No more shitty Vandal Savage

>no more shitty Vandal Savage
>no more shitty Hawks
>Legion of Doom

Anyone else more hyped for this than The Flash?

why do they have a dude with a firegun on a time travelling team
can't they just like take his gun or someone more useful who can carry matches around too

They also said they won't be doing a single long arc but several smaller ones, cause they felt they made a mistake last season and want to correct it.
That's what has me looking forward. Every other CW show it seems every season looks back and goes "Hey we did this well. Let's do more that." This is people actually looking at what they did bad, a much better way to go about a show in my opinion.

Who is the guy with the flamethrower? Do he exist in the comics?

Why they turned Atom into Iron-Man?

He was trained for centuries to be a bounty hunter. I think he has the right to use whatever he wants.

Really, nigga? You know who Atom is but don't know Heatwave?

yeah, I hope it's better than last season though. But I'll watch anything that gives me more Caity Lotz. Also, more Stein he was great

Atom is a hero
Heatwave is a d-list villain

Didn't finish the last series. Got halfway through the one where it's revealed who Kronos is and gave up - not for any particular reason, I just find the CW style hard to watch when it's not 'live'.

I'm going to jump in with season 2 though because I love Eobard and the same for Supergirl for Superman.

>Caity Lotz


Why Atom became Iron-Man in the CWverse?


Firestorm is a nagger!

Why is Eobard hanging around in the 80s?

And if he's an adversary for the LoT team, why wouldn't he just solo them in the blink of an eye?

>implying Atom is above D-list

Because Atom made his debut in "Arrow", and they figured to try and be more "realistic", so instead of making him shrink, they gave him a suit of powered armor.
Then later, when more super-powered beings started showing up, they decided it was okay to give Atom the shrinking gimmick again.

Fuck Arrow!

>more Damien Darhk
>more Malcolm Merlyn
No hype at all.

I knew of Atom when I was a kid
I never heard of Heatwave until Johns wrote him

Except thats wrong. its because he was going to be ted kord (blue beetle) but last minute they had to change it because the DC movie division love fucking with Arrow, so they salvaged what they had as best as they could

So Blue Beetle would be Iron-Man in the CWverse?

>JSA is a two-episode thing

>Still keeping Cold and Heatwave away from forming the Rogues and now talking Eobard along with them

>Heatwave/Vixen shipping

>Probably Rip/Sara shipping

>Hawks confirmed back

>The Legion of Doom not going to fully team up and not meeting the JSA

Not very hyped, senpai.

I.. uh... ghost puma?

What the DC movie division wants Ted Kord/Blue Beetle for?

Pretty much, but at least the powers would have been much closer to what they should be than they were for atom (before he got shrinking like a season later)

Supposedly hes going to be in a movie sometime or at least they feel the possibility is high enough that they didnt want him on TV, they are developing a booster gold movie so maybe he'll be in that.

The Mexican Blue Beetle would work in his own movie.

Yeah i'd certainly see it if they made it

Vixen of the past

How about a Legion of Super-Heros tv show?

>Why is Eobard hanging around in the 80s?
wouldn't you want to hang out?, you know wearing a piano key necktie drinking New Coke and taking pictures in front of the Berlin wall, sounds like fun to me.

I dropped it halfway through last season, it was pretty bad.

I know she's not the most amazing actress. But she's cute and an interesting person. Have you seen The Machine? It was similar to Ex Machina but much better

>>more Malcolm Merlyn
>not wanting more based Barrowman antics

Fuck him. Last time he was good is in season 1.
Now he's an annoying soap opera character who keeps getting away with too much shit.

New Coke was shit. SHIT!

>Why is Eobard hanging around in the 80s
Watch the show and find out, I guess

It will just get retarded, just like season 1, and some guy on the team will fuck up the plan and then Ray or Firestorm will have to pull a rescue mission out of their ass in the second half of the episode

It sucks, it's boring, and the writing is bad. At least when Hawkgirl was in it you could look at her boobs once in a while. Now, they have nothing

Why does the Atom(?) look cockeyed?

>why do they have a dude with a firegun on a time travelling team

It's okay. His firegun stopped lighting stuff on fire once he joined the party, just like how any recruitable boss character becomes nerf once he's on your side.

Not really?

I mean, a lot of the stuff around the Zoom mystery and it's non-payoff in season 2 of Flash wasn't that bad.

LoT had a hype set up and fumbled the ball at every opportunity. Yeah, it was better when it wasn't about Vandal Savage... but like the second episode of the new season is going to be about plantation slavery.

CW still has a DC free night, and Mon-El's on Supergirl this season.

Maybe next year?

I hope they let Ray actually do shit this season and not inexplicably lose all of his intelligence at the most inconvenient moments.

And don't give him a love interest. Clearly he's built to suffer which means more shitty CW romance drama.

No. I still have like 10 episodes to get through of the first season and I have no desire to. Don't understand how a superhero team show traveling through time could manage to be so fucking boring. I'll only watch it if they get rid of their dr. who clone, "rip hunter".