Why is America so shitty at sports?

If there was an own category "Norwegian called Johan" they would have a lead over America. Come on guys, what happened to the sporting spirit? It's kind of boring competing against this.

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Oi, you cheeky cunt! Why'd you edit us out?

wut happen to Norway!?!

>aryans are not superior and there is not correlation between races and their performances in olympi-

I didn't edit you out. But really, even China and Russia can't compete. wtf.

Nobody cares about the Winter Olympics

Leave it to us to pass them

There's really no point in including countries outside the top 10 tbqh. Everyone knows the summer Games are the only truly relevant ones.


>Korea cannot into top

olympics are gay, the only sport that matters is the one everyone plays

Winter sports is the white mans sport. Cross country is the most exhausting sports genre.

You got blasted by the Swiss with the power of communism, capitalism, and friendship combined

>mfw gb would have 3 golds if elise christie wasn't such a disgusting choker

MFW third

m8 we only ever win golds at the summer games in true patrician white people sports like cycling, rowing, sailing, equestrian, canoeing, etc.

no special lipbalm or "asthma" medicine

I think i've never seen another country pick up a flag from the supporters

>America and Germany are the only countries to get top 5 in summer and winter
Why can't other countries compete?

Didn't kalla do that?

The US is doing terrible considering your population and that you've sent 242 athletes. Germany have sent 156. GB have sent 58 lmao.


I like the sports like this because it's pure. All the sports that require judges can fuck off.

>m-medals per capita :^)
The death rattle of a LOSER

Sorry there's no ice rowing or ice darts


>asthma doping users at top

thats your nordic circlejerk. nobody cares about the olympics. we are in the middle of the nhl season. playoffs start soon.

No one cares about the NHL either.

Oh dear, how will we recover?

true. ANIME

youre right. Just wanted to tell you.

>going fast on ice isnt a sport but flipping around jumping into a pool is

Why is this allowed?

woah this explains a lot

Why does Norway BTFO out of all their Scandi counterparts so bad in these games?


Mad you came in 2nd?

Doping that is allowed for them, but not allowed for anyone else. Even the athletes who don't have asthma use all kinds of asthma medicines.

>Right behind pepiks
C-can't we just be one country again?

Austria the KING of alpine skiing.

t. Same population but basically zero real medals

We are sucking shit this year. Well maybe not in hockey and snowboarding.

Asthma medicine is not doping tho. It's allowed because widely believed to not have any performance enhancing effects, WADA do not think so, and doctors and scientists do not either. Even to athletes with no breathing problems at all are allowed to use it (not that they actually do).
So, why is it legal if it's supposedly so bad?

>wut happen to Norway!?!
Skiing is all they do.

Also our gold medalist isn't even slovak kek.
She's a ruskie.

>Cross country is the most exhausting sports genre.
Did it growing up and played soccer as well. Soccer was a lot more exhausting.

They dominate the fuck outta the cross country skiing

Why do the Norwegians hate hockey?

Basically we do great in sports only we play.

Why does oar have more medals than usa

Well it is their national sport. Yeah they love football too but cross-country skiing is an obsession.

using doping is way more effective in individualistic sports

>both our teams struggling at the curling

Just give Canada the golds now.

Remember when the East Germans used to dominate the Olympics?

>5 gold
That was how many medals Michael Phelps received just for showing up to a pool during the Olympics. The snow version sure is different from the proper one.

Not seeing Indian or Pakistan there.

Johan really is master race. I’m also Johan btw.

Can someone explain how Finland has so few medals? Is hobby horse riding not part of the events?

Ice-pond high diving when?

They shit the bed last time around as well

>more diving

Yes pls.

Why does Finland suck so bad compared to the rest of Scandi?

>tfw you took two more gold today

pls stop taking all golds.