ITT: Times romance ruined a story/series

ITT: Times romance ruined a story/series.

Doesn't have to full on ruin, could just be better without it.

This should never have been allowed. Not only was it totally unbelievable it ruined the dynamic they had for the last season. Ron should've stuck with ass-kicking kung-fu girl, that actually seemed like a natural pairing.


It was completely unnecessary

>little girl's movie
>ruined by romance

I mean, it's not like it was that bad, or that Anna was making the same mistake twice. Kristoff and Anna bonded over the course of a few days and decided to date.
They weren't getting married.

Elsa and Anna already served the "romance" void by having the story being about sisterly love. Hans was there to throw us off the Disney trail and serve as kind of a tongue-in-cheek commentary on their usual writing. But then suddenly have her and Kristoff pair up with the fucking Trolls song wasting time just detracted from the actual love in the movie: Elsa and Anna.

Seriously, what was the point of pairing Anna and Kristoff? Anna didn't need someone to marry to become queen, Elsa is queen. Kids don't ship. Anna's emotional journey didn't demand she have a boyfriend. What purpose did it function?

>Sisterly Love
I give this ten million laughs.

>love doesn't exist unless people are fucking each other in their holes

That's why I'm laughing because that's how people interpreted that. Even fucking tumblr shipped this so hard even though it's incest which they would kill for.

Also for the record, I read /r9k/ Elsa. Good stuff.

To be fair, the movie pretty heavily implies that Elsa sodomizes Anna's anus with her homemade ice dildos.

I'm not sure I watched the same movie as you, that must have been a really subtle undercurrent.

> t. assblasted Elsannafag.

Also the romance with Kristoff doesn't detract from anything else. Back to tumblr with you.

I dunno, Colette served a big point in why Remy slowly started to get jealous and feel underappreciated by Linguini.

Ugh this. This was definitely the result of creators giving into the fandom for extra points. Also the whole implied Shego likes Drakken thing, shit makes no sense but there it was.

Anna was lonely without anyone around her own age range or without her sister. While Elsa serves to reconnect Anna with her family, Kristoff exists to act as a connection to love OUTSIDE the family. In short, Anna wanted love, familial love from her sister and Romantic love, which couldn't come from her sister, ergo her relationship with Kristoff.

I agree with this. Not an Elsannafag.

It's just retarded to be against first day true love and be for it within the same movie.

Pretty much all the romance in the show.

(not counting Tenzin and his wife since it was already established)


The Anna and Kristoff dynamic was fun, and as a viewer you'd want it to pay off in the end. Their kiss did not detract at all from the movie.

Why do I hate this but love Starco so much? Is it just a different dynamic that makes main girl/main guy in Star vs. so great?

maybe you're just autistic


>creators giving into the fandom for extra points
It was their plan all along, nothing to do with shippers

Guess that's why there was no romantic hinting toward Kim x Ron until the last movie.

Legend of Korra.

Romance didn't ruin ATLA, but the wrong couples were put together.

She only exists at this point to remind the audience that Gumball has a girlfriend.
They won't let her be anything else but that.

Danny Phantom
full stop

at least he's not a faggot, so it actually improves things

The romances in that show could have been fine if they were a subplot rather than a mainplot. Also if she actually ended up with any characters she had any chemistry with whatsoever.

I was fine with MakoAsami

I actually liked Tom in Daria.

Eh, I liked that pairing.

Isn't it super typical that when the main character who is a female and the best friend who is a guy typically hook up its a signal that the series is on its last legs.

Not against the relationship between these two, but just going by the first movie it was completely tacked on.
The series made the odd but good move in restarting it.

Nearly all of them.

Unless the story is a story about relationships, chances are the romance plot is just a cheap way for the writers to tie up the story.

Run out of ideas? Show going to shit? Start putting the characters the viewers are invested in into romances. The tension re-invests the viewers. Then they settle down and live happily ever after.

Not smart enough to explore the ideas you set up in the beginning of your show or comic in a deep way? Put in a romance plot instead! Take up all the time/pages you need to fill. Then they settle down and live happily ever after.

Can't write a real epilogue about how the MC feels after the big bad is beaten, and the world is saved? The MC settles down and lives happily ever after.

Want to give a character motivation when you can't write motivation based on beliefs or character traits? The character is in love! They do it for love! Then they settle down and live happily ever after, or are beaten by the good guy who shakes his or her head at how silly they were for being in love (despite it being so strong it can serve as a primary motivation.)

etc, etc, etc.

Korra would've been best with Tahno, but that type of relationship dynamic is way too mature for a kid's show so it never would've happened.

I don't even hate her with Asami, but the whole forced "hehe lets ditch the guy and become lesbians" thing was cringe.

The kiss at the end didn't bother me, I just

hate those trolls. so fucking much.

You're only fine with it because "mmm muh hot lesbianz"

I stopped watching it when they introduced the flapjack x knuckles romance. like, ugh!

Having Anna and Kristoff pair up undermined the entire point in how you don't fall in love overnight like in other disney movies.
Having someone fall in love over the course of 2 days isn't any better.

Actually the point was that you don't fall inlove with someone you just met and barely know and have a perfect Disney relationship with no issues. They even had a scene where Kristoff asks Anna questions about Hans and she can't answer. Her and Kristoff actually went on a journey together and got to know each other and the troll scene was pointing out their imperfections and all that. I'm sorry they didn't make the movie last a year and a half in-universe just to literally drive the point home for retards like you.

Marco is a more admirable and likable character than Ron Stoppable. Ron is annoying, he's dumb, he's a wannabe forcing "cool" slang, etc. while also being an emasculated beta bitch boy. So typical Disney.

For whatever reason Disney's staff made Marco....a fighter. His Kung Fu stuff? Legit. He's building up his fighting skill since BEFORE Star ever showed up in his life. And he's living the dream of fighting and having adventures. He's no sidekick to the female, he's his own man.

I don't know if it counts as "romance" but anyone else dislike Nicole/Richard from Amazing World of Gumball? Like seriously Richard is such a terrible character that one has to wonder what the fuck outside of BAD writing does Nicole see in him.

I've seen romance pairings between female characters and fat idiots before, but Richard is atrocious.

You're confusing "falling in love" with "wanting to date".
The point of Anna and Kristoff was to show the counterpoint of a healthy start to a relationship in context to Hans and Anna.

>Hans was there to throw us off the Disney trail and serve as kind of a tongue-in-cheek commentary on their usual writing.

Why do you Frozen faggots keep saying this shit? Have you ever WATCHED a Disney movie? You all act like Frozen was this big fucking subversion over the whole "the hot guy is actually the hero and the girl falls in love instantly!", but literally every fucking Disney movie with princes/princesses made in recent history, sans The Little Fucking Mermaid, has romance stories that don't conform to this so-called "Disney staple". I mean shit, if that was so fucking important, you could literally just watch Beauty and the Beast because it has the same fucking message, and was done 10x better.

Unless Anna is going to dump Kristoff, she may as well have "just met him" because instant fall in love or fall in love after two days, she met her fucking soulmate on the second guy around after a couple of days of "knowing" him.

The movie doesn't say you can't fall in love with the first person you date, it just says you can't fall in love over the coarse of one night. Kristoff and Anna could date for years and decide they're in love and get married and it wouldn't be in opposition to the message of the movie at all. Actually it be totally normal.

The got the message across that they were trying to get across. It's a very simple one, I'm sorry you're so autistic you have to stress over insignificant details in a Disney movie. The funny part is, even if they had traveled together for a year, you'd still find something to complain about I bet.

So much this. The only Disney movie I remember seeing that pandered to the unrealistic cliche was that one were the girl suddenly falls for the guy when they meet as adults even though they hated each other as kids. If that was even a Disney movie.

>If I argue hypotheticals and make myself right in them, I bet I'll look REALLY smart! Especially after calling someone autistic!

>Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella don't exist because they aren't RECENT Disney

Faggot Disney is Disney, it doesn't matter if it's recent or not, they're brand has literally been built on "Love at first sight". The "recent" movies like Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast purposely wanted to go against that, that's the point. Because they saw they were old tropes and didn't want to do them. But that doesn't mean Disney's brand is only what movies they made in the past 30 years.

I guess because I wasn't politically correct, that automatically makes my argument invalid. Nice tumblr-tier logic.


Way to ignore the rest of my point. It's my fault for thinking I could throw a well-deserved insult in there without someone as simple-minded as you clinging to it like it invalidates the rest of my post.

The movie made a simple point with Anna and Kristoff/Hans Kristoff and they got it across very directly. It's only people like you who seem to have difficulty understanding these simple themes.

Romance subplots ruin everything they touch to be honest

So four movies, three of which were made back when Walt was still alive (Walt being notorious for loving corny-ass stories) = a trend that has been going on for so long that it needs to be bucked and any movie that does is a national treasure?

And no, they haven't built themselves around "Love at first sight", they built themselves around "Heroes and princesses belong together", which is completely fucking different because a hero has to go through trials and tribulations to earn the love of the princess. Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella are all classic fairy tales that Disney adapted to the screen they way they did because Walt just wanted to tell the story the way it was presented, just with all the non-child friendly shit taken out. Every movie since then, barring The Little Mermaid (which I will grant does do the whole "love at first sight" thing straightfaced), tells its own story how the hero and the princess earn their romance.

Again, I hardly think you people have watched Disney movies because you would fucking know this if you actually had.

You had two sentences and one of them was dedicated to being right at a hypothetical. That's literally half of your post, I didn't miss shit.

>Well-deserved insult
Alright buddy.

Kristoff and Anna still barely have anything in common and decide to date simply because they went on an adventure together and were of the opposite sex. The Trolls literally didn't even KNOW Anna but saw she was a girl and pushed her into "FALL IN LOVE WITH KRISTOFF!". They're just as guilty of the love at first sight as she is. Just because they decided to date instead of get married doesn't mean the entire romance wasn't bullshit. It was a point they executed extremely sloppily. If Anna and Kristoff had the same chemistry as Nick and Judy, I would get it, but they don't. They have a couple of riffing lines and that's about it.

>So four movies
>Fox and the Hound
>101 Dalmations, the first 10 minutes of the movie is Pongo pushing his owner to fall in love at first sight
>The Aristocats
>Bambi has an entire SCENE dedicated to this

You can argue for most of these that they're animals but they basically act entirely like humans and still pertain to the "Love at first sight of the opposite sex, my soulmate!" trope.

>i didn't miss shit

Only the other half of my post. The part that was actually relevant to the subject.

>muh opnions
>i didn't like their chemistry!

Not a valid argument. You're literally just nitpicking because of your personal preferences. They wanted to contrast the unrealistic love at first sight with an actual healthy start to a relationship and it was cleanly presented. There was nothing sloppy about it, it was pretty straight-forward actually. Hell, they even gave it a backseat to the Elsa/Anna plot because that was the main focus so literally what the hell are you complaining about? They didn't shove it in your face. Them kissing at the end was a resolution to their sub-plot romance, you only feel like it was "tacked on" or "shoved in your face" because it personally offended you.

>Fox and the Hound

Can you just fucking stop posting? because you have no idea what you're even trying to argue here, as all of those movies have completely different over-arching themes. You're cherrypicking to support your very weak claim that no one but you and angry tumblrinas think is an actual issue.

>Them having no chemistry as a couple is not a valid argument for why these two characters felt hamfisted into being a couple
Holy shit you're retarded. The fact that they DIDN'T have chemistry is exactly what makes it so sloppy. And it's not a personal preference, Anna and Kristoff have very few moments together. Hell, her and Olaf spent just as much time together, doesn't mean she should fuck the snowman either. If you want to have a well-written couple, they should have more than five quips with each other. The Trolls even wasted time of them trying to bond by just saying, "Just get together cause ehhh? He's a nice guy!". It was sloppy.

Doesn't matter about the fucking themes because every single one of those movies has a character see someone and instantly fall head over heels for them. Because that's the fucking Disney trope. How many times has Dreamworks done that? Pixar? Significantly less because it really is a story beat that Disney does most of any other animation studio. And Dreamworks has 30 theatrical films under their belt, that's more than enough time to shoehorn in that trope in various films.

>but you and angry tumblrinas
>Using "Tumblr" as an insult regardless of discussion
Maybe you should stop posting and take a break from this fucking site.

Chemistry is subjective the way you are arguing it. They got their intentions across with Anna and Kristoff. You're literally just mad that they didn't do it exactly like you wanted them to or it didn't appeal to your version of what a "good" romance should be like. Which again, isn't a valid argument as it's based purely on your personal preferences.

They got their intention across with fast paced, sloppy implications. We're suppose to believe they have lots of back and forth dialogue together cause they did it once or twice! We're suppose to know Kristoff is a good match because the Trolls said so! The fact that you even have to use the word "intention" rather than what is actually on-screen for proof why they're a good couple is just proving my point.

>that's the Disney trope

That they've been breaking for years. You didn't have an argument in the first place because of that.

Tumblr is an insult because it's well-known for breeding uninformed uppity people like you who think "muh feelings" is a valid argument.

All the shit in season one that focused on this was unfunny, dull, and painful. Then they couldn't decide whether they wanted to put a bullet in its head or not.

It's a sub-plot romance in a movie. If they had been given main plot screentime, you'd throw even more of a fucking fit.

>they were shown as having back and forth but because they didn't precisely meet my quota for quips it invalidates them having any back and forth at all!

I'm sorry, but they got the point across and most people don't need it to be shoved down their throats every scene to remind them. That's redundant and there's no need for it if the point is already taken.

>intention than what is actually on-screen for proof

There is on-screen proof it just doesn't meet your very specific quotas, so that makes it invalid apparently.

The argument is that Disney is not just Disney from the last 30 years, Disney is Disney from when they first started films back with Snow White, who defined that trope for them. It doesn't matter if Beauty and the Beast or Tangled don't follow that trope because Disney as a whole is still known for "love at first sight" to common audiences. Because that's what they were founded on.

>Tumblr is an insult because
You're a fucking idiot.

The argument is a non-argument because only nitpicks like you still see Disney as that kind of company. No one except Frozen fangirls on tumblr still cling to old tropes used by it 30 years ago before they were even born just to support their pro lesbian SJW agenda.

>you're a fucking idiot

and you're a little bitch. Go back to your hugbox where they reinforce your immature behavior. No one uses "muh feelings" as arguments anymore unless you're literally 12. Newsflash.

If you need a few more buzzwords to add to your "insult list", you could try autistic, SJW, and maybe throw in somewhere that I went to CalArts.

It still hurts

No, I think I'm good. I got my point across and you clinging to my insults because you don't have a valid argument only further proves that point.

When I realized you throw around the word "Tumblr" as an insult for "person I don't like", I realized I was arguing with a garbage can and decided might as well just throw trash back if that's all talking to you is.

Anna isn't ready for romance after her whirlwind weekend...