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faces of Cred Forums

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Oi! You're ripe rippin' to go out an' kick some croc ass you are, my cuntin' mate!

r8? don't be rude.


Tú pelo es un nido, Argento


At least is 'original'

I didn't know Pipo Cipolatti browsed Cred Forums


Que vale ser original si un buite hace morada en tu cabeza y se la caga toda mañana?


gotta go fast






Grabate algo en vocaroo pa


/fa/ hated my fit.

Esta bueno, en fa son todos unos gordos que usan ropa asqueroza para diferenciarse de los 'normies'.

YEAH lml

unas zapas nuevas

es caro falabella alla?

r8 me

Because that’s fa


lewis se te cago de la risa boludo

no, es un poco mas barato que en otros negocios del mall. la calidad es un poco peor pero aun asi no es mala. Si vas a fines de temporada encontras las prendas 2 o 3 veces mas baratas pero eso pasa en todos los negocios.

para los estandares de aca esta bien, la camisa no va con la remera pero es un detalle, a las minas le chupa un huevo

no es mas caro que ir a un local de marca pero la calidad es peor


I’m that American you keep arguing with.



Chico soja


Are those salts in your bath or are you just that dirty?

nigga needs a couple of face tattoos to achieve maximum killer status

Looks like the ashes of the cig that d00d's having

sorry don't speak taco


t.not homo


Thank u but I wish I lived in Sweden. All the cute boys are there.


I replied to you in english but since you are a somalian immigrant who is not fluent in english you thoguht that I was speaking beaner speach

el lux estinguido...

don't bully pls


Blowjob lips



wtf racist reported

>not homo
>check flag

Do you show bobs?



Do we have a name? I remember i was surprised by her nationality for some reason


remember when Cred Forums anons used to post their real faces? I 'member

She’s a japanese named Leelou

Real me


me too, I miss these times
are you spanish?

Po ya ve, y africano

This is what I look like. Guess my age.



I remember you from a thread a few months back. You've got a bretty nice ass my man.


Latinos are so ugly.

Where did this meme about them being good looking chads come from?

from women

you look like someone I know.
pic is me
>inb4 chile is not white


from mexican soap operas

Doubt (X)

Do you really think the good looking ones are posting on Cred Forums?



That is me though, I'm on /soc/ sometimes too. Like two people know I post here, I hope they don't see this thread.

>qts have seen my shitposts and autism

In fact I do remember speaking to an allegedly chilean girl who played the guitar in a previous thread, think I'll ultimately assume you are real, my mind automatically assumes that there are no wominz on this website

That's a 6/10 hidden behind 3 filters

thanks bro

mostly med

after the leaked pics and trump this place is full of people that might know you so less people is willing to risk being identified, the ones that post pics here are just attention whoring or posting soc pics

but you don't look european?

escupime en la cara y decime hambrientino


I’m Indian

That was not me in fact, I avoid saying I'm a girl because they'll think I'm attentionwhoring or whatever. But I saw a couple of anons posting their real faces so I gave it a try.
I don't know actually
I know.

cute dog

imaginate hacer lo que sea para que te den yous, anda al doc

volve a paraguay

soy bien argentino papu

akshfkahfk dale papito

imaginate postear como si estuvierai en lat

Are you both going to poop at the park?


I chuckled