Simpsons on Trump

How low is too low?

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I'm really gonna have a lel if Trump wins the presidency just because of how desperately the American media seems to be trying to demonize him.

I mean, they kind of here too but it's more of a "hey look at this crazy shit going on across the pond, innit' that sumthin" than "HOLY SHIT THIS GUYS LITERALLY DOUBLE-HITLER"

I think they found it and simply started drilling deeper.

Have you seen the cringe worthy video of dozens of actors including a lot of the Avengers cast bluntly saying "Don't vote for racist, bigot, homophobic Trump."

I still won't vote for him, but I feel sickened that these are the shills Hillary has in her pocket.

So is it just for shorts or does zombie Simpsons literally not have music playing for multiple extended scenes in regular episodes?

It's jarring and very noticeable, not to mention lazy.

I'm voting for Trump out of spite.

I foresee Trump winning this November. Everyone wants to claim that they hate him, but compared to Hillary. He's the lesser of the two evils.

>In before you should vote for one of the two third-party presidential candidates. YOU'RE THROWING YOUR VOTE AWAY!

I dont see the problem here its a comedy show parodying current events sure they probably should have done a bit more on hillary to balence out the joke but trumps joke needed a lot of screentime to work
>that bit at the end
Ok nevermind this is retarded.

*to ballence out the trump

My problem with Trump is he's keen on destroying everything Obama has enacted and ruin our trade relations, but he offers only vague ideas about what he's going to replace them with.

>our trade relations
fuck NFTA and fuck china

Eh, Obama's second term has been lackluster and his legacy will be remembered as the first black president. He hasn't done shit besides that and all campaign promises were either ignored of partially fulfilled.

This, the TPP needs to die and giving the internet to the UN is the biggest strike against freedom. Obama authorized that as well for October.

My issue here is that it's just not 'funny'.

It's the same as when you'd see kids drawing pictures of some other kid they hate and terrible shit happening to them in the drawing.

Older Simpsons used to jab at Clinton, Gore and Nixton all the time but it was actually funny and just exaggerating on verbal ticks and mannerisms they had, a la "parody".

Not that I care who it's making fun of but this just screams try-hard

>literally copying a thread from Cred Forums

>implying Murricans won't throw a bitch fit once Chinese goods and Mexican produce now cost more due to renewed tariffs
>implying it's a good thing to piss off both China and our neighbor Mexico
>implying the USA hasn't been the one gaining most from NAFTA by dumping their corn and other products into Mexican markets without tax

I have a question though since I'm not from America and such but we all know what nonsense could possibly come out off from Trump's presidency. What about Hillary? I only hear of feminist and SJW nonsense.

Do some research over how corrupt and ignorant she is. The email issue is only one drop of piss in the ocean of piss that makes up her legacy.

Here's a good summary of why she should be in prison and not anywhere close to a position of power.

Hillary will be the same status quo, more small pushes toward globalist and statist culture with the government having its hands in every aspect of our lives.

She may increase the amount of refugees brought into the USA, unless polls show it's vastly unfavorable in which case she'll keep only the 10,000 Obama promised.

Social issues don't really exist anymore. Gays got everything they wanted from the Supreme Court so now the only people who will bitch are women demanding we pay for their birth control and abortions through tax dollars.

Executive branch is the weakest branch. Also getting your political opinions from Cred Forums is fucking retarded.

Ah shit, how could I forget. My mistake. The big social issue right now is cops killing blacks. So we'd probably get a federal push for something to be done to cops, whether its more training or body cameras being mandatory.

>we pay for their birth control and abortions through tax dollars.
This wouldn't be a problem if you cucks had a decent healthcare system

The only real "problem" with Hillary's presidency is that it would be eight more years of Obama. That is to say, nothing would really change. Not the worst thing but not exactly an optimal situation for the country. It's why Sanders was so popular, because he had some drastic changes in mind. But the old guard isn't ready for him.

Wow americans are truly autistic.

If we're basing our vote on how corrupt the candidate is then why should anyone vote for Trump?

She's really your typical corrupt politician under the guise of a progressive. The only thing she's got going for her is she isn't a pants on head retard like Trump

>waaaaah please watch our show look we even parodied the evil Drumpf :((((

Obama is trying to give away the internet, he's a cunt with good press that fawns on him solely because he is black.

I'm glad the Brexit blew up in his face.

>putting your faith in a socialist

Move to South America for a taste of what socialism is m8.

Jesus, what happened to Marge's voice? It's like the voice actor can't remember the correct pitch and just keeps falling into raspy territory. There's no shame in replacing her with someone different who can do a better job.

Oddly enough, Homer's is still fine.

Eh, I view him better than Hillary.

Plus, his corruption isn't that bad. What? He claimed that the millions his Father gave him was self-earned? He only had a few businesses flop out of a thousand.

He's supported the black community since the 70s.

He's right about immigration and allowing refugees into the US. Either come in the proper way or be deported. The US isn't a freezone where you can bring your problems from your home country here and continue to push them.

Trump will win this November. End of story.

America is the one country where socialism could actually work.

Her voice actor has the hardest voice to manage of the main cast, not hard to imagine the thousands of episodes have taken their toll.

>muh tariffs
>round-up Monsanto nothing to do with mexico
>China and our neighbor Mexico
>one wants you to crash and burn the other is a fucking worthless non-country
>failed to mention anything about americas largest trading partner

wew lad great reply

How? We have a substantially bigger population of freeloaders than any European socialist country, and most of them are bleeding money even with their high taxes.

Not to mention the wonderful benefit of having to wait on a list as you die of cancer, tumors growing larger as you wait for hundreds of people ahead of you to be treated.

FUCK free market*

>probably should have done a bit more on hillary to balence out the joke
That's the point, they're not parodying current events, they're very clearly enforcing their own opinion
It's not like she hasn't done anything newsworthy lately, right? No, we needed 40 seconds of screentime for VISUAL insults to trump. Sure, they also implied incompetence and disinterest, but they heavily focused on mocking his appearance. On top of that they did no such thing to hillary, hell, they made her look 20 years younger

I don't know, I just said some bullshit so you could educate me with your response.

She's going to be yet another US president, so you can expect a mixed track record, just like with any other US president.

Trump, meanwhile, is basically on par with somebody like Ferdinand Marcos.

>The only real "problem" with Hillary's presidency is that it would be eight more years of Obama.
Not really. She's much more of a warhawk than him, for one. She also has to balance having a team that feels they can be more progressive socially than Obama with being a total shill for her financers, who are absolutely against any of that. So we can expect her to finance her socially progressive tax with a bill comparable to her husband's housing bill that blew up the world economy eventually.

Do Americans know that socialism has been successful in some countries? Do Americans even know that other countries exist?

Hilary will also butt heads more with Russia than Trump will, considering most of Russia's government is fucking openly endorsing Trump.

You could have a THEORETICAL socialist system, as akin to Denkmark or the Nordic states. Which have for the high HDE an extreme suicide rating.

But first you would have to totally and completely seal the borders, then cancel much of immigration. You cannot have a socialist state and open borders, Sweden is just finding this out, one will always beat the other.

America is too big, was not designed in the constitution to be led directly from Washington. The more socialist states such as NY, California etc have high ghetto populations. Can you guess why?

On topic, modern simpsons is terrible and political modern simpsons is pure cancer. I wish to know the average ratings for a new episode because I don't know anybody that watches it anymore.

This is honestly the main reason I'd vote for Trump. We'd get fucking years upon years of the left going "IMPEACH TRUMP HE'S AN AGENT OF SATAN"

Have you ever considered that maybe the media is going so far with attacking him because THERE'S A LOT TO ATTACK?

Not to be too on-the-nose but to run with the Hitler comparison, imagine he was somehow still alive and running for president, and that history was no different otherwise. Knowing what he did, would you seriously be like "Wow the media's really trying hard to make this guy look bad"? How do you justify the Holocaust?

>He's supported the black community since the 70s.
His family's Klan.

You put a high tax on companies and the uber rich, and assuming they don't just loophole abuse their way out of it they move to countries that don't.

Then you wonder how the working class shifted from factory jobs to food stamps, as the lifeblood of cities like Detriot is drained away by NAFTA and a dozen other trade deals by the open borders Davos men.

Socialism kills kids.

It would be funny to see their hypocrisy as they do that after shaking their heads each time some fringe Republicans wanted to impeach Obama.

One things for sure, if Hilary wins then Late Night shows are going to be boring as fuck since they're all democrat shills.

She's a terminally ill career criminal. Her last act before dying of pneumonia 2 years into office will be selling state secrets to Saudi Arabia.

If you keep calling people racist, you'll keep creating racists.

Is anything known about her VP? He has a shot at being president.

And? Your family can be racist but that doesn't mean you are.

>One things for sure, if Hilary wins then Late Night shows are going to be boring as fuck since they're all democrat shills.


>Her last act before dying of pneumonia 2 years into office will be selling state secrets to Saudi Arabia.
Do those secrets count more or less than the lives of 2,996 Americans and the Twin Towers? Because that's what Bush already sold them over a decade ago.

It's a beautiful thing really, builds itself from pretty much nothing.
>Call a group racist for the smallest thing or by proxy.
>They get annoyed and they lash out at you.
>Claim that they did it because racism.


No, CNN gets 10 Million from the Obama administration after it legalized propaganda in 2013.

Most of Old Media is in its death-rows, getting sloppy, cheap, idiotic and most killing of all - expensive. Comparatively to what a viral video on youtube can do for pennies.

And for the love of god, stop with the Hitler comparisons if you ever want to be taken seriously in a debate. The entire media dogging one man doesn't vilify the man, unless they have good content. Entertain the notion that it is MSNBC, CNN and the rest that are corrupt and things begin to make more sense.

So that's a no then. Why is the American education system so shitty?

He has my vote
My friends vote
My familys vote
My coworkers vote
My police depts vote
My liquor store guys vote
My tax preparers vote
My girlfriends professors vote
My bartenders vote
And all you anonymous americans i know onlines vote
Even the cool bernie kids are starting to come around

Socialism only works when everyone is white.

You tax the company but you incentivise their staying here, either through lower rates for production or a higher tax for manufacturing outside the US. The big desire is to benefit from them being here and also the natural benefit of work being available.

Tax is not the demon that people immediately assume should die completely. Especially shouldn't be so easy to get cuts on taxes just for being wealthy.

Nope, they'll just focus on how Republican senators are stupid poo poo heads who won't let Hillary create the perfect utopia she aspires to make.

Admittedly though, Republicans say a shit ton of stupid stuff so it's not that hard to focus on them.

And Bush is voting for her.
Neo-cons took over both parties m8.
Obama is a neo-con too.

Sanders and Trump were you change candidates, take em or leave em.

Norway isn't socialist m8. They don't share the means of production.

>And? Your family can be racist but that doesn't mean you are.
He's been both retweeting and quoting Neonazi memes and said that paramilitary action is the only way to bring the nigs under control just recently. He's been discriminating against black renters for decades, his family is Klan.

I know, that's all just evidence and all, but really? Seriously?

I love it when starbuck socialists act like the Nordic countries are some sort of utopia.
Here's a newsflash kids, Sweden will be in a civil war in a decade. A really fucking bloody one, their current course is unsustainable and unavoidable.

>neonazi memes

>pussywhipped and forced to change his political views for some wrinkled yellow cunt


thank you for correcting the record

The part where Bill answers the phone was kinda funny

>Sweden will be in a civil war in a decade

Someone's been spending too much time on Cred Forums

>paramilitary action is the only way to bring the nigs under control
Is this not supposed to be true?
Police brutality is a lie, and that it has anything to do with race is a lie as well. BLM is founded on a lie made by the MSN. BLM has no legitimate goals.

>neonazi memes

I'm talking about the reversed number on the black-on-white murder statistics and the skittle bag metaphor, not about frogs.

He'll totally fix the economy, just like he did in Atlantic City a decade ago.

Oh boy. Here we go. Trump is a racist. Maybe i should not vote for him because black lives matter.


>posting crime statistics
>posting skittles
>neo-nazi memes
You should have stuck to the frog.

Either civil war or the gradual end of Sweden as we all knew it.

>Police brutality is a lie, and that it has anything to do with race is a lie as well.
It keeps happening, though. And to a specific group.

The media doesn't report when police don't kill blacks, when police kill whites, or when blacks kill blacks.

Big german magazines have front cover articles about how the US is going to crumble and fall within this year about every two months. It's socio-politically important for the Germans to feel that they're so much better than the USA.

From the US perspective, the fall of Sweden is necessary because they're a polity that actually dedicated national resources to creating actual equality and freedom for all of its members and acieved it within a lifetime. Meanwhile, the US has been claiming that they're gonna get down to making some steps towards that anytime soon ever since 1776.

>p..please stop talking about Trump publically endorsing Neonazi lies
>I'm not being paid by that VR glasses guy, honest

>least qualified candidate in modern American history runs for office
>Media: "This is the least qualified candidate in modern American history running for office"

LOL LOL so buttblasted. Based Trump LOL

But where's the civil war if they're at peace with it? They're the smartest people on earth, they're not going to go out and start shooting strangers.



this is not real socialism

>It keeps happening, though. And to a specific group.
No it doesn't. Whenever a cop so much as sneezes on a dindu the media reports it as a holocaust. An unarmed, white, DEAF father was recently killed by a black cop and the media ignored it completely.

They report good police stories all the time, especially to the tune of good-feeling "this is what community is" stories in the cities where this happens. Usually for brownie points.

Are they pushing a narrative with not covering police shooting white people? Sure. But there is usually never such literal distrust between a white person and police versus black and police. That's an issue no matter what you think the cause is.

Not to mention a lot of why this stuff is so huge now isn't because of the MSM but social media.

The screenshot alone cracks me up. I thought the Simpsons stopped being funny like 15 years ago.

As a Trump can I don't see the problem with that video. It's just parodying the fact that 90% of people get their political opinion from mainstream media who are hilariously Anti-Trump/Pro-Hillary, and some of the people who are voting for Trump are getting pussywhiped by their GFs and wives.

A police officer shot a caregiver in front of the person with autism he was taking care of.

>and the media ignored it completely.
Then how do you know about it?

She can be reined in by lobbyists and special interest groups that funds her shit. Trump literally doesn't give a shit.

Hillary is just paying lip service.

>prove it

There's only one presidential candidate whose mentor was a member of the KKK and it isn't Trump.

Except the deaf guy made the news. Hell, I saw plenty of BLM people raising the issue, because they're mad about fucked up police interactions, not just black people getting shot.

liking Trump is a meme

disliking Trump is a meme

Normal people are simply indifferent.

The only realistic way for America to have socialist policies would be to apply them to a strict state-by-state level.

And Clinton's mentor was a high ranking clansman. Your point.

Trump is a meme

Clinton has closer links to the Klan than Trump.

I voted trump. Its not a meme.

It won't be a civil war, but only because the Swedes will just leave or accept their fate.

You're right. It'll be a genocide of the pacifist Swedes by the new Swedes.

Why are you even bothering. You know he's just gonna go "biased liberal media" or something like that.

This. If someone black gets shot by the police it becomes global news.

If don't live in a battle ground state your vote is worthless anyways due to the electoral college.

>Trump’s entire business career reeks, beginning with his early associations with organized crime and proceeding through a career of swindling. “No other candidate for the White House this year has anything close to Trump’s record of repeated social and business dealings with mobsters, swindlers, and other crooks,” reports David Cay Johnston. Trump is not merely comfortable doing business with criminals and thugs — his habits of manipulating bankruptcy laws and swindling his partners have left him reliant upon, let us say, unconventional sources of investment, many of whom are the scum of the Earth. Franklin Foer lays out impressive circumstantial evidence that Trump may well be a puppet of Vladimir Putin, with whom Trump shares a web of financial ties that help explain their shared worldview. Whatever we might think of Clinton, we can be confident she is not controlled by the Kremlin. And the failures of disclosure or record-keeping in her operations pale beside Trump’s defiant refusal to disclose his tax returns."

Poorly sourced and very dismissive. Most of the article is essentially trying to excuse the Clinton Foundation rather than focus on Trump. "Yeah, the Clintons take tons of money from people they claim to be ideologically opposed to and bribe people but it's for A Good Cause! But Trump being a real estate developer in late 20th century New York is beyond the veil!"

Both candidates are shit, but that's a very poor article.

If you're not voting for Trump this November something is seriously wrong with you.

Trump is far less corrupt and liar then Hilary Clinton and he has far better ideas and plans then she will ever be able to come up with.

Not to mention that Hilary is scrambling to figure out what Trump is going to do by hiring tons and tons of psychologist and other people to be able to fight back Trump. While he's just going to wing it because he knows he has it in the bag

Democrats are fucking disgusting. I seriously hope he cleans house and makes America Pure and Great Again.

What plans does he have

well considering that the owner of the nymag is also a top contributer to the hilary camping and considering that the majority of all reporters have been voting democrat for the last 40 years that is not a hard accusation to make

>don't bother posting this biased media or someone might point out that it's biased!

>Dad was Klan
>Trump's business venture was 100% funded by a Klan member´s money
>He's endorsing Nazi talking points left and right

Yes, that's absolutely comparable to Robert Byrd, who quit the Klan and quit endorsing its policies and called ever having been a member his greatest mistake.

>Skittle-bag metaphor
I like how that was originally used by tumblrtwats to pull that "men are evul" crap

It fits there, or at least it's a better fit than seriously proposing that ISIS has a highly motivated army of suicide bombers and mass murderers more than twice the size of the PRC's at their disposal, all recruited from Syrian nationals.

>>First goal in office is disavow all Global Warming pre-cautions

Yeah, we're doomed.

>CTRing this hard
lol do you think you're fooling anyone?

But isn't that the exact argument liberals use though?

>"Don't hate Muslims or they'll instantly become terrorists and kill you."

Don't make a fool of yourself. Neofascists in practically every western country have been running a propaganda campaign that starts with denouncing legitimate journalism if it doesn't agree with them.

White nationalist groups in my country have going on about the "Lying Press" for years now and it's not different when Trump and his supporters do it.

You get people to distrust the established press and then feed them lies that pander to their personal prejudices so that their whole worldview is based on the information you fabricate for them. And it's not like it doesn't work, you almost have to admire the "alt-right" for figuring out first how easy it is to manipulate people by using Social Media.

>mfw if Trump wins I get to laught at american midia because
>mfw if Trump loses I get to laught at delusional Cred Forumsacks for actually beliving the Mememan would win.
I love american politics

If the likes of the BBC and so on didn't obfuscate or refuse to report news properly, perhaps they'd be trusted more.

I have to check the page from time to time so I know it's a Cred Forums thread

Whatever has "don't hate on muslims or they keel you" to do with the claim that ISIS right now has five million Syrians ready to die for its cause and has all of them temporarily posing as refugees?

I mean everyone has issues with the press these days because of business reasons so its not HARD to get people to distrust it,.

I want to see him fail because I really fucking hate southern Christians. You guys whine about black people and women and all that, but nothing is more downright tedious than southern Christians.

>voting for someone for the specific reason of having some lels on the internet

You're probably not old enough to vote anyway.

>tfw whoever wins ill be disgusted

Nah, people here in America think socialism is interchangeable with communism and fascism, once all of the commie swatters die out maybe we can actually take social-democracy for a spin

Why are most political jokes nowdays cringy as fuck?

I can't say I have a lot of love for Big Media either but if the alternative are propaganda rags like Breitpart or made up infographics shared on Facebook I will concede that it's at least not the worst way to get a perspective.

Personally, I get my news from Le Monde Diplomatique but of course that's very eurocentric. Don't know what the most trustworthy american source is.

another reason to drink on my list of reasons to drink

Because we haven't really been able to openly mock our president for the last 8 years

>all campaign promises were either ignored of partially fulfilled.
That's just straight up wrong especially if you're disregarding compromises forced by an antagonistic Republican base.

Hitler ran for office with a conviction for felony treason. His qualification to be chancellor was literally "I attempted to overthrow the government in a violent rebellion, and failed."

I don't think that's on Trump's resume, although that kind of military experience actually might bump his numbers with AMERICAN voters.

>He's supported the black community since the 70s.
Yeah that's why he didn't allow them to live in his buildings.

He's so non-corrupt he'd campaign against immigration while his own modeling agency smuggles in white girls and then overcharge them to live in the basement of his buildings by taking the money out of their paychecks.

Fucking Rhodes Island? A fever dream, nothing more.

Fucking Trumpcucks I swear to god.

You shouldn't automatically trust any source, including the mainstream media. But that doesn't mean you go full paranoid and never ever believe anything except for what you read on info wars. Everyone is going to be biased one way or another because it's human nature.

>How low is too low?


poor hack comedians are out of practice

Obama is just too boring to mock, and Bush was an incredibly easy target.

More of a war-hawk than Trump, despite all of his bluster. Most of the reasons people cite for not voting for Trump are based on what he MIGHT do once in office. Most of the reasons people cite for not voting for Hillary are based on what she has ALREADY done, particularly when it comes to intervention in the Middle East.

Honestly, the American "Left" would be considered pretty far to the Right in most European countries, and Hillary is no exception.

Hilary's directly responsible for the deaths of innocent people and the instability of several countries.

Trump's never killed a soul and his worse crime is calling a spade a spade.

Just sayin'.

Non-American here, how is she directly responsible for deaths?

Hillary seems to be very invested in the idea of instigating a new wave of McCarthyism as far as Russia is concerned. Between that and the whole "No Fly Zone" nonsense, it kind of worries me.

>Most of the reasons people cite for not voting for Trump are based on what he MIGHT do once in office.
That's because there's literally nothing else to go on, not even Trump knows what he's going to do. How many times has the man deflected questions by going "We'll look into it" about the most basic fucking positions?

I seriously can't tell what's going on in this thread.

Who's trolling who, who's playing Devil's Advocate of who's party and who's pretending to be the other faction.

I just wish if Trump win he'd remove majority of minorities. They literally don't do anything for our society. I'm not even saying to do anything bad, just send them back from where they're originally, let them ruin their own countries.

>Be a criminal with a laundry list of financial criminal acts and money laundering
>Lie and flip opinions every single time you speak anywhere
>Pander at the lowest level anywhere you go, insulting everyone's intelligence

Trump's a clown, but as far as I know that's about it. I'm not a fan of either, but at this point I'd rather have a buffoon than a legitimate criminal who abuses her power frequently.

>140 posts and counting
We really need better janitors.

>being this ignorant
There are zero (0) succesful socialist countries in the world. There are some small, homogeneous countries in Europe which after decades of succesful capitalism, and having achieved a healthy economy rised taxes and built upon social services like education, health insurance, etc. This is not even close to socialism, in fact the few attempts that were done towards socialism (like making companies closer to cooperatives by law) utterly failed and no left-wing party defends it anymore.

>trumpfags pretend that trump has never done anything wrong or said anything retarded because hillary is corrupt

He's a gamble, that's for sure. It seems like a pretty good sign that people are fed up but uncertain of how to change things that they're willing to bet it all on an untested candidate.

I don't understand your post.

No he won't, i doubt he'd even attempt that.

It's the only real consistent part of his campaign.
I think he CAN'T do it but that's not the same as not attempting.
Honestly regardless of who wins I'll be very surprised if we make it to say, next July without at least one assassination attempt.

>I just wish if Trump win he'd remove majority of minorities.
>retarded americans don't even know what THEIR OWN PRESIDENT can and can't do

>He's a gamble, that's for sure.
Don't be fucking cute he's a dumbass who has no idea what he's doing.

>150+ replies
>not deleted w/ mass bans
I'm amazed Cred Forums

TL;DR version - She basically had the Go Button to save our embassies in some Middle Eastern Country to save our people but didn't. She's also at fault for fucking over a few Middle Eastern Countries; in turn killing thousands of children

>brexit blew up in his face
Explain because I'm an American and we don't give a shit about limeyes.

>taking Cred Forums bait

Just wait for the janitors.

Some dumb Brit already tried a few months back, failed hilariously.

>his corruption isn't that bad
No it's actually worse than anything Clinton has ever done.

I don't see him trying to restart the Cold War.

>If I call a duck I'm just creating more ducks

Explains Sanders then, he's from 95% white Vermont.

I don't see Clinton doing that either.

>people acting like who you vote for matters anyways

The reality is there would barely be any difference in how Trump or Hillary runs America. They're both rich capitalist elites who will go out of their way to please their fellow rich capitalist elite friends. There will be imperialism and war, thousands will be deported, civil liberties will be cut back, and the economy will get worse. The only difference is Hillary will pretend her reign is progressive.

Voting is a meme, it doesn't change shit. The only way you can achieve proper, lasting change is through force.

A black guy got shot at last year for following police directions to the T. Another incident had an Indian guy walking down the street beaten down by cops and put in the hospital simply because he couldn't explain in English that he was visiting his son.

I know its painful to admit, but there is a fucking problem. The media glosses over other incidents true but the core root is that policing tactics and policies leave a lot to be desired.

Doing it for free ain't free

>Trump's never killed a soul

It's cute that you actually believe this.

>being a word-thinker
You can keep putting people in nice little boxes to rationalize your ignorance towards other ideologies, but the reality is that there has been so many episodes of widespread, liberal-leaning lies coming from mainstream media all over the western world that at some point you just said "fuck it" and distrust everything by default.

I don't think you realise just how much the refugee crisis last year or things like Michael Brown's case hurt the credibility of the media and pushed tons of people further to the right. You know something is wrong when you need to go and directly read statistical reports or scientific papers to get the real picture of the situation, which is exactly the opposite of what the media is saying.

>She's also at fault for fucking over a few Middle Eastern Countries; in turn killing thousands of children

Is that the general consensus among Trump supporters against Hillary? Personal experience shows a lot of them fall in the "Fuck the sandniggers" camp. Seems like that would put her up in their estimates.

Trump literally held a press conference just to straight up lie to everyone's face as is public record doesn't exist.


most pigs are statist fucks stop bring up police murdering civilians its a completely different topic jesus christ
no but for real its funny because there is global mods and janitors on right now

>>In before you should vote for one of the two third-party presidential candidates. YOU'RE THROWING YOUR VOTE AWAY!
That's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I'm pretty sure his worse crimes are bribing officials and racketeering.

Cred Forums is, surprisingly enough, not a good indicator of the average Trump supporter. Most people in general find massive and unnecessary loss of life to be tragic regardless of who is doing the dying.

Up until you're last meme arrow you could be talking about either candidate.

>those hands
top kek

I call bullshit. Trumpfags don't actually gove a fuck about non-white americans, they just act outraged just for the smear campaign.

my parents gave money to sanders. I asked them later how they feel about that now, they didn't really have an answer

Well, it's entirely your call if you want to dehumanize and lump all of them in the same box. I imagine it does make criticism a bit easier.

Look I know you like to think it, but about 40% of the US is not violently racist.

Teminder that trumpfags actually get paid to shitpost.

I just want to ask this.
I see people calling them trumpfags and trumpcucks and all that stuff but isn't the obvious catchy term for a trump supporter "trumpet"?

Voting is a meme in non-democracies. It works fine in Switzerland.

They're probably just disappointed he didn't get the democratic nomination.

Lots of people were, he's the only candidate who actually holds a consistent position in a way that suggests integrity.

No you're faggots.

Bullshit they do it for free. Hill is the one with paychecks.

Don't be naive. The main narrative is that racism is the main cause behind police brutality, when that is just not true. Crime statistics, which are heavily correlated with race (not poverty) show a much clearer picture of the situation. But that will never be reported in any of the big media outlets, only in small conservative websites who have huge biases of their own.

>Look I know you like to think it, but about 40% of the US is not violently racist.
Did you know that whites make up 60% when you said that? Because the implication of your post seems to be that the 40% is the non white part.

That's how you know he's a dog-whistling cunt from Cred Forums.

Can't we just talk about the Simpsons?
Lisa sucks. Can't we have a thread about that instead?

Did you not watch the democratic "debate". She has a huge hate boner for Russia.

I meant the 40-55% of the polls that support Trump. Because this country would be very different if what you believed is true.

>he hasn't seen the news
The Occulus Rift guy has come forward saying he his company is paying people to shit post. He also dresses up like a little pony and goes to cons.

Unlike Trump who fucking loves russian cock.

It's empirically proven that trumpfags are racist.

You guys realize that Trump is winning the poles right now; right? Come November everyones going to be voting Trump and he'll win

Being neutral about Trump may be a meme

>it fits there, or at least it's a better fit
No it fucking doesn't. The entire metaphor is saying 'even if a majority of a group isn't dangerous, you still shouldn't associate with any of them because you can't tell which one(s) are dangerous'. That's retarded no matter who the group is.

I've never seen that Occulus rift guys memes before. Whoever he's hired, they're doing a really shitty job.

How do I get him to hire me as his campaign manager? My memes are top notch.

This is a meme word used to call people racist for made-up reasons. Keep fighting those hallucinations.

Yeah imagine if those purely hypothetical racist people were in the police force or something.

Well that's what you get when you support a racist candidate.

That's not true though?

Then why do they kill more white people?

I find easier to imagine that being in the police is what makes one racist.

>this is meme word
No it's the southern strategy.

They are just the memes you see user. They aren't branded or anything

>Hilary's directly responsible for the deaths of innocent people and the instability of several countries.

>Bush was just Hilary dressing as Bush AND Romney at the same time.

Either that or Bill has been secretly gay and living in co-habition with either Bush or Romney, who have been posing as a woman for the public for decades all along.

But your saying half of America is racist, that can't be true.

I don't see David duke endorsing Clinton.

You're not very good at detecting ironic shitposts, are you.

>that can't be true
Because America has such a great history with race.

How young are you to believe that the KKK's opinion has ever mattered in an election?

We go through this song and dance ever four years.

over 200 posts god damn wonder how many times this has been reported

Depending on your definition of racism, nearly everyone on the planet could be considered racist.

Look, user, other countries too have problems with brownish populations being criminals and they mysteriously manage to have their police officers who manage to not shoot kids on playgrounds or exectue them for the act of publical napping.

Yet here we are, a racist candidate supported by racist.

Regulate immigration and commission a poorly done wall, that's pretty much what tacoland cares about and honestly I couldn't care less, I guess he'd leave the internet as it is instead of trying to regulate it so there is that.

They're almost even and the majority of the larger states are voting Trump.

He's going to win

Doesn't really change the fact that donald trump is loved by white nationalist who see him who legitimize their views. My problem isn't with trump but his supporters.

The oculus rift guy has had zero impact on this election. It was reported by the dailybeast that has low journalistic standards, which other sites picked up and desperately ran with.

Have you heard people chanting or shitposting that " HILLARY IS TOO BIG FOR JAIL"? No, that's because no one has heard of any of the shit this guy takes credit for.

>giving the internet to the un

That's straight up not true, the internet is being turned over to the private sector instead of being solely controlled by the us gov

Yeah, that's retarded.
You know that some white American citizens have shot people before? I guess we shouldn't take the chance on letting Americans carry guns.

I guess we shouldn't let people drink because some people go overboard and crash their cars killing a bunch of people.

The entire metaphor, as well as the ideas behind it are fucking stupid. It was stupid when SWJs used it for #notallmen and it is still stupid now.

One Midwest Christian bloke once bought me a painting of a knight fighting a dragon, the dragon had breasts so there was a huge chance that he was a furry.

>The entire metaphor is saying

It's saying that there's roughly a 1/27 chance of a Syrian nationals who're refugee being a terrorist, which comes down to five million syrian terrorists being currently on the move.

With such an army, ISIS could straight up march on Saudi Arabia and nothing short of an atomic bomb would slow them down.

I'm serious.

How old are you?
South Park has episodes from 2000 dedicated to this shit you're whining about and joking about KKK endorsements. Are you young enough that you didn't realize what it was referencing at the time, or do you seriously believe duke's opinion has EVER mattered?

I'm serious too. Why should I ignore how trump's supporters bunch of shitposting racists?

Why do people think the media hates Trump when its obvious how much they love milking him? Ever here of "No publicity is bad publicity?" Networks, internet sites, everyone is licking their lips at the thought of what crazy shit Trump will say if he becomes president.

Oi what's a """"""spade"""" '""""mate""""

He's more likely to be a transsexual lesbian according to porn search statistics.

Because cyberbulling isn't real, you google.

Rioting and protesting is. And it's not trumps supporters that are burning down cities.

>I'm serious
Oh in that case, fuck you. Don't expect not to question why white nationalist seem to love donald trump and see him as their candidate.

That's a good thing, outside of gay marriage.

Obama accomplished jack fucking shit.

The most overrated president of all time.

>his worse crime is calling a spade a spade.
Not even close.

But I don't expect a trumpcuck to acknowledge the shit he's pulled that's already been mentioned in this very thread.

>mfw he does it for free

It looks like your opinion is purely driven by contextless anecdotes you've seen on TV.

And I'm curious, what countries are you talking about? Dozens of countries governed by brownish people kill way more of their population than USA does. So limiting the comparison to western countries none have the same amount of people, guns and minorities that the USA has. You might complain about police killing civilians, but the reality is that tons of police officers are also killed yearly by felons. When everyone has guns and an individualistic mentality this shit is bound to happen. Policemen are not going to take chances.

And again, the main point was that the media was falsely making this a racism issue when it isn't, not police brutality in itself.

I'm trying to explain to you that this happens every election.

Go back and watch episode 4 of season 4 of south park. It's as relevant then as it is now.

>Obama accomplish jack shit
[Citation needed]

If his opinion doesn't matter then it wouldn't have been any big loss if Trump renounced the guy. So why wouldn't he?


Because giving duke the time of day is what legitimizes him. And Trumps smart enough to not acknowledge him, like every other candidate that duke has endorsed every election.

This song and dance isn't new.

>this is not real socialism
Of course it isn't, it never is.

No it fucking doesn't, not since george wallace has a candidate has gotten such a major support from white nationalist.

The feminist metaphor was utterly stupid because you can't just ignore half the population. Trump Jr's metaphor wasn't exactly brilliant (terrorists are highly unlikely to pass through current security measures) but it made sense because you can choose wether or not to bring refugees in.

This is the fucking problem.

Nobody is willing to acknowledge the real elephant in the room or should I say jackass.

No what legitimize David duke is donald trump not disavowing him.

The perception that the police are bigoted against you is already a problem in and off itself though.
If the police aren't properly communicating they're making the streets safer for you they're not doing half their job.

>Trump is far less corrupt and liar then Hilary Clinton


He lies every single minute, and is under investigation for scams and frauds in several of his companies.

I mean, Clinton is a crook too, but if you think Trump is a saint, you're insane or a moron.

>Obama is just too boring to mock,


They consider him a god among men.

Sure he doesn't say outlandish things but considering what shit he's really up to, that's scary.

Your mentality is why Trump's going to get elected to begin with. Media legitimized him by lambasting him.

Duke is hoping and praying for the same shit.

I don't get ma about Trump satire in concept
I just get mad that it's usually become a pro Hillary piece and that the use the same repetitive jokes over and over again

Jesus it's amazing how people are still swayed by the "Trump did not disavow Duke" episode.

Duke has not endorsed Trump, and Trump has disavowed him both before and after the interview (even if it wasn't necessary). Trump's statements are mostly based on how people might feel about them, and he could see that the media was trying to link him to the KKK in the most blatant and dishonest way. So he tried to avoid the cheap trick of guilt by association (which you completely fell for) by pretending he knew nothing about him and trying to move on with the interview.

It wasn't the best move, specially after the interviewer kept pushing for it, but the reasoning behind it is obvious.

This is exactly the problem.

Reminder that Hillary as Secretary of State has destabilized the middle east, help fund the rebels that eventually became ISIS, Sold state secrets to foreign countries for money and laughs about killing foreign enemies as if it were joke.

Oh yeah and Hillary has threatened to wage war against Russia because of the cyber hacks.

seriously the last thing we need is another war with Russia. we now live in a world where Liberals want to start a war with Russia......THINK ABOUT THAT.

the fact she's consider the ''''''sane'''''' option is what scares me that and '''''''smart''''''' liberals being so oblivious to the real problem in front of them. but hey muh status quo matters more and the need to feel good about being liberal.

The difference being that was bullshit stunt by david duke while his support for trump is 100% genuine.

No the media legitimized trump by not doing their job and only worrying about ratings.

Does anyone else just not care about politics anymore?

Growing up in the Bush Administration and experiencing Obama as a young adult made me realize that 99% of America's problems are stupid bullshit and the public will always complain. The only thing I'm legitimatel want is saving the environment, protecting endangered species, animal rights, making Israel pay for their war crimes and shooting up IS and Boko Haram.

I'm seriously considering not voting at all. That way, if Trump, Clinton or Sanders turn out to be terrible presidents (here's a secret: every president has been considered shit while in office and we only like them if they get assassinated), I won't feel so bad about contributing my vote towards one of them.

Green Party Moderate!!!

>but considering what shit he's really up to, that's scary.
He's been president for eight years, there's no "shit he's up to" anymore, it's just what he's done and what he's done has been a net positive no matter what Brietbart tells you.

>trump has disvoewd him before
>and after
Not really.

Man, gotta get into that, shitposting in favor of orange man for cash sounds sweet.

>If the police aren't properly communicating they're making the streets safer for you they're not doing half their job.
How the fuck are they going to do that when the mainstream media only reports negative things about them, while actively pushing for a "police is racist" narrative? Race relations have sky-dived since the poorly reported Michael Brown case. And Obama saying that Trayvon could have been his son don't help.

If Trump does become president that would mean Lisa becomes president and that sounds worse to me.

So you're a hippy, anti-semite, warhawk? Good luck with that man.

As long as I've firmly established that facts only matter to you when they're convinient for you.

I'm done replying to you. But on a final note, you really should stop being 12 for 23 minutes and go watch S4E4 of south park.

>No the media legitimized trump by not doing their job
And what job is that, praytell?

>duke does not endorse trump
He supports trump and his candidacy.

>as long as I establish the fact.
You linked to the inquisitt so no you didn't establish any facts.

>Trying to censor the internet
>race bait at every opportunity
>destabilize other foreign countries under the name of peace
>being a globalist puppet

You know, stuff like editing a photo to make a Hispanic man with a black grandparent look white.

Which is not the same as endorsing. He just likes him more than Clinton. In any given country in the world, if you make a white supremacist choose between a liberal and a conservative he will obviously choose the conservative. The fact that this is newsworthy at all is ridiculous and shows how easy people are manipulated into believing retarded things.

Is that a good or a bad thing?

>So limiting the comparison to western countries none have the same amount of people, guns and minorities that the USA has

Demanding to be compared to Mauretania and Saudi Arabia on race issues and to Afghanistan on gun violence is one way to come out on top, yes.

>; in turn killing thousands of children
Yeah screw the elderly!

I love Jews.

I just think the self-victimizing Israeli Govt is evil.

That a piece of trump saying he disavowed, not a piece that's sayong he actually did.

Trump at least is nationalist. Hillary will and has sold us out to other countries behind our backs.

>He just likes him more than Clinton
I wonder why?

Yeah fire is burning down our cities ,we should deport that asshole back to the sun where it belongs

Russian nationalist maybe.

Despite going out of their way to make Trump look like a nazi douche, he still comes off as more likable than Hilldog
If she wasn't so shrill and unlikable, she'd be winning in a landslide. America hardly cares about her corruption and bullshit, she just goes out of her way to piss off her voter base for no good reason. Trump's a fucking clown, but at least he's able to pander to his side.

I don't even care that much about Hillary.

Some of my relatives are obsessed with Trump, to the point where they'll bash Hillary at any moment. They literally cannot read a room. One of my grandparents launches into a ten-minute tirade about how immigrants are bad and how Hillary will ruin the country and bring 100000 Syrian refugees who will all hail Allah and commit another 9/11 and how the wall will protect all and Mexico will pay for it and how Trump is one of "the good businessmen" who will keep money out of Congress, even if nobody else is discussing politics. Can't get out of bed? Hillary is to blame.

At this point, I'm rooting for Trump to lose just to shut them all up. We survived eight years of Nixon, I'm sure we can survive Hillary.

Because he's a conservative. Think for two seconds, would you?

If you're interested, I'd watch the debate on Monday night in order to educate yourself. They're big spectacles, and the narrative afterward is based on stuff like "moments" and how the candidates come off temperamentally, but policy differences generally get hammered out there.

Here's my best attempt at an evenhanded summation: Basically Hillary Clinton is a career politician who has an incredible wealth of experience in the federal government and has been a divisive figure in American politics for about 25 years (at least since 1993) due to emerging culture wars in that time period, her reactions to Bill Clinton's sexual scandals, and what some people view as naked ambition (something endemic to presidential candidates, but which some observers will tell you is less appealing to swaths of the electorate in a woman). She is generally considered moderate for the US, which would translate to moderately right-wing in most Western democracies. She currently deploys the language of "intersectionality" to discuss women's issues, issues related to people of color and GLBT issues. These are increasingly divisive in a polarized democracy like the US and have in some part contributed to the Trump ascendency with white voters. Additionally, Clinton is, broadly speaking, a hesitant but engaged neoliberalist like Obama. She will support "normal" trade agreements and is not unwilling to entertain some foreign engagement militarily, something that has caused her heartburn with leftist doves like those that supported Sanders. There is every indication she would maintain most of the policies of the Obama administration. The email controversy is a stain, no doubt, and deserves to be interrogated as a transparency issue. However, I think it should also be weighed against what she is running against, which I won't get into here.

Anyway, I think that's an on balance, "grossly generalistic," if you will, view of her place in American politics.

>fire is burning our cities down
And white america is responsible.

>Clinton thinks immigration is fine and wants more
>Trump wants to control immigration
Amazing how much my neuron cells are firing just from typing this. Still haven't found why Duke's opinion is relevant at all. I guess you won't vote for any liberal either because if you search hard enough you will find a hardcore authoritarian communist who prefers Clinton over Trump somewhere.

But trump isn't a conservation,.

Why aren't you voting for him? You want the media to win?

Those fuckers are on the fringes where they belong. Trump on the other hand has made white nationalism mainstream again.


Have fun with World War 3 then.

Trump isn't a conservative so I guess it can't be that. So the question still reminds
>why does david duke and white nationalists in general like Trump?

You're embarrassing yourself.

>How low is too low?


She's going to get stomped a the debate.

90 minute no breaks and she's going to look silly on her special podium they are making so she'll appear taller.

I've heard they may still look to swap her out for Joe if she utterly falls apart Monday.

Trump is embarassing america.

David Duke is fringe. White supremacism is fringe. What is regaining strength is nationalism. And I'm sure Trump is also at fault for nationalist right-wing parties growing all over Europe. If only he had disavowed Duke on CNN!

Conservatism is dead. Now it's just a coalition of people who all try to pretend they share common values but are really just there to stop Democrats from acting when it doesn't serve their political purposes.


Sincerely jobs my noggin.

>Trump wants to control immigration
Yeah his plan for controlling Muslim immigration sure was well thought out.
>No Trump you can't ban the largest religious population on the planet that's retarded
>Okay then uh put an extra test to people immigrating from dangerous countries because why would a terrorist lie on a test
>We already fucking do that! Shit takes a whole decade to get approved!

He's a national populism candidate much like those gaining ground in Europe.

Neither candidate will start WW3. They'll both fuck things up, but not to that extent.

Those goddamn albinos,I knew nothing good would come from keeping those freaks around.

He did, twice. Been a non issue since before the convention.

Americans in general do a fine job of that by themselves.

>>No Trump you can't ban the largest religious population on the planet that's retarded

Second largest
One of the fastest growing
Fastidiously ethnocentric
And a poor addition to our population.

And trump *can* ban anyone he wants from entering the country as that's well within the president's rights and US rights only apply to US citizens.

Who gives a shit about the media? Are you 13 year old girl or something?

What is White America?

What is Black America?

>Who gives a shit about the media?
Googles give a shit about the media and riot whenever they're told to.

i wonder who could be behind this post?

>Have you ever considered that maybe the media is going so far with attacking him because THERE'S A LOT TO ATTACK?
There's a lot to attack with Hillary too, but they seem awfully quiet on the matter.

Put your saltiness aside and try to follow the argument.

Anyways if you read any news from Europe you'd see that the idea of banning entire muslim countries is not really a crazy idea, I wouldn't be surprised if something similar gets applied over the next decade in countries like France or Germany.

And read some Scott Adams, Trump's inflammatory statements are made to appeal on an emotional level, analyzing them intellectually will get you nowhere.

That's horseshit and you know it. The media has been doing a pretty good job attacking both candidates. It's just not the same parts doing the attacking for each.

>tfw redpilled gf so hard that she went from a bernout to a trumpeteer over the course of six months

>gay marriage

Using the supreme court to force your will over a state issue is a dick move, regardless of the result.

chill, nobodys defending trump, saying that something is too much is not defending, just criticizing the ofense.
>hur, but that is literally defending
no its not. go outside and chill.

Well at least we'll get eight years of political humor again. Hillary would get the same kid glove treatment Obama has.

>People honestly think the mainstream media has their best interests at heart.

You must be those "good goys" I've heard so much about.

White America are the ones who chose Reshiram, Black America those who prefer Zekrom

Pepe is a nazi?!?!

Where did I say that they have our best interests at heart? All I said was that they've been attacking both candidates. Just don't expect the Clinton News Network to be as hard on Clinton as they are on Trump.

They need to do the same with Africans from US and European countries too.


Somehow the media has managed to take a rich, unscrupulous idiot with daddy issues and a fifth-grade vocabulary and legitimize him to the point where people will willingly vote for him to be president. It's astounding. Even the Trump parody in the OP is too kind to the man, he can't string a sentence together that coherently without repeating himself four times and constantly reaffirming his own greatness (to himself).

I hated Hilarys portraial,she should be messed up too. Not as messed up as trump, but still messed up.

> All I said was that they've been attacking both candidates.

Matt Lauer asking Hillary a few less softball questions doesn't count as an "attack".

And Congress won't contest that overreaching because then they might have bad things said about them.

Think we need Trump just so congress finds their spine again.

Pepe has had a hard life. From feeling good, to crippling depression, to smugness, to being a normie meme, to autistic REEEEEEEEEEEEing at being a normie meme, to being a neo-nazi, all in the span of a few short years.

Lauer let trump get away with straight up lying.

And Hillary can't stand up or understand basic classification marks. What's your point?

woah dude, if that is not what you are saying, just shut up, becaue he is clearly not talking to you.'
Goddammit, all these fucker who reply when not beingreplied to godsajhfpdhfsdflnksavd v

Really hoping the new mod Hiro puts in charge deletes Cred Forums. Nothing of value would be lost.

Did I say it was? You do realize conservative/right-leaning news is included in "the media", right? Do you think they've been quiet about Clinton?

So pretty much Obama

>normie meme

>He didn't call Trump an evil meanie racist poo-poo head
>That means he's a bad journalist

Are you alright user? Are you having a stroke? Please call an ambulance.

How did trump go from the most intimidating business man in the world to the king of memes?

>Somehow the media has managed to take a rich, unscrupulous idiot with daddy issues and a fifth-grade vocabulary and legitimize him to the point where people will willingly vote for him to be president.
Because Trump is the only presidential candidate smart enough to utilize sensationalist journalism to his favor.

Because Breitbart has the same amount of influence that all the major networks do.

>Trump has done some scammy and said some inappropriate things
>This is comparable to Hitler, the media is justified in their attacks
>Hilary is the most well known corrupt American politician of the last 25 years
>No Hitlers here

That anyone who supports trump is a retard. Seriously the man doesn't have the faintest idea what to do if he gets elected into office.

That's as silly as claiming that Muslims will become radicalized if you take measures to prevent terrorism.

>idiots getting angry because they forgot they lived in a federal system

The Supreme Court always gets involved in major societal issues. There are always states that resist societal change and have to be dragged along.

I'm talking about Fox News, user. Ever heard of it?

If Trump wins I'm moving from Canada.

Of course, your points are both false. My words are strong, but they aren't exaggerations. They don't need to be like yours do.

Yeah letting someone straight up lie to your face is not a good quality in a journalist.

Hey, look, Switzerland is a hellhole very much like some African nations like Sweden, with plenty of foreigners in which every male has an assult rifle and ammo at home, and their cops still don't execute people in the street on a weekly basis.

How did Ben Garrison go from a libertarian political cartoonist whose work was edited into neo-nazi memes, to being legitimately "1488 gas the kikes race war now"?

My friend was is/was a Sanders supporter I tried, but she wouldn't budge who has told me that she'll be voting for Trump out of spite after what the DNC did to her favored candidate.

Are you saying that Trump didn't lie? That he has always been against the iraq war even though we have him on tape saying otherwise?

And Hillary sold weapons to ISIS. That seems worse than being a little uncouth.

>Social change is always good and must be applied uniformly everywhere.

This is what "right side of history" fags actually believe. Social issues are state matters for a reason.

Was he ever that intimidating?

At least among my friends/family (when he was famous more for his TV show) we kinda mocked him. "You're FIRED" seemed like he was trying too hard.



This is a Simpsons thread, dumb-ass.

Wow, americans are gonna elect an oligarch like eastern european slaves do.

Fox News is one network out of dozens, and even they've been shilling against Trump.

The Simpsons are dead to me. again

>fifth-grade vocabulary
>knocking on Trump for talking at a fifth grade level
this is how you know someone is either unemployed or has never had a job where they had to explain things to people. When explaining things to people, the default level one should go to is a fifth grade vocabulary. That's the level that most people stick to after graduation. Trump does this, but so does Hillary, so does Obama, so does any politician or anyone who interacts with the public as part of their job.

>Hillary sold weapons to ISIS
Prove it.

Although I disagree with the other guy that the media has been quiet about Clinton, to pretend it's unbiased is ridiculous. There is a major liberal progressive bias in media which greatly helps Clinton and puts Trump at a disadvantage.

I won't go into detail but there is absolutely no proof that Trump's rethoric fuels terrorism, yet it is being constantly repeated in the media. But the opposite point (that liberal rethoric and policies do help terrorism) is never seriously discussed, yet there's plenty of reason to believe that it is true. In the current liberal climate coverage of Trump is going to be heavily biased from the outset.

This meme is outdated now that he's endorsed Trump.

>And Hillary sold weapons to ISIS.
She sold weapons to rebels and then ISIS got their hands on those weapons.

You're being deliberately misleading.

>Seriously the man doesn't have the faintest idea what to do if he gets elected into office.
Hillary didn't have the faintest idea what to do when she was in the highest office she's attained. What's your point?

>She sold weapons to rebels and then ISIS got their hands on those weapons.

Because the rebels were ISIS or affiliated with them.

That's utter bullshit m8, Hillary has been planning her presidency since 2008.

I care about limeys.

>wikileaks got the emails
Then show me those emails.

Where's the proof then?

>Social issues are state matters for a reason
Since when? The largest impact on social issues has always come from federal actions.

Look, I'd agree with you if a) we all could move to whichever state we wanted at any time and b) there were no trade barriers at all.

There always will be, so the libertarian argument of "Why don't you just move to a state you like better" falls apart. Not everyone can move.

Also, what's the difference between if a State forces you to do something and the Feds do? More representation? You don't want people in different situations/areas controlling your life?

I'm sorry, but that's pretty crap too.

Look at places like Illinois. There is no way to equally represent the state citizens equally, not when there is such a drastic difference between the urban and rural areas. All the problems that exist with the fed exists on the state level too.

I sure don't. I grew up during the Clinton x2, Bush x2, and Obama presidencies and quite frankly, they were all terrible presidents as far as I'm concerned. Granted, Obama inherited a spectacularly shitty and unenviable situation with the "War on Terror", but his handling of it only made things even worse.

I don't see Trump or Hillary being any better than the other. One is a dumbass who'll roll over when it serves him best and has no clear grasp on what's at stake here, the other is an openly corrupt criminal who can get away with shit because of her connections and name.

As for me, I'm voting for Gary Johnson. I might not agree with him 100% on everything, but as far as I'm concerned, he's the lesser of three evils here. And no matter who wins and fucks up the US for the next 4 years, at least I can say I voted with my conscience and that I didn't throw away my vote by not voting at all.

>8 million population
>like 80%+ white
Trust is important for this shit to work, and it's very hard in a country like USA. My point is that yes, police shootings are high in the USA, but so are homicides, police killings, etc. Police being more lax will achieve nothing. It's a meme issue.

Do you legitimately think that trump would be a good president?

Selling weapons to middle eastern powers and then seeing them end up in terrorist hands/seeing the group become terroristic... that's like an American tradition at this point.

Who hasn't done that in the last few decades?

Are... are you seriously suggesting that I don't have a job because I like my political candidates to have the ability to speak intelligently on issues? Wow. That's some pretty impressive mental gymnastics. Sorry to break it to you, but not only am I employed, but my job also requires understanding and explaining complicated things to people on a regular basis, so you really stepped in it on that one.

Being able to explain complicated things simply is important. However, if your entire understanding of issues comes from when somebody explained it to you in simple terms, and you're completely incapable of going into more detail or speaking with precision about the finer points of your position (as Trump is), you aren't speaking at a fifth-grade level out of consideration, but out of ignorance.

>I can't move, so states should change their social policies to reflect my interests.

Typical liberal arrogance.

>Also, what's the difference between if a State forces you to do something and the Feds do?

Well, in the case of marriage at least, the definition was decided by a referendum and then overturned because some leftist federal judge was offended by the will of the voters.

>States have different demographics, so the federal government should ignore all of them.

We've hit low LONG before that, user.

Not that guy, but neither Hillary or Trump would make a good president.

Trump is just the lesser of the two evils

Well he'll certainly do a better job handling classified information, which would make him better by default.

It's not really an issue of being lax though.

If anything I would prefer to hold police to a higher standard. Give everyone body cams. Require more training (seriously, some places require only a high school diploma and then like 19 weeks of training... that's pathetic).

>Middle eastern powers

A bunch of al-queda rejects wandering around Syria illegally aren't "powers". If Hillary is elected, she's just going to destabilize more countries that Israel doesn't like.

clinton was fine.he could have been better but bush tanked our reserves.

>literal criminal runs for president
>media defends her to the death and lies for her

>I'm really gonna have a lel if Trump wins the presidency just because of how desperately the American media seems to be trying to demonize him.
Do millennials not realize that Trump has been the poster boy for greed and narcissism for decades?

He never had to handle classified materials so you can't really say that.

Syrias an issue that needs to be dealt with isis is getting worse and isn't stoping. Also as much as i hate isreal middle eastern countries are shitholes.

To be a criminal you have to be found guilty of something.

On that front, Trump's the only one with a couple of things still up in the air.

Trump is a criminal too m8.

Do Millennials not realize that Hillary is the poster girl for corruption and career politicians for decades?

>Trump companies had a massive credit card data breach
>Were given new protocols to prevent a similar breach

>Didn't implement them to save money
>Same type of breach happened again
>Didn't tell their affected customers for several months

Trump doesn't have a great history with secure info either. It's just he hasn't ever had access to classified info... but the idea is pretty similar for a business (same with HIPPA info in medical stuff and client info in law)

in all honesty what can be done other than salting the whole god damn middle east isis is a catch 22

Syria only became an issue because Israel didn't like Assad.

he's been in several lawsuits over shit that could easily be considered scams. He then settled out of court every time.

If clinton can be a war criminal without being proving gulity then trump is a child rapist.

We do. We just recognize that Trump is somehow even more corrupt.

Where does the 5mil number come from

SeeOh no I guess that went out the window pretty quick.

Do old people not understand that Millennials don't actually like Hillary either? Its a vote for Not-Trump. The people really excited about Hillary are older 35-50+ feminist types.

I'll take some shady business practices over political corruption and war crimes.

>without being proving gulity

That's easy when Obama forces the FBI to cover for you.

Trump's criminal actions are a bit more brazen.

The whole bribe thing, then the illegal use of his charity, and also reneging on contracts and using his legal power to get out of them...

Hillary is potentially guilty of negligence, but Trump is just as crooked (and likely willfully so)

>not only am I employed, but my job also requires understanding and explaining complicated things to people on a regular basis
And I am sure you use the same language to explain things to your coworkers that you do to your customers.

>However, if your entire understanding of issues comes from when somebody explained it to you in simple terms, and you're completely incapable of going into more detail or speaking with precision about the finer points of your position (as Trump is), you aren't speaking at a fifth-grade level out of consideration, but out of ignorance.
See, there are two issues with this argument:
1) Trump does spell things out in more detail among his positions on his website.
2) Trump doesn't always elaborate, but he has repeatedly given a reason for it, stating (particularly with issues relating on how to deal with ISIS and the Middle East) that he doesn't want to lay out the game plan for opposing forces. He also makes a point of not showing his hand before sitting down at a negotiating table because it gives the people he's bargaining with time to plan around him.

>Trump is the lesser of two evils
Why do you believe this?

>Nobody acknowledges this and bashes OP for it

This is why everyone laughs at us, Cred Forums.

Trump's worst sins still don't come close to Hillary's though.

he didn't destabilize other countries and killed thousands children and laugh about it.

>Trump is somehow even more corrupt.
>when Hillary meets with the head of the DoJ while being investigated
sure thing

Don't forget the child rape!

The like and dislike ratio on that video concerns me

He wants to tho.

He kind of is Hitler though. A lot of what he wants to do with Muslims and Hispanics mirrors Hitler's early actions towards Jews, and using the same rhetoric too. He's not late game "Burn them all in ovens" Hitler, but he's definitely "Force them to wear stars identifying them and destroy their businesses" Hitler.

The media is making fun of him. One only needs to take a serious look at his history to see that he demonized himself long ago.

Neither of those countries are Western

Trump is an isolationist.

Obama already banned Muslim immigration once, and deporting illegal immigrants is hardly racist.

>The whole bribe thing, then the illegal use of his charity, and also reneging on contracts and using his legal power to get out of them...
I seriously don't understand Hillary shills trying to play tie. Every single possible scandal you can name for Trump, Hillary has worse. Google wikileaks pay to play, and/or watch this.

The two situations aren't comparable at all. Trump's life up until now does not mirror Hitler's in the least bit. There's nothing whatsoever to suggest that he has some personal grudge against Muslims, let alone outright hatred.

>A lot of what he wants to do with Muslims and Hispanics
What? Enforce the already existing immigration laws?

Trump just represents a blank shell for a lot of people.

He has some weird twisted charisma, and he does represent "anger at the system"... but other than that, what does he have?

If you don't believe me, pick any issue you think he has taken a stance on. I can say that the vast majority of stances he has taken he has also spoken against/contradicted.

He's an empty vessel for people to pour their anger into. Like Bella from Twilight (for teenage girl sexual fantasies) or a generic main character from a harem manga. He doesn't represent a movement towards something, just a congealed mass of frustration.

You can try to prove me wrong with specific things he said he would do, but I would almost put money on being able to contradict him with his own words.

Canada is also NAFTA, you dumb shit.

Both are horrible our only choices left are Kang or Kodos

>He wants to tho.
What are you even basing that on? He hasn't ever hinted at wanting a war, unlike Clinton.

>Trump is an isolationist.
That's bullshit, he stated multiple times that we should have occupied Iraq's oil fields.

He wants money and votes, he doesn't care about consistency.

>fuck NFTA and fuck china
NFTA is awesome. It was created by us, to help our companies while giving us cheap goods.

>Obama already banned Muslim immigration once, and deporting illegal immigrants is hardly racist.
I'm not talking about illegal immigrants, I'm talking about legal ones. Remember when he decided no Hispanic Judge could ever oversee a court case where he was the defendant, even if that judge was born in America, because his hispanic-ness automatically made him biased against Trump?

over 400 posts 4 1/2 hours old
no shit retarded thats why I posted fuck nafta it screwed us over royal

oh jesus, trying to make that a thing just confirms you're 13

>get rid of that corrupt politician!
>elect one of the biggest corruptors instead!

Most jews were law abiding citizens; illegal aliens are all criminals by definition.

The judge was part of some radical Mexican identity group. Trump had a right to be suspicious.

>what are you basing that on
His own fucking words
>The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families

>choose the less corrupt option out of the 2 available
Wow, how unreasonable.