to his norman overlords
It just goes to confirm the superiority of our genes.

>Must suck to be forced to learn the language of the people you once """""conquered"""""
To be fair, people are learning American now, not English

Sigueu nets, parleu Català!

Our royal family is literally German. You think we give a shit? My point is that we no longer view our society through the lense of Celtic, Norman, Anglo-Saxon etc. Rich, British people are just that. Rich, British people. Poor, British people are just that. Poor, British people. The article was an interesting read, for sure, but it's not as if we're all sitting around, seething at the fact that people of "Norman descent" are better off than others, because to us, they're just Englishman. And they've been Englishman for the best part of a millennium.

what a cucked country lol

Oh Dios mío... la error espeluznante...

Nice argument. Thank you for speaking English. The official language of Planet Earth™ ^_^

yank-tier response to banter

no problem it's just a dialect of my own language after all


>our languages
Eternal mutt, looking for its place in the world. Sad.

>le 26% language

>ton regne ja nos apertenist, entenz tu cel?
>cwemaþ, maester, na!
>j'ai n'ooie tu. Repete!
>Ic maene "plaise, sire!"

>le 26% language

Spanish vocabulary has been in contact from an early date with Arabic, having developed during the Al-Andalus era in the Iberian Peninsula.[14][15][16][17] With around 8% of its vocabulary being Arabic in origin, this language is the second most important influence after Latin.

Wew lad

Shut up goblino, I am a Catalan.

>8% vs 70%
the absolute state of the mutt language