Im currently making a vampire hunter comic in Victorian era but how do i start it any ideas?

im currently making a vampire hunter comic in Victorian era but how do i start it any ideas?

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with the basic story
then start with the location

like? a im thinking a prison

escaping it like dark souls

sounds good but if you want to make more than 1 chapter you need more story.
Could work as an introduction

i would like to read about: MC is a fucked up hobo looking guy that has to investigate the people of the high society of a specific city, having to find out who are enemies and who are not (which is hard because everybody dislikes the guy for being a weirdo poor crazy looking plebian), investigating the case to discover if there really are vampires there, if there who are they, if there are not who is making it seems so and why. also maybe some humans could have done a deal to get more power with vampires and a big conspiracy is unveiled or shit like that

How can you say you're making a comic without knowing how to start it?

pretty cool

to make a comic?

Avoid the setreotypes, you know the ones.
Gruff vampire hunter who doesnt speak much and is haunted by his past etc etc. Been there done that. Think of a new spin.

i was thinking about making more than 1 chapter

Thats exactly what is talking about.

>same user
political power, not power to magic or shit like that, i though it would be interesting if the "magic" stuff was more limited it would make the story gritty and dark in a good way, i think

maybe he is a girl
and she can suck out the life force
with snu snu
and she is a tomboy/demon
in a highschool from another dimenson

what about a a peasant who is conscripted in a hunter army?

I would start with showing your hunter in action, then establish a bit of a setting and how he started hunting vampires

so make the vamp a total gay? and a total sjw?

And why, maybe his mother is one

the mc dosnt have to be haunted by his past, or a silent dude, i thought more in lines with a simpleton who doesnt care or know the rules of high society, i want a gritty world not a gritty mc i dont like those kinds of mc they're kinda cringy

i was also thinking of bringing in eldrich gods like

please make him a demi transgender xenoflux polygon

Here you go:

I wouldn't recommend going full steamy, out of personal preference; but this might be good reading to understand some themes that might be present in a Victorian story:

that would be nice, a spoof comic of sjw vampires sucking out the life of society

lo captian cuck

i hated this show
never understood if she is really a vampire or just a kid with hallucinations

Again, very common, but outsider being brought into the world is a solid narrative trope.
Though it'll depend on the MC. I'd personally focus more on him learning and developing as the story goes on, most like to skip through this .

Also, and I'll stress this, make the vampires threatening and scary. You should never have them mowed down or *that* character; the mentor badass who kills a bunch without even trying. One vampire should be enough to have a group of hunters on high alert. Otherwise you've got no tension.

was thinking of making him a lowlife peasant

this would give some realism to the story

It fits in with that old "vampires = liberals, zombies = conservatives" idea.

Or how about just a fucking human being. Show them getting scared at points, or unable to to handle it properly.
This is the problem, some people think that a character like a vampire hunter has to be a gruff bearded badass who kills things with ease.
Guess what? Thats a fucking mary sue, done to death and boring to read about. Just cause the MC isnt like that doesnt make them "gay", it potentially makes them interesting.

or maybe hes a royal who is evacuated and has to flee from mosters


yada yada yada
>the hero needs a weakness
we need a perfect chad hero

Make the hunter a female dhampire, and include monster girls.
>Victorian era
Implies subtlety, masks, and deception. Lose the monster girls, keep the dhampire. Nothing says good character like someone who is both interesting and fuckable, after all.

maybe i should hive him a huge sword like guts

I like that. Get a bit of Richard II going.
He's used to being protected and hasn't thought about the terrors beyond his castle walls. Make him a bit of a pompous asshole about it.

Then suddenly he's lost everything and has to fight these creatures himself. Show him change over time as this trauma and new experience effects him.

what is a

And whats interesting about a hero with now weaknesses?

a pig that got bitten by a vampire

what kinde of monsters should i include? wolfes vampires fishman

Dont go down the dhampire and monster girl rabbit hole. You're not trying to write porn Unless you are

When people say "don't go with cliches" or "that's done to death, don't do it" - it doesn't mean you should necessarily go out of your way to do the opposite. Tropes and Cliches exist because they work, or worked some time long ago. You can use them to your advantage; or seem like you're going to use one, and then throw a sudden curveball.

Maybe you can introduce a gruff, cynical protagonist. And then have a flashback to his younger, brighter days to see how he got that way. Or have him slowly reveal a more complex side and work towards cleaning himself up. Or have him die early on, and pass his mantle to a clueless little brother/sister/child who's struggling to finish the work he started and fit in the role.

an even greater evil
results in epic battles

im shit at drawing hentai

Half human, half vampire.

mc would proberly be to stronk

All good. I recommend reading, or just brushing up on, some old Gothic literature for ideas.
Maybe some hellish creatures, look up some designs for lower level demonsbut not have them be demons, disfigured Huchback of Notre Dame types etc. Maybe avoid zombies.

im gowing to have to make some and the sc to

Theres a line I feel. You shouldnt cross out stuff because its been done before.
But theres also stereotypical stuff thats done to death. Like the gruff vampire hunter who used to be cheerful. Suddenly it falls into being a bit "paint by numbers" and you aren't going to captivate a decent audience.

Like, I like your idea of the typical MC dying and passing the mantle to some inexperienced. Immediately thats new and interesting to me, so you've got me ready to continue. Gruff vampire hunter with a tragic past again? I'll pass.

what is this

Wow. "Epic battles". Sounds really interesting.

i already have some pretty cool monster designs glass stained demon and deep sea fish

It's dhampyr or dhampir though. No "E", though one could add it as some sort of identity separation like "demon" and "daemon".

You could look up strigoi or other iterations from different cultures. "Aswang" for example, basically vampires except they only eat hearts and livers and "Mananaggal" a woman that could sever her torso from her legs and sprout bat-like wings to fly.

a huge sword

>mfw let the bodys hit the floor to a naruto fighting scene


That's definitely a good point.

I think we can find common grounds here. Don't totally discount something just because it's been done before; don't go out of your way trying to be subversive for subversiveness' sake; but if you're using an existing idea, do it in a way that's fresh and unique.

I don't want to sound like an asshole, but its clear you dont know how to write a story.
"This guys is super strong. But this guy is STRONGER." won't make an epic fight, it'll make a completely uninteresting one.
Would the story of David and Goliath be so memorable if it was Goliath fighting another Goliath? Would Homer's Odessey be an amazing work of fiction if he didnt suffer any hardship or loss?
Come on, this is baby hour. I bet you like Sword Art Online.

avatar vs oozai?
literally strong vs even stronger guy

i was thinking of a squad of hunters who gave to escort a royal and the get picked of by monsters one by one

Be wary of getting into the "expanded internet lore" for vampires. Who is this story aimed at?
A whole bunch of made up names, creeds and sects of vampires only appeals to a niche audience.

Spot on man, I definitely agree.

Good point to start with is figuring out the themes of comic and what the point of it is.

Then develop the characters. Figure out what motivates and drives them.

>I don't want to sound like an asshole
where do you think you are?

and the mc ((royal)) get stronger learns more hunter techniques

Not exactly, plus people didn't really like that. Too many asspulls, a new skill that was learned right on the spot to solve a moral dilemma. It was a spectacle of an animation sure but the reasoning and execution blew.

A better example would be DBZ fights, personally looking back, it looks dull. It's just curbstomp or get curbstomped. I prefer fights that use thinking and such like exploiting the villain's cockiness of weakness.

Honestly, play an hour or two of Fallen London. It'll help get you in the mindset of an everyday lawless schmuck in Victorian times.

That was an uninteresting fight cause Aang was too OP for a guy with just fire powers. Not to mention the cheap "energy bending" at the end.

But that was actually okay because you had visual flair (cant have that in a book), but more importantly; the conflict of that fight wasnt who was stronger. Aang was ALWAYS going to win, that was obvious. What was interesting was whether Aany could bring himself to kill him like everyone told him to, or whether he could find a way around it.

Also Aang started as a baby boy with just wind powers and worked his way up to being that strong. (That was a major complaint for Korra)
So yeah, you kinda proved my point.

Possibly but I'm not really suggesting that he should take the idea as a whole. Probably some characteristics and behaviour. But yeah, I get your point.

is it on steam?

It's a free browser game. Literally the only good browser game in existence. It's also a mobile app now too, I think.

Failbetter also made a game called Sunless Sea that is on Steam, but it doesn't capture the Victorian essence quite as well.

any good mangas who are set in victorain times?

Lol my suggestion was more of a joke, hence the monster girls bit. But there is a genuine audience for that, and they're a tad starved for content.

Only one that comes to mind is Emma.
I haven't read it in English, though, so I don't know if the translation is any good.

you mean basement neets?

Why not set it in Dresden post bombing instead? Sounds like it has potential for some good horror scenes.

isnt that in ww2

>victorian era
>rich kid coming back from teather play with his parents
>they get mugged and stabed right in front of him
>the kid swears revenge during the funeral
>days later the kid falls into a cave near his mannor
>after wandering inside he finds a chamber with a unique looking coffing with a seal in it
>out of curiosity thekid opens the coffin, breaking the seal
>a vampire jumps out and bites the kid
>the kid just fucking dies, the story is about the vampire now

It is but would make for a much more interesting concept, Victorian London is too overdone.

They have hundreds of doujins

Sure, whatever image you have your mind I guess.

In Japanese, yeah.


Unless the premise is a comedy, I actually fucking hate the "tricked you, MC is this other dude" setup. Too much whiplash to take anything serious.

or maybe in a remote British colony in america like salem

Oh, neat a pic from my home town. Kudos to you for the Dracula reference OP

Do you mean the actual Victorian era or just magical steampunk fantasy high school drama? If you meant the Victorian era, then read up on it and think about where and when you are going to set the story. Also realize that Dracula was both written during and set in that period so Abraham Van Helsing is how a contemporary imagined a vampire hunter to be like.

If instead you meant steampunk then just do whatever. It's going to suck anyway.

I would start by having my own ideas and not expecting internet strangers to fill in narrative gaps that I should be responsible to fill in myself.

When he's fighting, have a voice over say "This... is me."

A midget vampire that hides under a fine lady's bustle. Hilarity ensues when gentlemen believe they are in for a treat.