Who is your avengerfu?

Who is your avengerfu?

Black Widow is my waifu




do they count?



>Who is your avengerfu?
This one.




Iron Man

So rich, so sexy, so intellectual

And no brain problems like the cuck JACKASS, Hank Pym


Alcoholism is a bit of a brain problem.

Hawkeye probably.
No, not Kate

Why don't you just put the whole world under arrest, Carol?


>tfw no good porn
Fucking hell.

Also Bobbi is my waifu.



>This blonde goddess is gonna be black in the MCU

It's not fair.


I've always had a soft spot for Firebird.

Flash is a lucky man.

Are they even still together after the lesbian cock blocked him?

Oh theyre cute.



No, they have split.

More please

Is what'sherface still part of Valkyrie? I fucking hated that hypocritical bitch. What'sherface not Valkyrie.

i dont have an avengerfu

but i have an ultimatesfu

Spidercest is one of the hottest porn comic series ever made.

No one has referenced her once in any of Val's appearances since the end of fearless defenders, so it's safe to assume for now that no one but Bunn gives a shit about that character. Maybe they're still bound together, maybe they're not, but For now she's relegated to comic limbo where she belongs.

i prefer art that doesnt make me want to gouge my eyes out

She's a bad person, and has huge issues, and that appeals to me

Why is Remender so good at romance?



He's talking about a porn comic in which Ultimate Peter fucks Ultimate Jessica.

That guy makes shitty art.

Go away, Cho.

>A goddess will never pick up your legless body and carry you to bed
>You will never have a symbiote that allows you to emulate your favorite super hero
>This symbiote will never make things more interesting in the bed for you and the goddess

There have been a few artists but for porn it's above average

>tfw hes making one with Natasha and Wanda fucking Spiderman
God damn. Its the same shit everytime.

I don't see anything wrong with this idea

I feel your pain man. I'd be furious if they introduced Amora and made her black, unfortunately for me, I'm not convinced they arent doing an Amora reveal with Valkyrie since Executioner is in it,

Sick of Spiderman porn.

Just a reminder: that particular symbiote has the memories of fucking both Black-cat and Valkyrie.

but it was thinking of Spider-man the whole time

Oh...well i don't care about the guy in the porn unless it makes a weird story like fucking a woman you is your clone. Spidercest is hot selfcest but him fucking anyone else is just porn, which isnt bad.

is this a threesome?

Well it was attached to Spidy while fucking Black-cat so that should be an interesting thought process.

at least it's not micro-penis cuck porn



>you will never be a part of a group of Brazilian artists that just draws T&A all the time

See. Thats the thing. Theres no middle ground. Its either. PETER FUCKS EVERY GIRL or PETER GETS KEKED.
Naruto porn is guilty of this. Its just shove Naruto into everything. Even shows that have nothing do with him. Hes there. Its annoying.

How long till she is replaced by a black women / tranny?

She's already a woman, she'll never be replaced.


Been looking for a reason to post this.




Jessica was so much more interesting than Miles. Such a shame.


>classy DC ribbing
why must current Marvel by so shit?

She looks like she is angry about having to pull her pants down

>okay Romanov, time for the anal exam. Drop your pants and bend over

>t. Englehart


>implying shes not giving the exam

Giving herself the exam?

>He doesn't like whores
But they legit fuck the best when they're still attractive.
They also have the best stories.
t. Guy whose apartment neighbors are whores

Valkyrie hasn't had appearances other than non-specific ones. Even in the recent Hellcat comic which was full of goofy stories and non-het characters had only Valkyrie show up as herself. I want to just headcanon that some other hero had a team-up adventure in Niffleheim and it ended up winning a new body for reasons and Annabelle and Rem departed as a couple while Valkyrie noted that their time together was significant and made a joke about not being her first host.

Giving me an exam.

If she's dropping her pants to give you an anal exam, are you prepared for the kind of instrument she's going to be using?

Because in this scenario I'm sure she has one.

I want Natasha to fist me.


Nyet. No fist. Only cock.

>getting fucked by Natasha while she whispers dirty Russian words
Yes please.


Her or Sersi

same OP

but only because i have an irrational love for ScarJo