How bad will it suck?

How bad will it suck?

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Why doesn't he have a beak?

He's facing left.

It's from the same guys that made the New Mickey Mouse shorts, there's a very low chance of this sucking. If it's even half as good as the shorts it'll still be amazing.

>Carl Barks influence
>Neat style
>Proven creative team
It'll be fine. Animation won't be as good as DuckTales but otherwise I'm hopeful.

>Disney XD
kinda worried

I'm being optimistic. I like the designs, and come on I'm desperate. We need some fucking adventure cartoons now. Anons always talk about the decline of action cartoons, but its the same for adventure cartoons too.

>Carl Barks
I really thought you were trying to insult Cal Arts with some weird pun that I didn't get

Who? All the ducks in the pic seem to have one.

Not as bad as you :^)

It's going to be shit, like every new western show.

Disney XD are the only network that still does quality animation

Johnny K., shouldn't you be dumpster diving behind a grocery for food?

who's voicing scrooge?

Who the hell is that girl duck?

how much of a ducktales pleb are you?

I usually don't ever get hyped for show as a means to protect myself from being disappointing, however nothing about it particularly points to it being bad.

Never seen an episode, but I was under the impression it was just Huey, Louie, Dewey, Donald, and Scrooge.

>I don't make money os I'm not good

Keep talking you corporate shill fucker, maybe you'll finally realize how pointless you are.

>Never seen an episode
at least you're honest

I have more hope for this then bee and puppycat

It won't suck too badly, I hope.

Oh, I should say that I have read a few comics, including The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.

What the fuck? I am losing count of how many old fucking franchises are getting reboots after all these years. It's really making me lose faith in cartoons.

Seriously, at this point I'm just going to watch Steven Universe because it feels like that's the only cartoon that isn't a sequel or reboot.

Next we need A Darkwing Duck reboot written by the Batman: BATB team.

>le sequels and reboots can't be good meme
also good job, you've now just permanently derailed the entire thread


Nice shilling.


Ficking finish Cans Without Labels you shit

Its a classic IP from Disney. There's a very very low chance that it will suck.

Its a company thing where in order to maintain the rights to a franchise they have to do something with it after so many years otherwise they will lose it and it goes back to the original creator or into the public domain.

looks to have Donald as part of the main cast this time, which is cool
Wonder if Launchpad will show up, even if only for slight cameos here and there ?

Also since it seems Webby is back does that mean Mrs Beakly is showing up too, hell on that note since Donald is there will Daisy show up on occasion as well?

It's going to suck horribly.
By which I mean, it'll be great, because it'll be so bad at sucking.

a lewd edit

I like how they are differentiating the triplets more with unique "hair" styles.

I think the fear might stem more from hiatuses and things like that

They also have different clothes.

These people made MICKEY entertaining, I'm sure they can work with Disney's best characters.

I'm more concerned about them making a point of fucking with Don Rosa like the old show. The comics are a big deal to me.

the new mickey is pretty amazing

hopefully they make donald easier to understand
but not like, too easy to understand

considering Elena of Avalor and Sofia the First have pretty extensive plotlines, it should be pretty okay

>I'm more concerned about them making a point of fucking with Don Rosa like the old show.
I mean, I know that Rosa didn't like Ducktales, but... deliberately fucking with him?

>Not knowing who Carl Barks is
You have no business being here

Do you seriously think Disney was ever in any danger of losing the rights to the ducks? Even if this new show wasn't being made, the characters still get used in comics and have lots of merchandise made of them. The new show is being made because Disney wants to appeal to 90s kids. That's all. Just be glad there's a good creative team behind it.

>I'm more concerned about them making a point of fucking with Don Rosa like the old show. The comics are a big deal to me.
Please elaborate on what the fuck you're talking about. Don Rosa wasn't a popular name until after DuckTales had ended.

It's going to be shit look at how ugly the animation of the Mickey shorts is.

jesus fuck can EU just confiscate the duck franchise from the hacks running disney
raping the childhood of millions of people has to be a violation of some kind of human rights


Can't wait to get that 1 new episode every month and a half across several years, lack of promotion, and sudden cancellation :^)

No such thing ever happened, unless the poster implied that the show never used any of Rosa's plotlines as 'fucking with him'.

>'memba Duck Tales?
>'memba Rocko's Modern Life?
>'Memba Hey Arnold?
>'Memba Power Rangers?

DT will hopefully be one of the better 90's reboots.

It literally won't.
When was there ever a good flash animated reboot created?

But they already did that back in 1987.

Was it from the storytime a while back, by any chance?

Yeah, earlier this (or last) week.

Mystery Inc

What is even bad looking about this?

i've an instant mindblown because scrooge had 2 faces

ok, he's actually facing left

Nigga, Rosa wrote most of his duck comics contemporary to or after DuckTales had finished airing.

The reason he's not a big fan is due to the characterisation of Scrooge, which he didn't see as being accurate to Barks' Scrooge (which is the only Scrooge that matters to Rosa, he essentially still sees himself as a fanfic writer) not that it contradicted anything he himself had written.

Disney did shaft him, but DuckTales was never part of that shafting.

Fuck me.

Well, it's not made by Cartoon Network, so it has a chance.

not quite (the art director is a BG designer for the mm shorts and Gravity falls, but the main writer worked on wander over yonder and the show might be script driven like WOY unlike the board driven shorts) , but things still look very optimistic


Nobody can be this stupid. This has to be bait.

Are people here seeing it this way around because they expect someone to be hunched over looking downcast at the ground rather than straight-backed towards the horizon?

I saw him facing left at first and only noticed the other face after. Also posted the pic without reading the thread

jesus christ please say it's just bait
nobody can be this braindead