Menage a 3

Do you get aroused when girls call your penis cute? I know I do.

I wouldn't know.

I always did like Yuki a lot. Her heart's in the right place.

> Matt fucking another one of Gary's girls

Oh come on

I stopped reading this years ago but is this NTR?

Definitely not

She is best girl for a reason

Yeah, what's the thing with that? Gary had a threesome with those two, now Matt has to have it too. What's the deal? Is Matt some kind of self insert?

Isn't Matt's deal feeling massively inferior to Gary?

Matt is condemned to getting gary's sloppy seconds
Happened with kiley, sonya, and now it seems yuki. It didn't happen peggy, but they only hooked up because mistook him for gary.

also this


No, it weirds me out. I think, deep in my heart I want the reaction to my penis to be fear, not cuteness.

this comic feels so outdated to me, all the tropes are form like 50 years a go, the loser nerd, the pixie girl, the douchbag winner etc etc
why so many teens like this? it`s vintage as fuck

>> Matt fucking another one of Gary's girls
>Oh come on
this comic is all about garys suffering user

>why so many teens like this?
...? Where did you get the impression that fans of this are teens?


i knew plenty of teens reading this

nah, it's two super unhealthy, super horny adults treating sex like a game among children.

>pixie girl
>douchbag winner
That couldn't be Matt since he has fallen from grace quite a while ago.

>knowing teens
user, please tell me you're not one of those guys that creeps on underage girls at malls despite being in his early 30s. Don't be that guy.

these girls look young


>he has fallen from grace quite a while ago
the douchbags destiny

I don't think have ever met anyone in my daily life that reads any webcomic that I read.

>gary finally got laid
>the comic didnt end there

that happened? link?

gary's been having consistent sex for a while now. first it was the therapist girl, then a whole bunch of girls used him for oral, and now he's getting pegged by like 3 women.

>getting pegged by like 3 women.
It is only peggy

p.sure sonya got in on it at least once too, didn't she?

Nope, she tried to a long time ago.

She fucked Gary and hurt the hell out of him because she had a psychotic episode on top of him.

So now she wants to fuck Matt because she doesn't care if she hurts him, she just wants to learn how to not hurt Gary.

This, Matt is disposable here and Yuki is too obsessive to be stolen away from gary. the only problem is it looks like Matt might get through without getting fucked up.

Maybe she'll sneeze.