We often see that some prominent writer like Alan Moore or Garth Ennis said Superhero is bad product, boring, violent...

We often see that some prominent writer like Alan Moore or Garth Ennis said Superhero is bad product, boring, violent, poor written, etc.
But, They often show respect for Superman as only and true superhero.
But, i don't know what distinguish him from other superheroes.
Do you know why?


What do you mean?

I can't see difference between Superman and other superheroes.
Why is superman only and true superhero and are other superheroes bad products for them?

He's basically a volunteer rescue worker. That's actually something respectable. Other superheroes just get in fights all the time or have adventures (which is fine, but not necessarily "heroic").

He's a power fantasy. That's what he was created to be, and that's what he's stayed as even though the character has differed over the years. He doesn't try to be "realistic" like say Batman or Spider-Man. Moore and Ennis like the sheer fantasy of the character.

So,Superman is loved because he is idealistic and fantasy?

I see.
But, isn't Flash volunteer resque worker too?

Lots of superheroes are. is a common trope.

So, why Moore or Ennis hate other superheroes without Superman?

Garth loves the big blue cheese, ya dumb OP fuck, read Hitman, take a shower, hit the weights, get a clue.

OP knows this. He asks why Superman specifically and not other superheroes.

I want to know what distinguish Superman from other altruistic volunteer superheroes like Flash or Spiderman for them.

Moore doesn't care about Superman, either. Hell, his first great work was about deconstructing him. And Ennis is just a dick who should never be allowed to write capeshit.

1) He was the first.
2) He actually has 'Super' in his name.
3) He is SO powerful that he literally can't have a dark side. There's no room for it. If he did it would be a disaster - viz. the Sentry, Irredeemable, The Boys.

He's pretty much the mold for "the superhero".
Being altruistic is all he is.

He's not bogged down by drama or anything,

and another one of his great works was about reconstructing him

Moore's a multifaceted guy

But Garth Ennis likes Superman, he just thinks a lot of people write him badly (which is true)

Disregard that, I suck cocks and didn't read the next line.

Superman is the original superhero, all the others are just imitations.

I don't know about Moore but Ennis respects Supes for what he represents about America than his superpowers or anything.

Well no, that's Gilgamesh

Ennis hates America.

He hates what America has been, not what it has the potential to be.

All superheroes are power fantasies to a point. More importantly, Superman is a pretty sophisticated power fantasy. He is a man who has ultimate power which manifests as an ability to be weak, humble and open to people without fear of getting hurt. Power fantasies are generally selfish - you fantasize about being the toughest, baddest, dick biggest motherfucker on the block, with little consideration of what you actually do with that power. Power is a goal in and of itself. The fantasy of Superman is the idea that having achieved ultimate power, you will strive to be the best human being you can be and strive to uphold the highest standards of the society you live in. Your power frees you from the pursuit of power and allows you to be truly small for the sake of others.

It's a subversion of a regular power fantasy, which is pretty cool.

More like a lesson in polarity.
Either his stories are shit, or it's a masterpiece.
Either he writes about why an idea is stupid and childish, or why it's fantastic.

Why do you keep saying anything that people find impressive is a power fantasy? I'm really starting to get sick and tired of this stupid insinuation that everything and anything which hints at ambition and betterment to be nothing more than a power fantasy. By that logic everyone that thinks about becoming someone who's more accomplished, is by association, dabbing in a power fantasy. It's nonsensical.

It's the fact that he's trying to - actively - set an example. You can have the heroes going through things like bad trauma, horrible origin stories, but Superman's shtick - at least, since COIE - is that he's aware of his place in the cosmic order... but sticks to good old Smallville values like helping people cross the street, getting kittens out of trees and just revels in being a Momma's boy and that it's nothing to be ashamed of.

That being good and DOING good doesn't mean you're any less a person or to be looked down upon for doing it. People look to him not as a God, Messiah, or Harbinger but as that nice guy who'll show up and help without an angle - without an agenda - just because he wants to help you up the street.

He knows that you're capable, that you're your own man... but that once in a while, you need a little help getting on your feet because it's just a little too slippery.

"What would Superman do?"

He'd do good.

So, Superman is special because he is perfectly good guy?

Yeah. Weird how For the Man Who Has Everything was so good, but Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow was one of the worst Superman stories of all time.

source or proof?

He's basically the embodiment of what we all strive to be and are. He's the awkward everyday guy and he's also the superhero that always does the right thing. This is why he has become the genre defining hero.

>One of the worst.


They grew up in a time when superman was famous and his comics were actually well written.

Come on it wasn't THAT bad. Calling it the worst is a bit mean don't you think? At least he winked at the end.

Because Superman is the quintessential superhero. He's the one that started it all. His appearance, his powers and personality are the archetypal traits that most superheroes follow.

He's the first, he's the most inspirational. I think that's why.

shit taste friend

Superman is portrayed as a god, so if he's violent it's just shit. Because of this writers have to think about non-violent ways to make the character interesting, thus giving him character and essentially making better written by forcing the writers to think about avoid violence. This leads to a better product. Terrible writers still fuck it up though.


He's special because he's like Atticus Finch or the Juror from 12 Angry Men. He's a good person.

His powers are beyond us, his morality is not. Anyone can be a humble, selfless human being.