This is Spider-man's best costume

This is Spider-man's best costume

future foundation is pretty good, one of best

there's two kinds of people in this world: faggots who think this is the best costume Spider-Man could have, and people who've never tried drawing him in his other costumes


True that.

It's really good. I'd have to go with a variation on the classic look, personally, but black suit is top 3 easily.

I think it's more appreciated because of the stark contrast to his prior suits. They're all red and blue, this is a complete palette swap. When most superheroes have a costume change, the colours remain the same and their tone shifts instead. This was something completely different and all the cooler for it. I'm not at all well versed in all of Spideys costumes across different runs and the multiverse etc, but to my knowledge they're typically always red and blue, unless they're made of metal etc.

I'm partial to spider-ock's costume.

So which one is his worst costume?

Whenever I see this costume I can't help but remeber the panel where Spidey is staring at Sue's ass.

Really didn't like the stealth suit and MkII armor.

>That point in time when Peter looked like Kurt Russel.

I agree. The first Secret Wars came out when I was a kid and I loved that shit so much. Then I discovered DC and never went back to Marvel 'til a few years back. But yeah, I loved the black cossie so much.


I think the silver and black armour costume is slightly underrated. I also like pic related too, odd colours but seems cool as fuck. The night vision one wasn't bad too.

I really like pic related but the og black suit will always be the best

Technically not him, but it's great.

The fact that the USM black suit was missing the white patches on the back of the palms really annoyed me. Also blue tint>purple tint.




I'll always have a soft spot for this outfit because of the PS1 game

I actually think this is a good design.

That's pre-bleach Ben Reilly.

Best suit to ever only last a single issue.

You should reconsider your position on that.

It's an action figure with a light up "spider-sense" chest emblem gimmick.


Is that cover drawn by Frank Miller?

>666 Damian Wayne

no, it's byrne.

No John brynes

As if Miller understands proportions that well

Didn't Spider-Nam have the same log on his jacket?

I'm particularly fond of the iron spider costume