RIP Becky

RIP Becky.

I need more deforestation porn drawn in this art style

Wish someone had webms of her glorious rack


wish someone drew me more deforestation porn drawn in this art style

Girl from an old American Dad episode. Wanted to fuck Steve, but got crushed by rocks and eaten by the Smith family.

Does she drive a hummer and cut down rainforests

No. She runs through rainforests and takes her top off for reasons I still don't understand.


I want her to pulp the forest down into disposable sandwich toothpicks

I understand that reference.

You do know?

The guy with a kink for korrasami clearing forests?

Doesn't have to be Asami so long as the woman is pretty

I've been jacking off lately to that one girl from Archer who starts fires and loves being choken to death

Out of curiosity, does the idea of a bunch of hot girls running an oil rig turn you on?

Yes especially if a Hummer Factory is involved


Deforestation gets me off easier tho.

Truly unusual.


It's just...odd.

but y?

It's just very specific.

Aren't all fetishes?





I don't know, I guess just because it reminds me of tiles and Ohio.

Those aren't real fetishes

I don't know about that. I'm certainly not going to question the authenticity of anybody's fetishes.

Aren't you just now?

No, I was just interested in details.

>and takes her top off for reasons I still don't understand
She was distracting Steve so he'd run into a low branch. Same reason Stan cut the rope bridge while he was still on it.

she reappear in some episodes without explanation like background character.

I've been noticing a lot more reoccurring background characters. Like the stripper Stan took in (though I haven't seen her since she was on that bus).

Well yeah, that's the nature of background characters.


Hey and those two to the left of her look like a couple of Roger's former skanks.