Gotham any good Cred Forums?

Gotham any good Cred Forums?

Its hard to make a good version of Poison Ivy much less one in Live Action

No, it's awful. Apparently all of Batman's rogue's gallery got their start when he was just a kid. Oh, and Gordon's wife cheated on him with a woman. Oh, and Catwoman has fetal alcohol syndrome.

The kid who plays Bruce is pretty good.

>Apparently all of Batman's rogue's gallery got their start when he was just a kid
Only penguin and riddler who arent really fighters so it doesnt matter how much older. And freeze but he is an ice man

I just binged both seasons. It's pretty good, super campy. I hope that kid gets to play Batman one day.

I was wondering from OPs image

I like it. I wanted a show about James Gordon cracking skulls and got just that its fun

The third season intro felt really unpleasant and disjointed.

Like...Gordon is suddenly a bounty hunter?

It's not good, but it's entertaining.

Who the fuck is the emo Bruce double?

it has a slow start but later they drop the procedural format and it gets better

I wouldn't call it good but I wouldn't call good any of the Superhero tv shows anyway


Season one is mostly bad, with the exception of some characters like Penguin who is perfect

Season two is mostly great and even solves many of the problems it had before, with the exception of some weak monster of the week episodes

Season three just started and it seems slightly worse then two, hopefully it goes back up in quality in the coming weeks

I'd say it's worth watching if you're already interested or just want a fun funny show to watch every week

Don't waste your time, buddy

That makes no sense. It's more like if you mixed Adam West Batman with Tim Burton's Batman.

I can see where you're going with Tim Burton, some actors look like Burton's actors and that's all... but '66 Batman?
Where did you pulled this from?

It's unusual.

As a television show it works well, but sort of teeters between too serious and too silly, striking a really bizarre balance between dark and realistic, and camp cheesiness.

You can have characters like Fish Mooney, Penguin and Riddler who chew the scenery like they're the campest comic book characters ever conceived,

Then you contrast that with what is a fairly straightforward police procedural show, with all the tropes of "by the book" and angry chiefs and commissioners spewing virtriol every other day.

It develops its characters well, and it's fun to see these pieces move across the board to where they're inevitably going to end up.

It's not Batman's gospel swan song, it's just a fun little show that explains the NEED for batman. It shows how a city could get so bad that it needed a caped vigilante like Bats.

Watch it, but don't expect The dark knight: the series. It's somewhere between Burton's Gotham and Nolan's Gotham with a faint whiff of Schumacher.

Also in the beggining the show was sold like "GCPD dealing with Gotham street criminals and shit" and then it was like "here, have some Batman villains even though some of them only became villains after Bruce became the Bat. Oh and they're kids now!"

A clone who wants to molest Selina Kyle


They're probably going to make him an experiment of Thomas Wayne's, like a backup Bruce.

I also predict that the court of owls will use him to keep wayne enterprises in line.

>but '66 Batman?
>Where did you pulled this from?

The general hamminess of episodes. The only tme I found Gotham not to be hammy is when Riddler getting caught subplot. It almost felt kino to me

Even that started out goofy with the trap Nygma set up in the museum.

I love it. Plays really heavily into Morrison's "Gotham creates its villains/heroes" thing. It manages to balance the crazy, bombastic camp that is inherent to batman with actual human problems and fitting drama.
if there was a full grown Batman in it, it would be the perfect Batman show.

I personally like the idea that Gotham needed the Batman, rather than the Batman appearing followed by his villains, as is often the portrayal. Let's face it, becoming the Batman without a colourful rogues gallery already in place seems a bit mental,

Yes, very much so.

this is b8

Six months between last season and this season

Why do you keep posting this? Anybody who has actually seen the show knows this is completely off base.

>Apparently all of Batman's rogue's gallery got their start when he was just a kid
Well... when didn't they? Penguin didn't become a crime boss because of Batman, and Nigma didn't become a psycho because of Batman, and Freeze didn't get interested in cryogenics because of Batman.

I mean, it IS a show about Gotham, not Batman.

Is this most fun I had watching a TV show in a long time.

First season is the epitome of hit and miss


Just standard bitching, It has Gotham central is under expected and anyone who even slightly heard what the show was about (even if all they saw was the OP image) knows that would be a ridiculous expectation. I'm just glad they toned those posts down.

So while on the topic of dc tv shows, is arrow any good?


Why not?

Because is shit like every CWverse tv show.

Thank you for that amazing reason.

It's very good, a lot of fun. Don't listen to those who say the first season was mostly bad, it was great except for Fish Mooney.

If the show was more about police catching run of the mill criminals and serial killers it'd be great. I really lost interest in the show when Jim Gordon got into a Sword Fight with Black Mask.

It's a good show clearly written by people who read the comics. There's some stupid annoying shit (like they're suddenly aging Ivy up). It's call backs to other live action interpretations are good also. There's a big Burton/Schumacher influence as well as Nolan Bats. Also some call backs to the camp of the 60s version.

By and large it's the story of Gotham that we know from the books. A mob town that slowly gets inhabited by crazies and as per Morrison's interpretation created Batman as a defence mechanism.

>Wanting it to be more of a run-of-the-mill police procedural.

It was a classic Riddler thing to do, so I loved it anyway.

Riddler's whole museum episode was fucking fantastic

Cobblepot's actor continues to be the greatest part of this show. Some things come close. Nothing comes equal.

Yeah, I'd recommend it.

Smalville 2: Electric Boogaloo

Only 10 more seasons!

When Smallville hit, it hit.
When it got shit, yeah it was shit.

Fair comparison.

season 1 will riddle you with pain, but there's some great payoff episodes later on

it was really good once they got rid of 'I'm taking myself seriously" mooney

she's so bad she makes penguin bad by proxy when they're in the same scene, and unfortunately she seems to have been resurrected

To research the role the girl who plays Catwoman was told to read Year One and watch the 66 series. That pretty much sums up the tone of the series.

Nymas' actor is pretty good too.

he's just okay in the first season but develops some serious chops in the second.

A Cat is fine too.