Boy, do I regret missing the hype train for this little beauty...

Boy, do I regret missing the hype train for this little beauty. I haven't watched anything to evocative since Gurren Lagan.

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Yep it's a good'n

Had a couple comic series too.
Would recommend if ya want more.

What do you even want to talk about? It's just a neat little show with a comfy atmosphere.

>gurren lagann
Absolute plebian. Go watch something actually provocative.

Fucking this.

You know what i really hate though? Stupid shits who watch it and EVA or some pleb shit and then who never fucking watch any other mecha shows.

Complete tripe.



nigger what

To be fair, most mecha shows are terrible. Gundam has cool designs but the writing is terrible outside of a very few select shows. All of UC is plagued by characters that act insane, autistic, or both. There are very few mecha shows I would genuinely recommend to others. Evangelion happens to be one of them. Macross Plus. Big O. Giant Robo. Leaving some out, but the point is that a lot of them that weren't mediocre to begin with have aged poorly.

Most mecha shows are good though? Mazinger is still one of the best mecha shiws in existence.

My vinyl is on the way
You're right about the digital release, it was supposed to come out yesterday and there's been no sign of it or word from Mondo as to why
Very spooky

Holy shit mine won't be here until next week, and I didn't know about dat gatefold, it was already worth the $25 and now it's TOTALLY worth the $25

>tfw you're gonna have to shell out for some sleeves so you can preserve the "obi" strip because you can't keep it in the shrink and look at the gatefold
ah well

I find this difficult to understand. The same could be said of cartoons quite often.

He probably woudln't like it because of how hard Sayaka and Boss job.

I wish CN or another network would fund some more projects like this

Well, they did another miniseries, Long Live the Royals, and it was okay, the problem is that it didn't take advantage of the miniseries format at all. But now they're turning it into a full show so I guess it was just kind of a test run
Their next miniseries in the works are all Adventure Time spinoffs
But at any rate, they're still making them. Someone just has to have a vision as good as Pat McHale's again

virile marketing

I have the vinyl on the way but I'm still lusting after the digital. Maybe some kind Cred Forumsmrade will record the vinyl and upload to MEGA whenever they get it.

Mostly figuring out the nature of the unknown, The Beast, the god damned black turtles, and the hidden relationships between the different characters.

Like, the fact that Quincy Endicott's grave is in the Graveyard in Episode 9, and a lot of other small things give added context to the events of the show.

>Gurren Lagann

Odds are you'll just be better with the fan-compiled soundtracks made with the "Composer's Cut" track on the DVD than some user's vinyl rip made with low-grade equipment. If someone on What.CD with a proper vinyl rig rips it before the digital version materializes then that will probably be a pretty good option though. There's a bounty out for it so I'm sure someone will eventually

I've already got the Composer's Cut, thanks to the Australianon with the Blu-Ray rip. It's just that the source is lossy (AC3). I'm looking for a lossless source.

Yeah, but it's like 256kbps, not ideal certainly but better than whatever someone's crappy Target usb turntable would yield, which is about as much I would reasonably expect from Cred Forums
I'll try to keep an eye out on What and re-upload it when it materializes, again assuming the digital continues to be mysteriously absent

The anons last thread had a few decent turntables, not Target crap, so don't discount Cred Forums too heavily. But either way, please do keep an eye out on What.CD. I need to get through their interview.

It ain't too tough at all, especially if you read the prep page, and considering you're making an effort to seek out lossless music you're already much of the way there, at least compared to most people.
It's a pretty comprehensive collection of all of history's recorded music, I'd say. I still use Soulseek and RuTracker a lot for ratio reasons but What's a pretty invaluable resource, even the people who run the Internet Archive secretly endorse it (since it's a piracy site they can't really be open about it)