Manifest Destiny #23 Storytime

The best comic comic that nobody is reading. (lots of people read it, but if you don't, you should!)

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Collins rules.



the slow burn characterization of the supporting cast is great.






By all superficial measures, I shouldn't like this book. Dingess is a TV producer/writer.

>pimping JJ-style "mystery box" narratives
fuck off. but speaking of which...there IS a preview of ole Max's comic...


the quipping. the quipping.


>By all superficial measures, I shouldn't like this book.

Could you elaborate on that?
I've been reading since the first issue and think it's great.

He's reaching for "swashbuckling mercenary," but landing at "fifteen year old girl."

I don't like the "monster mashup" trend. The elevator pitch for Manifest Destiny is definitely that. "It's the Lewis and Clark expedition, but with zombies!"

Usually when a tv/film guy gets in to comics, it's actually pre-production for a show he's trying to get off the ground or something. That doesn't seem to be the case here.

I really really love Manifest Destiny, but if you had told me that a producer from tv's Medium was writing a Lewis and Clark monster comic for Kirkman's Image imprint....I wouldn't be excited AT ALL.

I thought it sucked (at the time). I read a few pages of issue 1 when it dropped. Got bored, moved on. Accidentally downloaded #5...loved the fuck out of it, went back and caught up, and eagerly await each issue. The protagonists are SO fucked, it's just a matter of time. This book is fucking great.



I used to pick up lots of Image #1s, but I've given it up as there's very few of them that I read past #1. Too many of them read like high-concept pitches for TV shows.

Image has way too many books running at a snail's pace (Manifest included) for me to even consider following new ones at this point. This preview does very little to make me change my mind about that.

>still no storytime of G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero
>still no storytime of Ringside

that's actually what made me storytime this, so maybe your magic will work again

bumping to read.


>Too many of them read like high-concept pitches for TV shows

Because that's literally what they are. Almost every Image comic is either a pitch for a show/movie or is a rejected pitch turned into a comic.

Thanks, OP.

Is this getting a trade anytime soon? I stopped reading a while back for financial reasons and have no idea where I stopped.

You mean when is this arc getting a trade?

Oh god it already has trades? Looks like ill be blowing some cash soon.

bump for great justice

I recall Max recall this story on a podcast or something once, saying he thought of it when he was a kid, and was surprised no one ever used a piece of imagery in a film or comic.

It sounds like it should be just another typical overdone clich├ęd "genre fiction... WITH A SUPERNATURAL TWIST" Image comic, like 90% of the rest of their output.

Yet somehow it works REALLY well.

Picked this comic up a while ago, it is surprisingly good.

bumping for others.


How come the archive never shows first post?

I've been trying to dig through desuarchive to find both this and other storytimes and they never show the full thing, it's annoying

That one did is just straight up fucking nuts.

who dat nigga in the distance?

Well now that is just fucked.

Killing those blue birds was justified though.

>to be posted in every "out of context thread" forever


What in the fuck?

Well this is about to get fucked quick.

Why? They could've made a peace pact or some shit like that.

They have to get rid of all the monsters.

That's not a justification. The birds are sentient and can be reasoned with.

Yeah it is.

Not good enough.


TPBs 1 through 3 are out now.


I've tried to use desu to check for previously storytimed issues/series and never had an ounce of success with it.

That's him running back home. You can see other guy's head flapping alongside him.